Kirsty: Hi everybody, I’m Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails. In this video, I’m gonna do a full set on the gorgeous Andrea. We’re gonna use tips for change because we’ve been doing a lot of sculpt, so we thought we’d use tips for you tip lovers and we’re gonna use a few different techniques. So, we’ll break it up into a few different parts. So, hope you enjoy. So, I’m going to do a full Natural Beige Nail on this one because we’re gonna do a Cat Eye effect over the top. It’s important to get the structure laid out nice. So, we’re doing in two beads. So, we’ve got the majority of the length done, so we’re working sort of in three-quarters of the way down and then the next bead will flow over what we’ve just done, so we can have our apex and they join together seamlessly. So, all the nails that don’t have this sort of framed edge effect, will have the Natural Beige on. Having this Natural Beige as a background is really nice to work with and also it’s easier to change up the design when the client comes back for maintenance fill. So, these nails that we’ve sculpted out, we are going to add some pizzazz and we’re going to use the Cat’s Eye products because I wanna show you how we can use that to create some different looks. Right! So, we need Serious Black and then I’m gonna use these two colours from the Cat’s Eye Collection. So, you’ve got Frenemy and Galaxy. Now, I can show…where is my little thing gone? There we are. I’ll show you what they look like when they’re actually…I think it’s quite deceiving when you see them like this, but then when they actually have the magnet over the top, this is what they loot like. So, they look like that and they look like that with the magnet, those two there. I could sit and look at that for hours. So, that’s what we’re gonna use. We’re gonna do a design with them and we’re not just gonna put it on and magnet it, which does look nice but we’re gonna do something a little bit different. So, I’ll need a little bit of backing paper from a sculpting form. I’m not gonna use it from the bottle. Now, I always think…you don’t have to but I think the Cat’s Eyes look better over the top of black, so that’s why we need the Serious Black. So, I’m gonna do two coats of Serious Black on the nails we’re gonna do this design on. Right! Pop me that in the lamp. Pop me that in. I’m gonna pop some of the Cat’s Eyes gel polish onto this backing paper, so I’ve got a little pool, so I can dip into that. So, we need Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution in a little Dampen Dish and this is gonna be to clean our brush because we’ve got two different colours and I want to clean in between the colours. So, I’m gonna paint some on here, by the cuticle in this corner. So, we’re gonna use the magnet to push the pigment. Right! Go in the lamp. Right! So, I’m gonna go into the pinkier colour now and you wanna to go right next to what you’ve just done. Right! Pop that in quick. Right! So, you see when I move it, see how it goes and then it comes back? See what I mean? So, you have the lines of them. Watch when I do this one. And I’m gonna come a little bit wider at the bottom with this one, so we come right to the end of that tip. Right! Pop that in quick. See what I mean? You’ve still got that movement. So, we use the side rather than going straight on like this. Well, not straight on because that’s straight on. We normally go over the top like this to create this kind of line, this flow. What we’re doing is, we’re using the side and as we put the side on, it kind of pushes the particles up but you still get that movement. So, what you get this gradient of dark, then you get the colour at the top there. Adam: Why does it show up better on black then? Adam: like, why is it always used with black?
Kirsty: The contrast between the colour and the black makes it look more effective. Adam: Is it just going Clear, like is it going sort of…
Kirsty: No, it’s a bit of… Adam: …transparent as opposed to.
Kirsty: There’s a bit of colour there, so if we do this… Kirsty: …can you see how, if we thin this out…
Adam: Mm-hmm! Kirsty: …now we have pink. Kirsty: So, we’ll just paint it on as if it was… Kirsty: So, you see, there is colour there.
Adam: Mm-hmm! Kirsty: It just exaggerates it because…
Adam: it going blacker then on the white then. Adam: Wh does it work better on the black then.
Kirsty: Because the black exaggerates it. Adam: Alright!
Kirsty: I don’t know why you don’t understand me. Adam: I thought it was better on that white there.
Kirsty: It all just all goes thinner, ain’t it? Kirsty: Now, if we do the same again, can we see it move? And then in the lamp. And you could do this with, you know, loads of colours. But obviously, we’ve got a theme of colour going through this set. It’s important to go right next to the previous section. You could do any kind of shape. Right! Pop that in. Pop that in. Can you see how it moves? Let’s get some topcoat on it. So, we’re gonna use the Urban Graffiti Top Coat. You’re not going to use…where are we? The gel topcoat, you’re best using the Urban graffiti Top Coat because it has got some kind of flecks in it. If you use the gel top coat over this, then you will definitely get some kind of chipping. You’ll crack and chip. Pop me that in the lamp. Alright! So, let’s start with little tadpole shape. Pop that in. I’m gonna go in that little gap and go round with the Galaxy colour. Pop me that in. So, if I was to do a stencil rose, I’m using exactly the same kind of shapes that I would if I was doing a Stencil Rose. And the magnet is going at the same angle every time. Pop that in the lamp. Actually, it’s not gonna go at the same angle every time at all. Just told you a lie because we’re gonna come round here now and come on this side. Kirsty: You’ll need to be quick, Andrea.
Andrea: Mm-hmm! Kirsty: In the lamp. Right! Ready? Go! Now, I’m gonna come up here and we’re gonna keep going round and round until we fill the nail. So, you’ve got enough room for just one last pink section at the bottom. In. Right! Give us that. I’m gonna topcoat it. Let’s topcoat it and then we’ll have a good look at it. I am gonna do two top coats on this one just to smooth it out a little bit more. Pop me that in. Right! So, what we’re gonna do now, just buff it a little bit. So, as I buff it, you can see how it’s a little bit lumpy bumpy. Can you see those marks? That’s probably because we used the gel as an art medium. So, we just want to soften that a little bit. Don’t over-buff this, you don’t want to lose the colour underneath. Clean it up and then let’s topcoat. Pop that in. There you are! You see as we move it… ooh, isn’t that a bit spectacular?! Andrea: Gorgeous!
