Seeing Myself Through a Cat’s Eyes

Seeing Myself Through a Cat’s Eyes

Good morning, John, it’s Wednesday… What am I doing here? It’s Wednesday, that’s not how this works. It’s weird! Okay, it’s gonna get weirder. John, you know that I love documentary films, and I know that you do, because we’re nerds. But I think they have a problem, because we’re busy. Not just with work and stuff, but with all the distractions that– I’m gesturing toward my computer right now. There’s a giant crisis looming around every corner, and if we don’t want to look at that, and we want to look at, like, cute or funny stuff, there’s always a place to go look for that. And you can do that really fast, and have, like, a 15-second thing, or a 15-minute thing and documentaries, though… they’re long. They’re often much more slowly paced than a lot of our media these days, which is, like, “AHHH, I gotta be doing stuff, all the time”. Even if it is, like, a really efficient way to learn something, we don’t feel like it is? But they’re one of the most effective tools for giving us insight into our humanity, and into the lives of other people or other animals. Documentary film is fantastic, but more and more I feel like there isn’t a good place for it. There’s not a good, like, “okay it’s time now to have this kind of experience”. Which is why we were pretty excited when YouTube Red came to us and were like “we have this idea…” They had recently acquired the rights to this new award-winning documentary that everybody’s talking about and they wanted to make it available to YouTube Red subscribers. But YouTube is weird; it’s a bunch of channels that already exist, you can’t just create a new channel every time you have a new documentary. So they asked us to watch the documentary, which we did and we both loved it, and then if we did like it, maybe we could talk about it on the vlogbrothers channel, and then upload it here, for YouTube Red subscribers. Now I am aware that not everybody has YouTube Red or can get YouTube Red, though there is a free trial available right now. It’s only available in some countries, and not everybody has ten bucks a month to spare: I understand that. But if you do, the film is either now available, or will very shortly be available on the Vlogbrothers channel. It’s really good, it’s got like a 97% on Rotten Tomatoes, it’s…it’s a good thing. It’s a movie about street cats in Istanbul. It turns out that Istanbul has a really interesting relationship with its cats. They’re cared for by the humans of Istanbul, but they don’t tend to be owned by any one person. Ah, look, I’m a cat person. There’s something magical about them. And there’s something appropriate about how this movie, ‘Kedi’, asks us to slow down a little bit, and be okay just spending a little bit of time, watching pretty pictures and compelling stories about the lives of these cats. Because that’s one of the great services that cats provide: They get in your way. They say “Hey, stop what you’re doing. Me! I’m beautiful! And soft! Stop with the computer-staring and give me some chin-scratches”. They lead by example, showing us that it is okay to sometimes, just– exist. And that is what this film, which Variety called “quietly magical”, asks of us. To just exist for a little while. I was able to spend a little bit of time talking to the makers of this film, Ceyda Torun and Charlie Wuppermann, and Ceyda said something in that chat that I thought was really lovely and poignant: that the relationship between people and cats is one of the only relationships with another species that people don’t dominate. Cats exist with people of their own accord, y’know? And looking at myself through a cat’s eyes gives me a perspective that I think is really hard to find other ways, and I think that it’s really well discovered and shared in this movie. I hope that everybody who can will join me in watching this film. John, you will see me for my regularly scheduled video on Friday.

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  1. Questions:
    Why won't YouTube sell Red my Country?!
    Trust me, they want to. In order for YouTube Red to work, everything that is on YouTube (which is a mess of user-generated and big-media-owned content with millions of owners) has to be ad free. You can't launch YouTube Red with 1% of the content still having ads. Add to this that when you upload a YouTube video, you agree to a licensing agreement that it not super easy to change. You also can't have a video just disappear when you're using Red, that would be paying money for /less/ YouTube.

    When they launched Red in the US (and other countries) they had to go through and make sure all of the licensing agreements for all of the content on the site made Red legal. But each of those agreements are different for different countries, which, as you might imagine, is a huge freaking mess. Adding to that, major media companies know YouTube wants VERY BADLY to have Red everywhere, but major media companies also want other things from YouTube, so they're using Red access in smaller markets as a bargaining chip in other, unrelated negotiations.

    It's a huge pain in the butt, basically.

    Didn't you say you would never post YouTube Red stuff on Vlogbrothers?
    No, we said I wouldn't do it unless it were something different that we believed in and that we couldn't do otherwise. Producing a documentary film is expensive, and the filmmakers should be compensated for their work. We could never license this film ourselves, or produce anything like it ourselves. This way, the film makers are succeeding in a way that was never available before and the film gets to connect with a new audience. We've always been intrigued by YouTube Red, it allows the entire YT ecosystem to be less reliant on (increasingly unreliable) advertising, and more reliant on human connection. That being said, we would never put normal Vlogbrothers videos behind a paywall, and that will never change.

