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  1. Love calico. I found a high expression bamboo calico and he is a gorgeous animal. Looks alot like Bobby. Calico and sugar are my two favorite crosses with bamboo.

  2. I beleive Dan Wolfe Herpetological produced Super Calicos but they weren't much different from regular Calicos

  3. love my calico lesser!! btw great job on the videos lately, i can tell your editing and production skills have gotten a lot better!

  4. Hey Chris I bought a kingpin ball python hatchling for $150 so I believe it’s a lesser/pinstripe mix, you think I got a ok deal

  5. I'm gonna be getting a Lesser Bee here soon. Looks like I'll need to work some Calico in there cause that Calider is amazing!!!

  6. I love calico . Should breed sugar to a calico and see what happens.. I like the 50/50 best also . Fire and pastel to a calico might be pretty Kool stuff .. great video and class professor.. always look forward to these videos the best to me so much to learn on all your videos. I was late have been setting up a quarintine tank for 2 African fattailed gecko's I got from a friend . He doesn't like crickets so they are pretty small for there age . Weren't eating well in meal worms . But I'll get them going … Have a great night .

  7. Hoping to get one of your snakes when they go on morph market. I don't care which one . So be sure to hide a couple at that expo

  8. Today marks my first day ever! I finally got a lock.Het pied 100% x cinnamon visual ringer het pied or very low white cinnamon pied.

  9. U know Chris I'm really surprised u do not have more subscribers. Bro u are u are pumping out vids everyday and giving out alot of info. Which is cool keep it up and more and more people will come around I'm sure

  10. I’ve noticed that the Genetic Wizard on World of Ball Pythons was stuck or broken since last night. You didn’t break it, did you? Lol 😂

  11. Chris do you think alot of people sell snakes with ressesive Gene's and not include it and possibly changing the looks of the snakes explaining why some of these morps with the gene they know they're creating look different?

  12. Hi, I’m the one who asked if you could help me identify if my banana BP had another morph like black pastel or cinny. You just asked me to give you the link and I did however, I’m thinking you may have not seen it. So here is the link.

  13. Wahoo, I made the question of the day!!Great answer, Chris, thank you kindly. 90F hot spots year round… nice and simple, I love it. Calico rocks. Another awesome vid. – Matt

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