Testing Crazy Amazon Products (Unicorn Farts, Instant Items, Fluffy Slime, Face Mask)

Testing Crazy Amazon Products (Unicorn Farts, Instant Items, Fluffy Slime, Face Mask)

– Unicorn Farts! $2 underwear! I don’t like it! – Ah! ♪ In 10 years down the road ♪ ♪ I’ll still be sittin’ on the floor ♪ ♪ Writing about you, writing about you ♪ ♪ Lines about midnight car rides ♪ ♪ And the color of your eyes ♪ ♪ Thinking about you,
thinking about you, yeah ♪ – Good morning, guys. What is going on? We are packing up right now. We’re heading out to New York. I’m really excited about this trip just because it’s a last minute trip. We don’t really have a ton planned, but we’re gonna go have a good time. We’re just kinda packing up right now, and then we’re heading
out on a red eye tonight. First off, I need to go
mail out some packages. Some of you guys won some
slime in Rebecca’s video, and I’m sending out the slime right now. All right, this is the hard part. We have to take the dogs to the sitter. (sad music) – [Matt] Peanut, it’s gonna be okay. I know, I wish I could
just take you on the trip, and just give you belly
rubs the whole time. We got things we gots to do, okay? – Because our flight to New
York is not ’til later today, we decided to test some Amazon products that came in the mail. And these are not just
any Amazon products. Weird Amazon products! So I am very excited. – It doesn’t get much
weirder than the first one. Have you ever tried unicorn slime before? – No. – I’m opening up one here. This is actually slime from Amazon. (Rebecca gasps) Read what that says. So this says Unicorn Tears,
100% Magical Unicorn Slime. Hours of mythical fun. Unicorn Slime is squeezable, breakable, bounceable, twistable and stretchable. – Wow.
– Okay. Ethically harvested from
only the finest unicorns. – Oh gosh.
– Is this is it? Oh, does it open?
– There we go, yeah. – You sure?
– Blackjack, you getting in on this? – Blackjack. – He’s so excited, look at him. – Okay, here it is.
– Whoa. – I didn’t realize that it
was just gonna be clear. – How hard is it to, oh. – Oh, it’s– – Kinda like putty. – Yeah, it’s more like putty. You guys see this. It’s definitely putty.
– Oh. Yeah, it’s putty.
– It’s got like little ball glittery things in it. Wow, do you wanna feel it? – Yeah, I’d like to. Whoa! I heard that putty was
like making a come back and gonna be the next big thing, but. – You like slime better. – I like it a lot better. The weird thing about it, the more you touch it, the
less like, clear it gets. Which makes me question my cleanliness. (laughs) – Now, keeping with the unicorn theme, we are going to test a Bag of
Unicorn Farts Cotton Candy. (farting) 10% of all profits donated to charities that support children with neurodiversity. It says, a rainbow of smiles inside. 100% magical 100% majestic 100% mythical. – So 300% of something? – Yeah. From the time Julia met her
first unicorn at age seven, she knew the magic that
flowed from the unicorn should be shared with the world. Now at age 15, she finally has found a way to share the happiness
and magic of the unicorn for everyone to experience. The Unicorn Farts inside this bag are produced by free range unicorns that donate them to the world. The farts are locally sourced and best of all, gluten free. (dog barks) He’s like, I want some Unicorn Farts! – Did you say Unicorn Fart? (farting) Oh boy.
– It looks– – Show ’em that other part. – It looks like cotton candy. It looks good.
– Blackjack, do you want that? It is vegan, though. – ‘Cause I need some magic. I want some magical Unicorn Fart. (farting) Good, right? No, Blackjack! – I didn’t realize I was
making fake Unicorn Farts with the cotton candy machine that I have, but this is pretty good. I could get down with this, and we’re giving to charity, too. – Yeah. This weird product was a thumbs up! – So, I thought this
was something different. I thought this was instant pants, but it’s actually instant underpants. – Oh my gosh. – So here’s the package right here. You just add water. All right, so you just
