Spending $2 bills at pet stores: how will cashiers react? 2 dollar bill reaction video

If you have dogs like I do you probably find yourself at the pet store often stocking up on food and treats. But do you pay with cash or debit card? I pay with cash and it’s almost always two dollar bills. Hi, I’m John, director of The Two Dollar Bill Documentary and if you follow my channel, you know that I like using $2 bills and recording the transactions using this hidden camera, which looks like a button on my shirt. Because I visit pet stores so often I decided to see what would happen when I go to pet stores and pay for my items using only these $2 bills. In the first store I visited, the sound on my hidden camera failed, but let’s just say that this guy wasn’t pleased to receive a stack of twos. He even called his manager over to be sure he could accept them. And then there was this guy who called his manager over just to ask her where to put the $2 bills. Those were the first of many interesting exchanges. Why are you looking at me like that? $28.30. Total is $16.04… There’s $16… (laughing). Okay! Oh my God! Why do you have all of those? I have a bunch leftover– Aren’t those worth a lot of money? No, they’re worth two dollars each. Are they really? Yeah – $2 each. I have 1 or 2 of these at home like hidden, and someone said they’re gonna be worth a lot of money one day. No, they’re not worth– they’re two dollars. People think that because they think they’re rare, but they’re not. They still make them and people still use it I’m paying for the whole tab with them. What’s the total? A hundred million dollars! How many people pay with those, anybody? None? Not even one? Oh, you don’t get them often? No, not at all! Most people pay with all twos, right? Get them a lot? Every once in a while. Not that many though. No. You’re gonna buy them? So what, are you gonna buy them out of the register now, keep one for yourself? Why? You had no money left? So now what are you gonna do with them? Oh– you’re checking them for counterfeiting? Yeah, cause I stay home and counterfeit $2 bills all day. You know, it actually may be the smartest thing ever to do. Why, cause nobody would suspect it? Exactly! You’re gonna check for counterfeit. Why would anybody counterfeit a $2 bill? Put them in the register and bring them to the bank. At this store, a woman behind me in line saw me paying with twos and decided to share a story of her own Who asked you that? Give her one as change! Now if he pays with them, that would be something, right? Two in a row? Here’s your receipt. Does the receipt say I paid with two’s? No. Thank you very much. Have a great day! You too. Enjoy those -buy them out of the regsiter! So, what did we learn from all this today? Just that people continue to look at $2 bills as some oddball piece of currency, and that happens everywhere, not just at pet stores. But one thing today did prove is that when you use $2 bills, you get more engagement than you would with any other bill. And that’s why I encourage you to get more and spend more two dollar bills in your daily transactions. Thanks again for watching.

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