Kirsty: Look at that, that is so cool! Adam: Yeah, it looks like 3D effect, doesn’t it?
Kirsty: Yeah! Shall we do it you like that? Kirsty: It’s cool, ain’t it that?
Andrea & Adam: Hmm! Adam: It’s like it’s got folds. Kirsty: Yeah!
Andrea: Yeah, just how you could see underneath. Kirsty: Yeah, like a proper rose So, obviously, this one’s a simpler way of doing it, of doing an effect. But then, this one is a little bit more complicated but they both look cool. For my next trick, what I’m going to do is, I need a bit of black. We can still use the paint. Not paint, gel polish that we have on here. I want some black because we’re going to make… I don’t know what a shape you call this. Adam: It’s called a line. Kirsty: Line here and line here and then we’re gonna do a line * there and we’re gonna meet. And then we’re gonna go round back to your cuticle like that. And then we’re gonna neaten up and make it more symmetrical. This is a shape that has no name. Pop me that in the lamp. Give us your little finger, we’re gonna do one in the little finger as well. Oh, I’ll do it this way. Oh, yeah! Right! Pop that in the lamp. So, we’re gonna take some of the Magic Eye, so this is Frenemy. Prop that directly over the top of the black. Adam: Did you just call it Magic Eye? Kirsty: Did I?
Adam: You did, yeah. Kirsty: Did I?
Adam: Yeah! Kirsty: Cat’s Eye! Oh, can you remember the magic eye stuff? That was dead good, that was. Andrea: How was it?
Kirsty: Took me ages figure that. Where you stare at it and then it goes 3D. Andrea: No, I don’t remember that.
Kirsty: Are you kidding me? Adam: Yeah, I remember. Adam: You just stare and stare and then all of a sudden, a picture would appear in it.
Andrea: Oh, is that what that was? Adam: Hmm!
Andrea: Oh, yeah, I remember that. Andrea: Where you see them on Facebook and stuff. Kirsty: Yeah? I never…think Facebook wasn’t around.
Andrea: Oh, I don’t know that then. Kirsty: Alright! And we’re gonna put the magnet over and you’re gonna go quick in the lamp. Right! I’m gonna use Galaxy on this one. Think that works so cool. We’re going to use the Builder-In-A-bottle to create a domed effect directly over the top. I’m just gonna tease that to the edges with my brush. Turn it upside down. Go the other way. Turn your hand the other way. Sorry, I didn’t realise your hand doesn’t turn that way. And let that peak and then turn your hand over. Then you go into the lamp. Gonna do the same with this one as well. Turn over. Pop me that in. It’s like a jewel. Wipe off the sticky layer of that now. And we’re gonna top coat it. Just the stone for now, doesn’t matter if you go slightly onto the nail. Pop me that in the lamp. And then what we’re gonna do is, we’re gonna get Acry Gel and we’re gonna put some around the edge. You need gel residue wipe off solution on a brush and we’re gonna put some of this around the edge, so we can adhere some Microbeads. The Microbeads will frame…might even put a little stone on as well. We’re gonna do these little bars. We’re gonna top coat and just press that in. Alright! Make sure everything is in the right place and then we can pop that in the lamp and cure. Then, we’re gonna do the same with this one. Nice! Look at that. It looks like a gemstone, don’t it, like a precious stone? Just look how that moves. I feel like I’m in QVC. Look at this sparkle and the movement on that gemstone. So, I’m gonna do two coats with the black because we’re gonna use the Cat’s Eye and it always look best on black, and Adam loves filming things on black. It’s his favourite thing to do. Sorry. Wazz me that in the lamp. Pop me that in, give me other one. Pop that in. Right! Time for the Blooming Gel, we’re gonna put a coat of Blooming Gel over the top of the Serious Black colour. Just a nice thin coat. Then, we’re gonna use the Cat’s Eye colours, Frenemy and Galaxy. Gonna place them on and then completely random order and let that bloom. And then we’re gonna put the magnet and you’ve got to be quick with this. Andrea: Okay!
Kirsty: So, take that hand out. Andrea: Okay. Kirsty: In! Kirsty: What?
Andrea: That’s off my top. Kirsty: Stop touching yourself.
Andrea: I didn’t even know I had. Kirsty: We’re just gonna take off that fluff with some Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution. And then, thin coat of Blooming Gel and on with the Cat’s Eyes colours. Kirsty: Let that Bloom.
Andrea: Is this one done now? Kirsty: Yeah.
Andrea: Cos I’ve got to be quick. Kirsty: And then add the magnet and then in the lamp. Oh, look at that! That is freaky. Andrea: That looks really good doesn’t it?
Kirsty: Yeah! Kirsty: And a quick design as well. Let’s top coat that. Pop me that in. Top coat. Pop me that in. I love them. Very nice! Now, if they go pink because yeah, you’re just gonna wipe over with a little bit of Acetone but… Andrea: Yeah. Kirsty: …they’re already pink though but anyway so hopefully, it’d be fine.
Andrea: Yeah! They won’t, they’ll be fine. Kirsty: Yeah. There you are, guys! Hope you’ve enjoyed this video. Don’t forget, check us out on Facebook and Instagram, all the social media shebang. Everything I’ve used today will be listed below and I’ll see you guys in the next video. Bye-bye! Ouch! Strike it all about. Pardon me. I’ll just give you that for free. I was gonna say, “Hi everybody, I’m Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails” now.

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