add water onto them. – This is so weird! – What? This is it.
(dramatic music) – I don’t believe that this will work, but we’ll try it. – We’re just gonna dump
it in the bag of water. – Okay. It might be a fail. Dump it in! – I’d rather, I guess, have wet undies than having no undies at all. – What? (suspenseful music) – It’s not fast acting. – Oh. Let it soak a little longer. – This was probably the cheapest thing that I got on there. – How much was it? – $2. – $2 underwear! We’ll let this soak and
we’ll see what happens. Okay! Here we go! It’s all good! – It doesn’t even look
like good underwear. Oh, I just got water on my feet. Oh no! No! No! – I dare you to put this
on over your shorts. – I will not! – I will! I’m wearing shorts, though.
– Okay. – I’m doing it. What like, who would ever wear these? (gasps) Why would you buy this? Oh my gosh. I guess if it’s an emergency
and you just need some. Wow. I have no words for this.
– It’s so weird. – Well, that was interesting. – I mean, I can honestly just do this and like, pack it up just about as tight. – Well, you can do that
with most underwear. – I know! (laughs) – So it doesn’t matter! – Don’t get that one, guys. – I’d say no. – Yeah, don’t do it. – So this is the last one that we have, and this actually and old lady mask. (dramatic music) I thought this looks so interesting. – It’s so weird! – When I found this on there, I actually went into
like a really deep hole of a bunch of different
masks that you can get. – Oh my gosh, please, put that on. You have to take–
– Can I? – Yeah.
– Okay. – Oh my gosh! Can you see? – I can see through the eye. Does it look weird? – It’s so weird! (screams) I don’t like it! Oh my gosh. (screams) – I’m an old granny! It actually is pretty form fitting, ’cause I have a huge head. – Let us know if you guys have tried any of these products below from Amazon, and let us know which one you thought was the coolest and
which was the least cool. – I wonder if I can wear
this on the airplane? – No.
– Like with a hat on? – No, we’re not, no.
– What it would look like? – I think that they would not let us fly. It’s so creepy. It’s so weird. It’s so weird, I can’t. I can’t, you guys, it’s so weird. – Blackjack, come here. Come here. He doesn’t even know yet. Oh, he’s trying to lick my face! No, it feels weird! – All right, you guys, now
we’re gonna get back to packing and heading to New York! – All right, we are all packed up and ready to go to New York, but we wanted to play this song for you that’s playing in the
background right now. This is our friend Madeline Bailey. It’s a great new song called Tetris. – Yes. – Rebecca just did a Musically. Go check it out on her page, too. It’s pretty fun. (“Tetris” by Madeline Bailey) ♪ Na na na na na, how we fit
together, how we fit together ♪ – So you guys, this song is called Tetris. It’s on iTunes right now. We will link it in the description below. If you get, make sure to screenshot it and tag us on Instagram or tweet us and we will be doing shout
outs in tomorrow’s vlog for those of you that did it. – Oh, yes!
– So go, do it! Right now, for Madeleine! – You know it. All right, we’re gonna
fly out to New York. Oh– ♪ Na na na na na tetris ♪ – Little solo. ♪ Da na na na na how we fit together ♪ ♪ How we fit together ♪ – Okay, go watch Madeleine’s version. It’s a lot better than that. (laughs) ♪ Da na na na na ♪ – Alright, yeah, we are
headin’ out to New York. We’re goin on a red eye right now. It leaves tonight at
like 11 o’clock or so. It should be pretty fun. I have to deal with that, right there. That’s what I have to
deal with this whole trip. ♪ Da na na na na how we fit together ♪ – Alright guys. Have a great night. We’ll see you on the plane! ♪ In 10 years down the road ♪ ♪ I’ll still be sittin’ on the floor ♪ ♪ Writing about you, writing about you ♪ ♪ Lines about midnight car rides ♪ ♪ And the color of your eyes ♪ ♪ Thinking about you,
thinking about you, yeah ♪

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