  2. I just discovered this channel, great stuff! also a huge fan of the psychology bit you did. Waaay thumbs up👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  3. This doc was already free on YouTube… To now charge for it is insane… I love cats too but you endorsing the selling of something that was already widely watched is just crazy!

  4. The song in the trailer is “I’d like to walk around in your mind someday”

    Btw I love the song played over the cats in the trailer

  5. Papa que alelos sos electrónico sos a leñosos apenas 02 soslayo le el sospecha
    El espero sos apetece ele los lapsos electrónico

  6. I thought this was going to be about extracting a video signal directly from a cat's brain, so you can literally see yourself though its eyes.

  7. Nicely put together, a short but sweet synopsis and review, title ties in perfectly at the end. Just a lovely little snack of a video, thank you 👍

  8. As a roommate of 2 cats because you don't really own them I can tell you that they are very smart and amazing. My oldest one is a clock and reminds me of the most important things I need to do…usually feeding them but she also tells when to go to bed and when to get up too;)

  9. I read this somewhere a study had been done in UK, & in other parts of the world on cats behavior during day & night from Africa to Bombay cats are sweet but the one place where cats act in fear is LosAngelas wining winging scratching at door desperately wants in WHY??,maybe coz reptillian race underground there maybe and cats sense the awkward vibration that city built on low vibration fear someone or something is feeding of city's tune so why in the world are cats acting strange only in losAngelos out of the whole world

  10. When he said Istanbul all of a sudden my head went back to the song "Istanbul was Constantinople

    Now it's Istanbul, not Constantinople
    Been a long time gone, Oh Constantinople
    Now it's Turkish delight on a moonlit night"
    Istanbul (Not Constantinople)
    They Might Be Giants


    lol this is weird, but I really liked the way he said "wennnneesssdddaaayyyeeee" XD it made me laugh, but it was a strange I dont know if anyone else has experienced this, but you hear the way someone says something or pronounces something and you're like "I enjoy this, say it again please entertain my ears thanks"

  11. There is something magic about these babies-
    They are going to make you stop whatever you are doing and say "Can ya be
    Mah fwend pweez"
    The most
    Loving adorable warm creatures –
    Smell like 🌺
    Warm like a teddy bear
    Smart like a 🦊
    And good for huggin'

  12. I'm totally pi$$ of with this. I thought I was going to 👁👁about the CATS in their world they live in. We have a BEAUTIFUL FERAL CAT, WHO was found as a tiny little girl all alone and crying, lost. She is now a BEAUTIFUL LADY. We 💖her so much, she is so independent and has chosen her own name KITTY. SHE will obey us when she feels like she wants to,so MUCH her own personality. We absolutely adore her. We always had dogs before and LOVED THEM TOO,BUT KITTY IS SPECIAL SHE IS A VERY INDEPENDENT LADY 😺👍SAFE AND HAPPY

  13. Aren’t cats the only species besides humans that kill out of boredom and fun? And if so what does it say about us liking them so much?

  14. You are the most annoying person on Youtube. I will try to avoid your videos in the future! Even if you have something to say your manner is so offensive I was unable to watch this short video you posted. Stop wasting your time and ours with this absolute crap you call content.

  15. I love cat 🐈🐱🐈🐱🐈🐱🐈🐱🐈🐱🐈🐱🐈🐱🐈🐱🐈🐱🐈🐱🐈🐱🐈🐱

  16. Kedi leaves out all of the fleas and toxoplasmosis and worms that happen with strays. Not like street cats are the cleanest.

  17. Every cat in Constantinople
    lives in Istanbul, not Constantinople
    So if you've a cat, in Constantinople
    it'll be waiting in Istanbul

  18. You should not get cats because they are wild but just make sure their safe but let them be wild is you agree leave a like

  19. I like seeing the Bone Season in your bookcase. I've been petsitting 5 different cats in the past months and I love them all. Documentaries about how cats experience the world are always great.

  20. I don’t like Cats in turkey they gave me an allergic reaction and I went all purple that’s why I don’t like them

  21. Tell my internet provider to stop charging me so much as I spend my time watching advertisements, and maybe ill subscribe to a video watching program.

    Remember when TV was free because of advertising, then they started charging, but kept the advertisements? :D.

  22. For a place that was known for its Cat content the internet has way to much cat hate recently and I won't stand for that, so I am here for the Cat love! we need it!

    Maybe it wasn't Handled in the best way possible, but in general I think this isn't a bad thing because Documentaries in General have a problem reaching audiences, so everything that helps and also helps the Creators is good…

  23. I have a full copy of Kedi and it is a very good docu. I also have the srt file for English subs.
    The video is in 1080p and is 1.3gb. If you have a web page that can handle a 1.31 gb upload I could send it. It was released in 2017.

  24. title: Seeing Myself Through a Cat's Eyes

    video: he did not see himself through a cat's eyes.

    me: why do people always use this type of clickbait?!

    also me: you lied, you did not see a cat's FOV!

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