Daniel: Do you want to go for a walk? [Wolf whines] [Joey laughs] Ahh good day everyone and welcome to today’s video… [Chuckles] Where I am in my backyard … filming this with, uhm, my boys… … Because we’re going to be testing out Dog… gadget things! Uhm, so I have some special guests here to test them out… … and see how they work! [Chuckles] What’re you doing? You want a little treat? Let’s get into it! The first thing that we are going to try… Is… like… this launcher… … that shoots out pet treats, so it’s kind of like playing fetch but… … without throwing it? I don’t really understand what the point of this is. But we’re gonna try it! So, let me take it out of the packaging… “Launch your pet’s favorite snack!” I don’t understand, you could literally just throw it yourself. I hate packaging…! [Packaging cracks] … Like this! Like, why does it have to be SO HARD to open? Okay! So! It has a little compartment where you can put treats in this… And then I guess it shoots out the back through there. … Can I help you, sir? [Joey imitating Storm] I’m here for the treats please! Yes, you’ll get one soon. Okay, so, I have some right here… Storm’s already looking like, “Mmm that looks delicious!” [Chuckles] So, we have the treats in there… Let’s put it in here… [Treat shoots out] Oh! There we goooo! It worked! Okay, let’s go try it out. Okay, so, all you have to do is pull this, it’s like pulling a-… Oh my gosh. It’s kinda jammed. Okay… There we go! And then you just press this button to shoot it… So, Wolfie, can you catch it? Ready? [Treat shoots out] Whoa! He didn’t even see it. [Laughs] They literally can’t tell what’s happening! This… Kind of sucks. Ugh! Okay, so this one was a fail. Okay, so the next thing I am going to try… Are this little like… Nail caps that you can put on … so your dogs don’t scratch up the floors. It comes with glue, I’m not going to use the glue… Because I feel like that makes it, like, permanent for a while. So, these are just going to be little manicures for my little boys! So Storm… Actually, I’ll do Wolf first. Welcome to Joey’s nail salon! Thank you so much for coming! Oooh, wait! Gorgeous! Look at th- Ope! It just plopped right off! [Chuckles] No, Storm, you can’t eat his nails! Those are her-.. His acrylic nails! You. Look. Fabulous! [Laughs] I don’t have any on right no-… [Laughs] Oh my gosh, Storm! You’ll have your turn, don’t worry buddy! Daniel/Cameraman: Wolf, what do you think? [Joey imitates Wolf]: Well, uhhh, I think I look like a pretty girl… Uuhhmm… [Joey imitates Wolf]: You know, I’m a little worried about being judged for being a boy dog… [Joey imitates Wolf]: But, hey. Daniel/Cameraman: No judgment, be who you wanna be, Wolf. Daniel/Cameraman: No judgment, be who you wanna be, Wolf.
[Joey imitates Wolf]: I wanna be… [Joey imitates Wolf]: I wanna be a queen. Daniel/Cameraman: You are a queen, sis! Joey: Ahhh, look how gorgeous… [Laughs] Daniel: Are those gel nails? [Joey imitates Wolf]: Yeah. Daniel: Are those from esNAIL salon? [Joey imitates Wolf]: They sure are! Joey: OK, let’s get your other hand, bud.
Daniel: Woooww… Daniel: Ohhh…!
Joey: Wooooww! Daniel: Shhhhhocking beauty!
Joey: You were so good, buddy! Joey: You were so good, buddy! Joey: You’re so pretty! Joey: Yeah, I know, they’re gorgeous!
Daniel: You didn’t get his thumbs! Joey: Oh! Joey: Work, b!tch, yeeess!
Daniel: [?] Joey: Queeen! Queen of the dogs! Daniel: He knows. Joey: Stand up! Let’s see how they work! Joey: Come on, stand up! Daniel: Ope! [Gasps] Joey: Oh!
Daniel: Your nail came off! Joey: OK, so up next is this dog fountain… Where… If you have dogs outside and… You don’t want their bowl out for whatever reason… They can step on this and water shoots out. Wolfie! Step here! Step on it! Storm! [Water sprays out of fountain] [Camera mic crackles] It terrified him. Storm, look! Daniel: No? Joey: He doesn’t like water. Joey: [Chuckles] Daniel: Gorgeous. Joey: Wolfie! Come get some water! Oh there we go. Awwhhh, you like dat? It’s just water. Yum! That’s delicious! Yummy yum yum! Do you like it, Storm? Is it everythi-… Oh my god, you are so gorgeous… Okay! The last thing is… This device! So this is called an iFetch… And basically, you turn it on and it shoots the ball out… … There… Again, why don’t you just throw it yourself? But I think… … This is for like… When the dogs are home alone and they want to play fetch… Aaand, you can’t play with them! So, they can play fetch with themselves. Uh, it’s kind of like a learning process, but… Let’s see how it works. There’s a button back here… Okay… [Gets scared] Oh! Oh my gosh, OK… That didn’t shoot it very far. Joey: Oh. Okay, that is- OH! There we go. It’s going a little further. [Chuckles] Go get it! Yeaaah! WHOOOAAAA! That was a far one! He didn’t even see it. OK! Do you want it? You want the ball? You want the ball? You want the ball? Storm.. Look! You put it in here… It goes in… Get ready! WOOOOOOW! OK, now they’re into it. There we- Come on, bring it back, Wolfie! Good booooyyyy! Daniel: Go get it! Wooo!
Joey: Ope! Daniel: This is literally the laziest thing you could possibly do. Joey: I think it’s for them to play with themselves. You’re handsome, aren’t ya? You boys are cute? Thanks for being in my video today! Yeah, I don’t think you liked any of these gadgets! [Chuckles] [Joey laughs] [Joey laughs] Daniel: You don’t want to take a thumbnail, Wolfie? Joey: Wolfie has no interest in thumbnails at all. Daniel: Do you want to go for a walk? [Wolf whines] [Joey laughs] So, I don’t think that they actually really enjoyed any of these… I think the closest was the iFetch… Uhh, I think Wolf LOVES his nails though, so, I guess that was a plus. But, anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed this video! If you did, please give it a thumbs up! And let me know if there’s other dog gadgets you want me to try out with them. Aaaand, yeah! That’s it for today, I will see you all tomorow! Good damn bye! [Outro music]

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  1. Legend says if u say joey graceffa 3 times he'll pin u
    Joey graceffa
    Joey grassefa
    Joey graceffa

    Btw bigfanπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’ŸπŸ’ŸπŸ’ŸπŸ’ŸπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’›

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  3. Storm:let me eat it I want to eat up can I eat it thank you can I eat it I want to eat it I want to eat it I want to eat it I want to eat I want to eat it okay I'll wait my turn

  4. U guys spoil your fur babies as much as I do mine. Also, I love the fact that u NEVER insult your fur babies, instead, u shower them with lots of love, kisses, hugs & compliments! U guys are amazing parents!β€πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ€—πŸ˜Š

  5. They have яєαℓℓу ρяєтту тяαиѕραяєит eyes

    I really want a dog that has a blue eye and a brown eye.

  7. For the nails for his blue eye u shoulda put the blue nails on that paw and the pink on the brown eye πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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