RT Life – Go Karts & Ray’s Puppy Love

RT Life – Go Karts & Ray’s Puppy Love

Brandon: What’s up Jordan? Brandon: What are we doing? Chris: I’m wearing a sock on my head. You can’t help but look cool with a sock on your head. I look like I’m gonna rob a bank. [engines buzzing] [static] [static]

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  1. Not to mention he has it wrong since using 's at the end of a word means _____ is, so it's Rebel IS, not Rebel HIS…. Jesus

  2. Ever hear of "That's"? It follows the English rule that an apostrophe+S can also mean "is". This applies to something like "Rebel's" = "Rebel is"

  3. Rebel's – Represents ownership
    Rebels' – Represents being owned

    Neither form is applicable thanks to Grammar being incomplete,
    I Before E except after C,
    Even "Science" says fuck off Grammar Nazis.

  4. I before E only counts when it makes an "ee" sound. Also it is not a "rule" more just a generalisation to help kids spell.

    Also, apostrophes are used for contractions. Such as 'cause, and don't

  5. Actually, it's short for "Rebel is". And before you pull me up for placing a full stop after quotation marks, I'm British and that's the way British English works.
    Have a nice day. 🙂

  6. Well your correction isn't really right. "Rebel's" can be either the singular possessive form or a contraction of "Rebel is," and "Rebels'" is used for the plural possessive form, not "being owned."

  7. I've been to driveway Austin before and its fun 🙂 I wanna visit RT sometime when I'm back in Austin because I live in San Antonio TX

  8. got bored and put on tokyo drift by teriyaki boyz (that weird song from tokyo drift ) and this and it oddly lined up with the video

  9. It's not a rule that works, as the saying goes:
    "i" before "e" except after "c", or when sounding like "ay" as in Neighbour and Weigh, and "beige" and "deign" and "eight" and "feign" and "feint" and "feign" and "geisha" and "Heir" and "inveigh" and "inveigle" and "leitmotif" and "eigh" and "neighbourhood" and "rein" and "reindeer". " Reveille" and "sensei" and "skein" and "sleigh" and "surveil" and "surveillance" and "their" and "unveil" and "vein" and "veil" and "weight" and "weighted" etc.

  10. Someone might've already said this, but saying 'Rebel's a male dog' is not wrong. It's like saying 'he's a male dog'. Rebel is (…) = Rebel's (…). He is (…) = he's (…).

  11. hello im me i love cars, racing, video games, go carts, funny videos, taking videos, cosplaying, acting, and news hire me because this is what i want my life to be full of lol

  12. Glad Ray's gone!!!
    I'm not sad! Why would you think that? I'm not trying to hide anything!!!!!!!

  13. This is really funny to me, since I know the owners of Driveway Austin. That track is a lot of fun to drive on, the Dollahites are great people.

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