Special Kittens – Different Is Better

Special Kittens – Different Is Better

Hi everybody, this is Kitten Karma and I’d like to tell you about some very special kittens we’re going to be bringing into the Cabana shortly. They have a condition called cerebellar hypoplasia and this is a condition that happens in utero when the cerebellum fails to develop properly. The cerebellum is a part of the brain that controls fine motor skills and coordination so when you see these little guys come into the Cabana they’re gonna be walking a little bit like drunk sailors. They’re gonna fall a lot. They are perfectly adoptable and Dr. Justin says they are going to have a great quality of life they just can’t go outside. So at the request of the Humane Society veterinarian they are going to go ahead and be in the Cabana. She thinks it’s going to help develop some social skills and maybe help with their coordination and motor skills to be playing with other kittens, playing on some of the equipment, and again they are perfectly adoptable. They’re not going to be a huge vet bill. There’s not going to be any other health complications. The condition they’re in now is not going to get any worse or better,it’s going to stay just the same and so if anybody’s interested in adopting these darling kittens please shoot me an email at kittens at Big Cat Rescue dot org. Thank you and enjoy watching them. [Music] Photo bomboing you get that kitty [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] EDITED-AG-DQ

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  1. I have seen kitties with varying degrees of CH and they are all adorable. I'm convinced one of my 4 has an extremely mild case as her back legs are bowed in. She is such a wonderful baby too!

  2. Their cerebellar hypoplasia isn't nearly as bad as some cases I've seen. They'll be very fine. It can actually get better with age.

  3. LOVE THIS!! Thank you for trying to educate people!

    We have a C.H. foster fail! We couldn't let him leave & go to somewhere else. Yes!, my meezers taught him how to jump

  4. Bless you for sponsoring these adorable babies! Sadly, many rescues wouldn't. Love is love, and these kitties are certainly capable of that!

  5. If I lived in Florida I would love one of these babies. You see, I have Parkinson's Disease so we could wobble around the house together. 🙂

  6. They look beautiful! They hold their heads well. Kitty cats mostly sleep (or look adorable when not asleep) so these kittens just need a bit more understanding than most.

  7. They are precious! When they grow up, they won't mind their condition's limitations too much. Their main joy in life won't require fine motor skills! Sleeping and cuddling with their humans!!!

  8. They are adorable! They look like little drunken sailors. They should be named like Jack Sparrow, Sailor Jerry, Captain Morgan etc. I wish I could adopt one but I'm not in the right place of life to take on another cat, let a lone a special needs. I pray they all find forever homes and will be happy.

  9. I had a CH kitty and it's not entirely fair to say they are problem-free. My little girl was forever falling on her face and she had a permanent blood mark on her chin from hitting the tile floor. It used to grieve me deeply to see her flipping and flopping around like a fish out of water like that. Mercifully, she died in her sleep at just a couple months old. I think she would have had a lifetime of bumps and bruises had she lived. Ownership of a cat suffering this malady is not for the faint of heart.

  10. Since the size of the animal doesn't seem to matter, perhaps you change the name of the organization from Big Cat Rescue, to Big Heart Cat Rescue or something. Bless you folks for the work you do.

  11. 3:02 the kitten seemed to think that they could stretch and walk at the same time. I want the beeb that snuffled the camera in the beginning.

  12. How could people think any less of these kittens just because they stumble around a bit? They’re still adorable!

  13. Are they able to jump and access higher places? What could I do to keep one of these kittens from falling off something and getting injured?? That's what would worry the heck out of me. Would love to adopt CH babies!

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