T-Rex with 2439 Zen Magnets!

T-Rex with 2439 Zen Magnets!

The Zen Magnets contest for this month
is to make a dinosaur. But this time, there’s no limit
to the number of magnets you can use.

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  1. Turned out great! I wish I was able to watch more of the streams, but time zones… Can't wait to see more of your amazing animations!

  2. Help how do you compress so many pics to make the software save the file once you completed filming the stop motion?☹️😅😵 i have a bunch of pics for a video but i cant save it as stop motion film cus its too big

  3. Making a dino with a magnet is so unique. How did you come up with this idea? Awesome dude👍👍

  4. You use to go to Mudgeeraba creek state school as a kid and your mum still works there and I think your grade 6 teacher was mr handcock btw nice vids😀

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