Spongebob Squarepants VS  Gumball Watterson (Nickelodeon VS Cartoon Network) FICTION FIGHTS

Spongebob Squarepants VS Gumball Watterson (Nickelodeon VS Cartoon Network) FICTION FIGHTS

Cartoons, things that bring joy all over the world for it’s beautiful animation. However, it’s always debated on which ones are the best. This rivalry could go as far as Mickey Mouse VS
Bugs Bunny Spongebob Squarepants, the Best Fry Cook in Bikini Bottom …and Gumball Watterson, the hyper blue cat of Elmore. Time to see who would win in a fight. French Narrator: Ah, the sea. So fascinating, so wonderful. Here we see Bikini Bottom, teaming with life, home to one of my favorite creatures… Spongebob Squarepants. Yes, of course he lives in a pineapple you silly. Spongebob is a happy-go-lucky Sponge who really wants to see the best in everyone. His optimism allows him to go with flow for everything. Spongebob, being a sponge, is very absorbant. He’s also able to regenerate, duplicate, open his pores and shape shift. He is also able to MANIPULATE LIGHT, somehow. Patrick: That’s easy all you need is a box. Spongebob: And, IMAGINATION. Spongebob has quite the arsenal at his disposal Besides Karate Gear, he has bubbles, which’ll hurt if it gets in your eyes. He has a hydro dynamic spatula with 2 attached to the side that help him fly… He has his old reliable jellyfishing net, which can catch up to 100s of Jellies at a time He also has inflatable pants, that let him fly. Speaking of inflatable, he has anchor arms, arms that make him look BUFF and strong. He also has a magic pencil to create anything and a magic book. But with that book, Spongebob can create anything and become…THE INVINCIBUBBLE. Patrick: DUHDUHDADUH!
Spongebob: Patrick! That not enough? What about the Goofy Goober Guitar? Spongebob: I’M GOOFY GOOBER! ROCK! By summoning power of all the Goofy Goobers, Spongebob becomes this: He SOMEHOW Saved Bikini Bottom with the power of ROCK. He also has the Spongeball, a clothing cannon, and the Quickster Suit, which makes him Super Fast. Spongebob: Wanna see me run to that Mountain and Back? Wanna see me do it again? Spongebob has done impressive things over the years, but he’s not perfect. He’s naive, gullible, and easy to trick. And despite knowing karate, he doesn’t have the strength to back it up. But take it from me: Don’t mess with Nickelodeon’s Perky Sponge. Spongebob: Go ahead try, the kid inside will Set You Free! Spongebob: (Something) Welcome to ELMORE, a made up city in the US home to many wacky characters. Ranging from a T-Rex, a robot, and a Cat, rabbit thing(?) named Gumball. At age 12, Gumball is surprisingly adapt. He’s Super Strong, knocking a guy’s heart out when trying to help him from Choking. He has surprising super speed, running so fast people explode on contact and slowing down time. Gumball’s toon force is surprising because of his INSANE durability. He even has some 4th wall awareness at hand. Gumball survived a lot, though, from a fall from JUPITER or a school sized Explosion. Gumball has a lot of other weird abilities such as being able to change DNA at whim and become a PARASITE. Ew. Gumball, despite being a cat, has a weird arsenal. His insults become electric (though it may be pretend). He also has a tinfoil helmet to give him good luck where ever he goes. He gots the Universal Remote that literally controls the universe and after eating male power 2000, he becomes… (Gumball Men Song.) Besides upping his stats so far he knocks out a T-Rex with a dodgeball, he can do that. :/ He has a ghost potion that gives him all the powers there and he has the console, giving him a healing potion and the phone to summon others. And a paint ball gun. Nothin’ much. He also can become Super Saiyan. It’s only for intimidation, he can’t use any of the powers. However, Gumball’s not too bright. He’s not smart, constantly over thinks, he’s ignorant, cowardly and has little experience in fighting. However, Gumball shows time and time again that he’s one cool cat. Gumball: I’m sorry. You forced me to do this.
Darwin: *cries* Gumball:…it means you’re safer sitting here. Anais: Okay (reluctantly) Spongebob: Hi there, I don’t believe we met. My name is Spongebob- Gumball: AAAAAAAAAAA Gumball: ENOUGH. Spongebob: Get ready for the INVINCIBUBBLE. Gumball: AAAAA! Gumball: You forced me to go this. Gumball: AAAAAAAAAA- While Gumball had the advantage in Speed and Strength, that was about it. Spongebob is more durable with their toon force aside, and Spongebob’s arsenal countered Gumball’s. Gumball’s Fast? Spongebob has the Quickster Suit.
Gumball Can’t fly? Spongebob has plenty. Spongebob’s superforms out class Gumball’s, while the paintball gun’s useless since he’s a Sponge. The remote goes against the book, the Ghost Potion is useless since Spongebob fights off possession. Spongebob also has a larger arsenal, able to outlast Gumball. And while Spongebob had no direct counter to the helmet, it’s a tinfoil hat. The Winner is Spongebob. Spongebob: Spongebob Squarepants! Singer: Eddsworld! Singer: Eddsworld! Singer: Sorry, who’s world is it? Singer: Eddsworld! Crowd: Ed Edd n Eddy!

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