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  1. Actually had this happen to me. My two cats were still just kittens at the time when they knocked down a tv of mine and broke it.

  2. i am just glad that my bengal cat know the difference between birds on tv and in real life… though he never hunts them. he only plays with his plushy mouse.

  3. That explains everything just from this episode! When I was little, I would watch this movie cats and dogs, when the dog would bark, my cat would get scared, when the cat would meow, (or a bird would tweet) my cat would walk up to the screen and meow back! You are darn good, Simon!

  4. l have to prepare my cat about an hour before she's due in the vets. My cat knows if you just happen to touch her the cat carry box for going to the vet and she will disappear. l end up crawling under beds etc., trying to get her out l recently found her hiding behind the curtain. l try to get hold of her before getting her box that way l will get her in it after a struggle. Donna

  5. There is nothing more that I enjoy watching but Simon's Cat. I totally relate to these videos. I love, love Simon's Cat!🐈

  6. Well first they ruin the tv then the just don't do anything and get distracted by a feather in the floor srsly lol

  7. I was never able to get either of my cats interested in TV. I showed my remaining cat one of these shorts on my phone the other day when i started watching them. She watched it for 6-8 sec and then lost interest. She did perk up her ears for a second at some later meowing, but that was it

  8. Knew this was an English cartoon. It reminded me too much of Mr Bean, so much humour and usually not a single spoken line

  9. This would have been a better ending: right after the TV falls over, Simon walks in and sees the broken TV. Before he can get mad, both cats do the "feed me" gesture. Then they run off, and Simon looks at the camera with the "what now?" expression on his face.

  10. I find this cats very beautiful and cute,real Charakters,i need some Form Meditation ,and then feel my heart and soul relexed.many thanks for Simon tofield,greatings Form Gundi. B.


  11. ok the TV broke, the cats playing with a piece of feather, and the video is way to close to each other

  12. Cat: Simon will be pissed off if he see this O_O Kitten: yup Simon will be angry if he come backs O^O

  13. It only happened one time, but the first time I put on a NASCAR race, my Yukicat ran around and looked behind the TV to see where the cars were going….

  14. I love how he points to bird on the screen and then his mouth and goes 'Miaow'. It cracks me up every time xxxx

  15. 4 years ago my teacher showed one of these videos to the class, and i already know what it was cause it was my favorite thing to watch, so thanks for the good memories and I love your videos

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