Seasalt Cornwall: Modern Creatives Felicity Mara

Seasalt Cornwall: Modern Creatives Felicity Mara

Well it’s a strange roundabout story my
parents came down here before I was born to work as actors in a theatre and they
kept talking about Cornwall I always remember them talking about it as a sort
of wonderful mythical place where everyone was creative, and then they
didn’t go, they didn’t come to live in Cornwall instead
they went over to America and years later I just felt more and more drawn to
this place, it was quite a you know gradual, a gradual thing.
I do most of my painting in the studio but I, whenever I go away or just, just
walk out on to the coast path I like to take take my sketchbook and just
really just line and charcoal I don’t tend to take a full set of paints out.
It’s just very very quick things which sometimes can be just as good as
spending a long time over a very labored drawing yeah, yeah. Everything that’s
outside comes inside and into your work it’s not really, it isn’t a
conscious process but just the light coming into the room with the sounds
from the beach the sea being constantly there, there are never two days the same
so although I’m not looking at the sea all the time it has a sort of calming
effect and there is a sort of suspended time here which, which helps you to focus
and it’s like being on a boat or a train or journeys so that you, you’re just able
to work. Yeah well I love working with all sorts
of different brushes and this is, this is a beautiful one this oriental brush
which I’ve used you can see some of these marks here are to do with that brush. And what I do is I spray the canvas this is cotton, cotton duck with
with water so my my paints at the moment are water-based and then the, it allows
the paint to flow so it’s a very fluid way of a calligraphic work it’s
almost a sort of notation which I like in oriental art. I think Colour has
always been very central to my work I mean in my in my earlier figurative work
at art school it always played a big part but it wasn’t really the thing that
they like at Camberwell where I, where I went, but still I had to believe, you
know I love Matisse and Bonnard and all the great colourists and I went on. Even
a small amount of colour in the right place can just change a painting and
activate all the shapes around it. I started with, in fact over there,
where the sun was coming in and these marks are relating, this diagonal slant
it’s relating to the path of the of the Sun coming in in summer when
in the evenings, and quite often a bit of colour put here can throw everything else
around, it’s really just trying to get, get a balance in the end.

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  1. Your work is so beautiful , and your technique is stunning . how I wish there was a book on you !!! Many thanks. Warren

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