The Bobcat is One Spring Loaded Predator!

The Bobcat is One Spring Loaded Predator!

– Now this is gonna
be pretty awesome. We’re gonna show
you the jumping, and climbing skills
of the bobcat. Get ready, this little
cat is spring-loaded. (tribal instrumental music) Now what you’re looking at
right there is a bobcat. It’s one of the most
adaptable animals that lives here in
the United States. You can find this cat
anywhere from Maine, all the way down to
southern California. They live in almost every state. And I’ll tell you what, you probably have them
right in your backyard, and you didn’t even know it. Now look at that tail. This is where they
get their name, that bobbed, little
tiny tail there. Now if they flip the
tail up in the air, it’s completely white. If it’s a mother cat,
that will allow kittens to be able to follow
her in the dark, so that they don’t get lost. And mother bobcats are
extremely good moms, always taking care
of their kittens until they’re old enough
to hunt for themselves. Look at the size of those paws. Yeah, those big paws allow
them to travel through snow, they can climb trees,
climb up rock faces. This is like a spring-loaded cat that you’re looking
at right here. Look at those little tufts
of hair on the ear there. And these use those
like extended whiskers, to be able hear and sense
things in their environment. And they’re incredibly stealthy, look how quick that cat is. He’s so incredibly camouflaged. In a grassland environment,
forest habitat, you name it, this cat’s gonna be able to
blend right in and disappear. If this cat does not wanna
be seen, but trust me, you’re never gonna run
across it in the wild, unless in that chance
encounter that you happen to be in the right
place at the right time. Now the bobcat is an ambush
predator, like most cats. What they’ll do is hunker down, and wait for something
like a rabbit, squirrel, even something
as large as a deer, that they can now lunge out,
quick move with those claws, latch on, and go for the neck. Once they get the neck,
they’ve got the kill spot, and then they’ve got their meal. It’s pretty cool
just being here, getting to see this
bobcat spring up and down. All the power is right here
in the back of this cat. Extremely powerful, they can jump as high as
12 feet up in the air. So if I’m standing straight
up, and this bobcat wanted to, it could spring up on this edge, leap all the way over top of me. Pretty impressive
for a cat this small. Now this is the
smallest cat species that we have here in
the United States. But it doesn’t mean you need
to give it any less respect. Wow, what an experience getting
this close to the bobcat. The only was I was able to work with this beautiful
animal today, is because Bob here is an
ambassador for his species. Have you ever seen a
bobcat in the wild? Tell me about it in the
comments section below. I’m Coyote Peterson. Be brave. C’mon. Stay wild. We’ll see you on
the next adventure. I’ll see you later, Bob. If you thought that
was one wild adventure, check out these other
animal encounters. And don’t forget,
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  1. 1:17 this can does not want to be seen, trust me….
    Yet there it is jumping up and down in front of him and in front of the camera lol

  2. We actually had a bobcat kill one of our ducks. At the time we had no idea what happened untill it came back for the second duck. The duck sounded like it was in danger my brother went out with a flashlight and seen the bobcat. He scared the cat and saved the duck. I'm pretty sure the cat scared my brother more then anything.

  3. A friend and i were folling some crows and we saw a large bobcat, he was so big my friend mistook him for a deer

  4. I could of used this video for my report i was doing on a bobcat in second grade, we had to pick our animal and i picked a bobcat :p

  5. I live on the outskirts of phx az and bob cats roam our neighborhood. They are seem like they have no fear of humans.

  6. Yes, very nice video. I have two Bob cats that live in some rock caves behind my house. Also have two creeks that run through my property. One gray and the other golden brown, Bob cat. They are not afraid of me. If I keep my distance, they sit, lay and walk around the yard. Don't know how to attach a picture to this comment. Good size, about the size of a medium dog.

  7. Only seen one but I've heard them often.. I've lived in woodlands with them.. Fantastic gritters.. Have had a couple of mixes..

  8. i was at our family farm and i was driving down the road to go look for feral hogs (its a problem down here in texas) and out of nowhere, the bobcat jumps right out in front of my truck and boom, off into the fields, never to be seen again. Trust me when I say he covered atleast a good 60 yards in a span of a couple of seconds.

  9. I saw one in my back yard a week ago,thought it was a lynx but maybe a wild cat. New Brunswick,Canada

  10. There is a bobcat that claims territory right behind my property. I've seen him about a half a dozen times.

  11. See these guys frequently on NorCal coast on our golf course. They are fearless and sometimes hang out right off the fairway and stare at you as if to say “You know you aren’t going to hit the green from here right?”.

  12. @bravewilderness hi, I live in S. Louisiana and came across one at night in my son’s backyard. I was looking for his pet cat to bring in for the night and came face to face with a bobcat! My question is, was it really a bobcat because it was much taller than the one in your video. It did have the bob tail though.

  13. I haved i was going to lake then i saw a bob cat i told my mom and dad it was eating a dear it had 4 kittens

  14. For once I will comment as asked.
    I live in NEPA (North Eastern Pennsylvania) and I have seen Lynx ("Bobcats"). Not often and when I did see them I knew it was a rare and lucky experience but I have seen 2 of them in my 40+ years. I'm glad they're the way they are because I have also seen a small pack of Mountain Lions behind my home basking in the summer sun daily which made me remember and realize how small of an opportunity to see a Lynx/Bobcat truly is.
    I prefer to call them Lynx because I like to respect how special, stealthy (not rare?) and powerful they are.
    If theyre endangered I do not know but would like to know if they are endangered because that would influence and drive me to learn as much as I can about them to help them and the ecosystem they're a part of.

