schneeleopard trifft javaleoparden

schneeleopard trifft javaleoparden

In a moment, the documentary will look into the nursery of the Berlin zoo. And that promises a lot of fun. … and the one of snow leopard Altai who will meet two black panthers more closely. “So, you two, who wants to go on the scale first?” “Nobody? Great …” So it’s Altai’s turn first. “Now you can watch how a white animal goes on the scale.” The black panthers are only one day younger. “Look at this, it’s … Say, my you are getting big!” Black panthers and snow leopards are both at home in Asia, but Asia is huge. Black panthers can be found in moist and warm Thailand, Malaysia or Java. Snow leopards however live in high mountains such as Himalaya or Hindukush. “He is an only child, getting all the milk and all the love of his mother, …” “… so he looks bombastic big for his age, because he doesn’t have to share anything with anyone.” “Therefore he’s quite a bit above the norm in terms of development, because he gets all the milk.” “A snow leopard has a calm mentality, until they get moving … they aren’t all that lively.” “Do you want to get to the chic snow leopard? Ohh! Look here” “Look, this fellow is funny isn’t he?” “If you think of it, they were born almost at the same moment, they are just one day younger.” “They aren’t really black. Look, they are brown. You see it? They have brown hair.” “You see the difference, they are the same age, but if you look at the paws, what fur he has!” “Here, it’s all really thick wool – but this one’s fur is really short …” “… so you see they are living in completely different areas.” “Where they can be found in extremely high mountains, as young cubs they really need good fur.” “He knows them. He has been together with them. The little black ones even groomed him.” “But as he is growing older he notices: ‘they aren’t like me, they don’t belong to me at all.'” “I think today was the moment when he noticed …” “… ‘somehow I don’t like them all that much, they might be nice but don’t really suit me.'” “Hello! Say … you’re not in the centre of attention or what … chap!” Altai decided for orderly withdrawal. “You’re certainly making an impression here!” “May I take you away from this corner please?” “There’s the food, that’s nothing for you yet. You’ll get that later.” “You better take a sip of milk from your mother when you’re with her again.” “I think he wants to return to his mother.” “Is this your castle, your fortress? It’s topnotch, right?” “I have never seen him like this … he’s really …” “Now he is recalcitrant. Really.” “I think he should return quickly, he’s been quite agitated.” “Close the lid.” Lid closed, Altai calmed.

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  1. Leopard is a single fighter….not like lions. But I love them😍😍😍adorable patterns n character…the most gentle among big cats…when domesticated😘😘😘

  2. Playdates…it's something of a miracle when things go well, and this, is about typical, human kids or baby bratcats. AW-dorable!! <3 <3 <3

  3. dieses syfilis unicef gequatsche mit nigas reklame , die sollen selber hin fliegen , und geburtsrate steigen,
    aber der snow leo ist perfect.

  4. Благодарю за видео!
    Считаю,что не надо много тискать детенышей.
    Какие же они очаровательные!!! Милота!!!😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  5. ぐんまでトラにファブリーズかけてたよ!

  6. I am jealous of these folks to the core of my heart for being being able to handle and pet these gorgeous creatures. it is making me cry, don't think that i can watch any more!

  7. Die Tierpflegerin finde ich total lieb/nett:)sie ist mit Herz und Seele bei den 3 Kätzchen 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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