Spidey Webs Black Cat | Marvel’s Spider-Man: How I Thwipped My Summer 1- Beach Day | SHORT

[gulls squawking] [Peter Parker]
We’re finally here–
the beach! The beach is cool,
Pete, but– Ohh! Maybe you’re
a little too excited? Are you kidding, Miles? Between school at Horizon
and superhero stuff, we never get
to just be normal kids. But even summer classes
are done, so I’m finally gonna have
the perfect vacation. I made a Perfect
Summer Vacation checklist. See? And right at the top–
beach day. You made a checklist
of how to have fun? That’s the opposite
of fun. [boy chuckles] Look at this. Hmm? Some puny eggheads wound up on our beach, boys. Let’s give them
a welcome. [grunts] Hey.
[laughing] You think
that’s funny, weirdo? [laughing] Classic bullies
kicking sand. Ah, exactly what would
happen to normal kids. I love summer! Uhh… Mm… Let’s get away
from this freak. I can now cross
“bully encounter” off my beach sub-list. Lots left to do– swimming, sand castles,
jellyfish stings. If we’re gonna do all that,
I need to fuel up. Hot dogs. Also on the list.
I’ll go get ’em. Come one, come all to our
annual summer challenge. Beat our boardwalk
hot dog eating champion, and you’ll win
the cash prize! [onlookers murmuring] We have a challenger.
Step up! Hmm. Black Cat? That sneaky cat burglar’s
stealing from a hot dog contest? Peter Parker might
need a vacation, but Spider-Man
can never rest. Just got to get this
over with quickly. So that I can get back
to Miles with those hot dogs. [grunts] [grunting] You. Look, Cat, I’ve got a whole list
of things to do, and you’ve probably got– I don’t know–
yarn to bat around. Why don’t you give
the money back, and we’ll call it a day? Oh, sweetheart, I thought you’d know me
better than that by now. Ohh! Why did I make
eye contact? Her bad luck powers. Huh.
It’s probably okay. I’ve already decided
this is going to be
the best summer– Whoa! [groans] She’d definitely win an Annoying Superpowers
contest. Mwah.
[grunts] I’m sure I’ll be fine.
I mean, how long can Black Cat’s
bad luck even last? Huh? I just hope Miles isn’t
too bored while I’m goooone! [slurping] [panting] [yells, grunts] Whoa! Whoa. Ohh! Ohh! [sighs]
Great. Yeah! I finally got yooouuu! Okay, Black Cat,
it’s been fun– lie– but I’ve
got someone who’s probably tired
of sitting around
waiting for me, so hand over the money. You’ll never learn, will you? Wait. What? Huh? Ugh. [hacking] Ha! See? That’s how it feels.
Annoying, isn’t it? Then prepare to be annoy– Uhh! Ah! No more bad luck. [sighs]
Now to call the cops, return this money
to the talking hot dog man– [grunting] I can’t believe
I just said that– …and salvage what’s left
of my perfect day. [sputtering] “Thwop”? They never make
a “thwop” sound. Great. Dirt
in the mechanism. Gonna be a long crawl
back to the beach. [groaning] [hot dog man]
We have a wiener! The new champion is Miles Morales! [burps] And people said
my big mouth was a problem. Miles 1, haters 0. Pete! You never came back
with the hot dogs, and I was starving,
so I won a lot of money. You were right.
This was the perfect
beach day. Except you sort of totally
completely missed it. [sighs] I know. More bad luck. But don’t worry. There’s
a lot left on the list, and I’ll make the perfect
summer vacation happen yet.

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