Simon’s Cat in ‘Off to the Vet’ – Story Inspiration

Simon’s Cat in ‘Off to the Vet’ – Story Inspiration

It’s the film I’ve always wanted to make. I think a lot of fans can relate to it as
well, the Off to the Vet film. Everyone has to take their pet to the vet
at least once a year. I think most animals have a sixth sense, they
are very good at reading body language and they know when you are being a bit sneaky. They straight away they know something is
wrong. The real trigger is when I get the cat basket
out and they know what that means… That means they are going to the vet and they
don’t like that at all. The cat knows there’s something is up but
he’s always one step ahead of Simon who is obviously nervous anyway because he’s quite stressed about taking the
cat to the vet, but the cat is nervous, trying to hide and
Simon is trying to find him. There’s loads of things in my film that people
will be able to recognise and laugh along to. If they’ve experienced it they should be able
to go “Oh yeah what a nightmare. I’ve lived through that.” and that will be funny. There are a few cute things that I’ve noticed
about my cats going to the vet and one is one of my cats Jess whose quite old and she’s
very small and tiny, and very shy, and she’s very timid. She doesn’t move very much and the funny thing
is when you put her on the bench there for the vet to look at she doesn’t move at all. And cats sweat through
their paws, and so when you pick her up and put her back in the case, there’s these four little tiny paw-prints
on the desk there which I always think is quite sweet of her. The main trick with the vet’s which is quite
a stressful thing for both cat and owner is to sort of find the little nuggets, the little
comedy moments which everyone recognises. It’s quite a dark, stressful time but to pull
those out and make comedy out of quite a dark matter really I think that’s how we’re going to get humour
out of the vet’s film. So, it’s exciting to do something new with
the cat. We’ve been doing it for six years now and we’ve made almost forty episodes. So it’s time to push him on a little bit.

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  1. My cat never leaves the cage and once he does he doesn't wanna go back in the cage, my cat is funny sometimes like The animations you make it's hilarious ☺️

  2. My kitty Sephy hates it whenever me, my mom, and my boyfriend put him in the kitty carrier. On the other hand, whenever the vets give him a shot, he doesn't seem to react badly, he's calm. 

  3. I know the feeling all too well.  My cat Smokey has a skin condition that requires him to have steroid injections every 6 – 10 weeks and he fights me about it everytime.  As soon as I get the cat box out he knows whats coming and tries to hide.

  4. Simon, you couldn't have said a truer word… a cat owner for years, no sorry, you don't own a cat. it's the other way round, it is DEFINITELY a stress full occasion going to the vet. However, she (Pebbles) always knows when the visit's over because she'll WALK into the carrying contraption……and I think your films are terrific, not FORGETTING the sound.

  5. My profile pic is my cat Jacques. He has lots of adventures and is spoilt rotten in the last year we have had to keep him in as he has renal failure but he has defied vets and lived another year and is now heading towards 17! He always did go out now he is quite content to sit with his head out the window he had a big scare! Love Simons' Cat lot of similarities there with my pupcat looking forward to seeing this so much!

  6. I always has the cat cage out and open. But as soon as we are going to the vet, they refuse to go in the cage. Normally they use to sleep in the cage. 😛

  7. Simons cat series is a really funny but accurate observation of cat behaviour and its because we all relate to it that makes it so darned great to watch ! You should make a movie! Lols x

  8. another idea for an inspiraton

  9. Oddly enough my ferrets except for the thermometer and shots they actually enjoy going to the vet…. When I say "vet time" they line up waiting for me to put their leashes on and into their messenger bag…..

  10. You were saying about those 'little nuggets' that everyone recognises… I think the biggest thing that makes Simons Cat stand out is the bum hole!  …that's just a touch that all "cat people" will get I think 🙂 .. (the amount of times I've had a cats bum in my face) Love your cartoons and books, always end up in tears of laughter 🙂

  11. See, that's why the carriers should ALWAYS be out. That way the cats never know when you'll strike. For me this is very important since I have a cat that requires regular shots.

  12. I don't have a cat but my Chihuahua-dachshund mix knows when it's time for her yearly shots. At one point she literally flew out of my stepdads arms the moment the needle was within plain sight.

  13. No entiendo un carajo el ingles.. Pero….. Agggg….. Como me gusta ver a simon's cat
    Les felicito por este hermoso trabajo y buen entretenimiento
    Saludos desde Ecuador.

  14. I jist love dis guy!!! Everythg he puts in these 'lil skits are 100% accurate…wenever I'm watchin em, I'm pettin' my own Siemese Himalayan cat, tht does A LOT a da same stuff he talks about in his videos. All my friends with cats cin also relate…All I cin say; is he's done a good thing, smethg tht doesn't happen too often & bringin a smile to many ppls faces. GOD BLESS YOU from all us CAT LOVERS 🙂

  15. Hey TheTfroggy912; WUT HE SAID WAS " Cats sweat from their P.A.W.S. (NOT BALLS). If you listen ta da video again, u'll here em say their wad 4 paw prints wen he picked up his cat cz it was nervous…. LOL, I jist thot I'd help educate ya on tht a little, cz Im da 1 tht got a chuckle wen u mis-heard. Oh well, hv a gd one & keep readin OUR SIMON!