  15. i did see one legged almost bit me I run for my life and I probably lost it because I couldn't see it I wanted to take a photo but it almost killed me I'm never going back 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  16. i live really close to mount hood in oregon, like its just a 30 minuet hike from my back yard, and i see bob cats all the time, mostly coyotes, but every now and then when im just mozing around by my house with my dog ill see one every now and then

  17. I want to see a bobcat cross the street was kind of funny I was not expecting that and it crossed right into my neighbor's yard I was like what! that's a picture of my mom right there

  18. Purgatory Colorado, we had one walk right in front of everyone on the Ski slopes! It wa probably extremely hungry, poor guy.

  19. Well when I was a young teen I seen a bobcat I was on one side of a small stream he or she was on the other. I knew the car was wild I had various kind of guns so I picked my B.B. gun I used copper BB’s and I shot a field rat I waited for the bobcat when he came I threw the rat Close to him and walked off. The next day I did the same a few days of this cat was waiting for me across the little street we had a bond he knew he didn’t have to hurt anymoreMy mother passed away when I was 16, we moved from there and I lived with my brother. And that’s the last I’ve seen of my friend the bobcat.

  20. We see bobcats frequently in Missouri. They tend to be pretty chill, but I know of one person who stumbled upon one in their backyard and was nearly killed. I make sure if I come upon them that they have an out, one that doesn't involve me being in their only path of escape.

  21. I actually just had a close encounter with a bobcat a couple of weeks ago. I was walking a trail and it jumped out of a bush right next to me, and just stood there. It didn’t run it just stood there before slowly creeping into the bushes out of my sight. It was so close at first though I could’ve reached down and pet it. I’ve been fascinated with them ever since.

  22. Just saw a bobcat run across our back patio then into soybean field behind our house. I live in SW Oklahoma & have gotten one night photo on trail camera before. It's rare to see one in daylight, esp near a house though.

  23. We have seen bobcats or one particular bobcat over and over again in our backyard- just seen her again today.. it is snowing 🌨 and she came running out of her hiding spot and ran towards the woods. Her tail is choppy and it looks like something tried to tear it off..

  24. I saw one on the way to school one morning and it was about the size of that one and he just stopped when he was in headlights. I was pretty cool to see a bobcat that close!

  25. I've seen a bobcat in the wild once…it was right outside of my back door. I lived somewhat in a rural area behind a highschool…I had a cat that loved to go outdoors and explore. One night I heard something very loud right outside of my door. Opened it up and saw a bobcat trying to mate with my feline…even though she was spayed. I was about 13…so it was somewhat of a traumatic experience for me. Somewhat…but the bobcat was huge compares to my cat and I could tell that the bobcat wasn't fully grown yet…I didn't know what to do, so I just tried to act quick and grabbed a broom and chased it off. No harm came to it of course. I seem to come across animals all the time when I'm in the country. Deer, bears, snakes, and so on. But I've never been harmed. I keep my distance and respect the animal

  26. Just seen one here in Prescott Arizona thought was a mountain lion till I just watched your video but was the size of my moms Shepard. Was a pretty big cat do they get that big?I noticed there hasn't been any javalinas around.

  27. Coyete: "The bobcat is spring-loaded

    Me: "sooooo… Do they eat springs?

    Coyete: "NO YA DINGUS!

    Me: SHUT UP

  28. I have seen a bobcat before. I actually had a very close encounter with one. I live on a farm in Missouri and I have a lot of good spots for a bobcat to live. I was walking my dog down by our creek when I heard a twig or something like that crack. My dog started growling so I knew something was up. I told Sunny my dog to lay off. She was still growling when she took ahold of my pantleg and starting dragging me back up the hill. I hadn't seen the beauty yet but as soon as I got on the hill I saw how close I was to it. It was just on the other side of the creek. And our creek was low and not very far across at that point. I wasn't scared until I saw how close I was to it. The best part was that I saw it in the wild.

  29. I was out hunting one day for White Tail Deer in Oklahoma and I saw a bobcat going into its den or something like that. I’m not 100% sure, but it walked into some shrubs and I never saw it again the rest of the day.

  30. I live in Pennsylvania and bobcat are very very hard to find or even trap here. My mother and sister was both lucky enough to shoot one when they were coyote hunting and were lucky enough to have a fur takers license.

  31. Saw one while archery hunting in pa. Good bit bigger than the one you have there and darker in color. Could tell it had been eating good.

  32. I live in Northern Ontario, Canada. (Heavily) Wooded on 3 sides and the great lakes to the south; It's a Boarder city, so literally on the water between Lakes Superior, Huron, and Michigan.
    I've seen Bobcats here and there, Hear them more than I see them. In the winter I see Lynxes moreso.

  33. Well, one time my neighbors called the police because they heard what they thought was a woman screaming. When the officer checked it out it turned out to be bobcat


    Shes Insane That Pounces And Grab Me Down And ToooooooooootSCENSORED


    Few Months Later Im Still ASTONISHING

  35. One day i went with my dad to go eat Jack in the box and saw this cat and petted it and while i looked away it bit me but it wasn't a ordinary cat that u can have it laying at home i noticed it was a bob cat!

  36. I lived/worked on a farm in central virginia, butted up against the back of the Shenandoah natl park for a few years. One summer I was riding one of the farm four-wheelers up one of the mountains we were situated on when I saw something hauling butt up ahead of me on the trail. I remember coming back down to the big house where the property owners lived and asking them about it later, because I distinctly remembered that it had ears too distctly different from a feral house cat, (almost) no tail, and ran like a cat, not a dog or any kind of rodent/possum/raccoon other animal. They told me that based on what I had seen and knew about native wildlife, that it had been a bobcat. Based on similar videos like this one, I'd always assumed they were bigger, so that surprised me to find out that there aren't any smaller species outside of feral housecats (which this definitely wasn't).

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