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  1. Good reminder, Travis! Sometimes mother nature pat's us on the back and sometimes she thumps us on the head 😂 got to have a backup plan when it happens. 👍

  2. I love your videos. I have a year round growing season so I enjoy watching what you're growing in the winter.

  3. You could probably zip down the row really fast with a hedge trimmer—if you had ground cover or something along the row edges covering the dirt. lol

  4. Travis will you put them in your weekly veggie box as shown in video or do you wash and store in fridge? Are you harvesting same day as veggie box distribution? Thanks for great video.

  5. Never heard of Tatsoi ! Need to look into how that tastes. I could never get my taste buds to love the flavor or Argula. Very nice looking beds, and thanks for the video.

  6. Nice greens! As for the row space and harvesting. Last year I did intensive greens and i left a mere six inches between rows since i only had like a 16th of an acre to do greens on but wanted to pull a few thousand.

    In our system you straddle the rows like you do but we sit the tubs on top of what we just cut, therefore negating the need for row space. If you are in a small plot of land I suggest ya do it that way. I would lose my balance from time to time and step in the rows but I got an extra four rows which made me an extra 600 bucks.

    Your way works better on big plots for sure, but if you are restricted remember you can just sit the tubs in the rows as you go.

  7. Hi Travis, it's a nice 19 degrees with a wind chill of 5 degrees here in the Finger Lakes of New York! Not cutting many greens here only a few in the greenhouse. Thank you for the video!!!!

  8. Travis I'm getting ready to plant my onions here in Oklahoma. I really would like for you to have a video on yalls onions I'd like to see them especially the 1015 ys you planted!

  9. Arugula seems to be bullet-proof, but you can only eat so much. Strong taste. One mature plant for one person, outer leaf harvesting, and there was all I could eat all winter and spring.

  10. Hard on the back….they look really nice though… I see you transplanted beets again… I thought you said they didn't transplant very well?

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