  16. To minimize stress for cats going to the vet: 1.) Stay calm.  You animals tune into you, so if you stress out, they will too.  2.) If the only time your cat sees a cat basket/ carrier is when it goes to the vet or boarding kennel, of course it will freak when you get it out.  Duh!  Leave the basket/ carrier out all the time.  Put a cushion or folded towel inside, and place it in a quiet corner.  Let the cat explore it on its own.  Later feed small amounts of special treats in the basket/ carrier.  Leave the cat's favorite toys in the back of the carrier.  Once the cat is going in and out of the carrier/ basket on its own, and even hanging out in it, move on the step  3.) Close the door for short periods of time.  If the cat gets frantic, claws at the door, or vocalizes, just 'keep calm and carry on' with your own day, but stay nearby.  After the cat relaxes, open the door. 4.) After the cat is calm in the basket/ carrier for gradually longer periods of time, carry the cat around the house, set the carrier down in a new area in your home, and leave the door closed until the cat relaxes.  Leave the carrier in different areas of your home, and practice carrying and having the door shut for longer times, and the cat will eventually take it all in stride.  5.) Take your cat for car rides.  At first, just go around the block.   Gradually lengthen the car trips.  This is another good time for special treats, like dehydrated chicken or fish.  Treats are also a good indicator of your cat's state of mind: If your (not overfed) cat is not interested in a favorite treat, it is too upset, nervous, scared, or excited – even if it is not moving.   6.) After your cat is calm with Steps 1-5, stop by your vet's office when you do NOT have an appointment; just carry your cat into the waiting room, set down the carrier, sit and read a magazine or check your phone, then pick up the cat basket/ carrier and go home.  Remember, never make a fuss, just stay calm, and follow the steps.
     * Don't* make a big deal over any of this, just take one calm step at a time,  and don't move on to the next step until the cat is calm.  This is easy with kittens that have been properly handled by and bonded to humans, (actually, this is part of raising a kitten properly), and you can often go through the steps pretty quickly.  But this process will take much longer with kittens born to stray cats, most shelter cats, and adult cats that already have associated cat baskets/ carriers with something BAD.  (From Witsend Bengals (c)1993-2014

  17. LOL I leave my cat carrier out and open so that she plays in it all the time and is comfortable with it. she never knows when I cram her in unexpectedly and take her to the vet. 

  18. This reminds me of a time I took one one my half-daschund dogs to the vet. She wriggled and struggled against the vet giving her a shot, til he just took her out of the room and away from us. Then it was over in two seconds. Animals can surprise you at the vet.

  19. I know EXACTLY how hard it is. I had to take my kitty back to the vet to get her stitches out and she seemed to have evaporated into thin air when I went to look for her. After an hour, I had to call the vet to reschedule. I never did figure out where she hid.

  20. This is interesting. Had to take our cat Angie to the vet this past weekend. She did NOT like it. Getting her in the carrier was a job – but having had many cats in my life I knew what to do. Pick her up, dump her in the carrier – job done. 

    And having taken other cats to the vet – I knew once the ordeal was over she'd high tail it into the carrier. Too funny! 

    And during the exam the vet was "If we do dental work on her she's going to have to be sedated!" Ha! 

  21. My cat will fight so much about going to the vet. Well one of my four does, but as soon as he sees the vet he tried to cuddle the poor vet so much.

  22. We once tried to take our cat Jilly to the vet. By the time we got her in the pet carrier I needed medical attention much more than Jilly.

  23. Simon ,I know what you are talking about…jjjajajajja. ..I have a fat siameses cat..he is 7 kg and very strong .so taking him to the vet is a real heroic performance! …his clinical history at the vet says "very fierce animal"….so they can't take him away from the bag! Jajajajajaj. .your image with the thermometer is a mirror of my visit to the vet! ..thank you for your "pictures of my life with my beloved tyrant cat"! Jajajajjj

  24. Só quem tem ou teve um gato pode entender estes desenhos. Eles são simplesmente maravilhosos e conseguem captar a alma de um felino.

  25. Simon's cat is  a very funny series, We all have or knows a cat like his. We have one named NANAI  She is always looking for something to get into..Great Job Simon ,we always look forward to the next adventure

  26. Memoirs of a Yorkshire vet. The delightful world of James Herriot. Check out the complete collection on Amazon

  27. My dog actually loves to go to the vet, because she gets a lot of treats when she is there. She has even earned the nickname "Cookie Monster" around the vet's.

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  29. i have 3 cats masie-mouse, stitch and neo and stitch and neo love watching and hitting the glass of my fish tank have you ever thought of doing a little 2 minutes sketchs of a cat trying to get a fish out of a fish tank? I'm such a big fan all my mates call me the crazy cat lady because i'm always posting cat pictures on facebook and I have a lot of cat ormorants and pictures i've even done art work with my cats feet with watered down children paint. all your videos remind me of my cats and you always have me giggling.
    jenny taylor (27)

  30. So will us plebes ever be able to watch this? I could throw a dollar or two your way now but couldn't back then.

  31. We just have to find her. The only problem though is that she hates going anywhere out front at all. And that's all the trouble she give us when she goes out front.

  32. Since when does cats really hate going to the vet. And why is simon in an anime is very painful as hell. I think it's best to keep an eye on your cat and keep them safe from dangerous things that will poison or kill or hurt your cat

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