Sarah and Ringo – The Kennel Club Friends For Life 2019

Sarah and Ringo – The Kennel Club Friends For Life 2019

When I first got him although I knew he was a blood donor I didn’t think he would be as loving
and as sociable as he is. Hi my name is Sarah and this is my rescue dog Ringo. On a day of donation we get up and I walk the dogs as normal, then get them ready. When we get there he comes in, we clip a little area of hair on his neck over his jugular vein, which is where we take the blood from and then we just insert a needle and he donates a
pint of blood for us. Once he is done we lift him down and give him a
bowl of food and water. It’s just amazing knowing that animals can save lives, just as humans can with blood. I would say that Ringo is the perfect donor for us because each donation can go to at least two patients
but probably much more than that and temperament wise he is always happy to be here. He lies perfectly still on the table, so he’s perfect. The Royal Veterinary College do get thank you letters which they always forward on, so it’s really nice to see occasionally when we get that email from the recipient of the blood with a thank you note. It’s just a lovely feeling. He’s changed our lives. He and I have that bond… I feel is a very special bond. He’s made me so proud. He’s changed his own life by coming into a home and also all those donations he has done and the impact he will have had on other animals lives. He’s just 1 in a million, he really is.

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  1. All wonderful choices, but I must vote Ringo; always felt a kinship with sighthounds.

    Plus he’s unbelievably good about that donating…my hatred for needles would have me straight out the door. I passed out when our Brittany was having blood drawn. ‘_’ #yiiiiiiick

  2. Does anyone know ringo's racing/pedigree name? He looks like the spitting image of our recently passed away retired greyhound – Rambo – it's a striking resemblance. X

    Well done ringo! Voted! xx

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