Thomas The Tank Engine Makes Bubbles For Puppies!

Thomas The Tank Engine Makes Bubbles For Puppies!

This is a fun little video I call
“Thomas The Tank Engine Makes Bubbles For Puppies” I put a bubble making machine in to
one of the troublesome trucks
and had Thomas pull it around my back yard. And the reason I did that is because
we’re fostering a litter of puppies
for Woods Humane Society… And we have to keep them entertained
or they just get in to trouble! I figured the puppies would get a kick out
of it… And that they’d either chase the train around the yard
or go chasing after the bubbles. But they had never seen a train before
and didn’t realize that trains are fun, not scary! So, Thomas went around and around my back yard… Making bubbles the entire way. And at first, the pups
kept a lot of distance from the train. This one, his name is Buddy,
hid under a lounger for safety. Instead of chasing the train around,
like I had hoped They mostly watched from a safe distance at first. Buddy eventually got hungry…
so he grabbed a few bites of kibble. But as Thomas and the bubble car passed by,
it scared him off. On the next go-round,
Buddy was drinking some water… And his leg was just a little too close to the tracks. But these pups are strong,
and bumping in to Thomas didn’t hurt Buddy at all. I built a little A-frame for the puppies… And they have a lot of fun with it. It’s often the focal point of puppy play time. They play around it. They play underneath it. They climb up it. And sometimes they tumble down it! So, I placed the A-frame over the tracks,
making a little tunnel for Thomas… And I thought it might be
fun for the puppies to play on it
as Thomas came through. At first, the pups kept their distance… But it wasn’t long before they started playing around the A-frame. And if you watch Buddy,
the black & white pup,
you’ll see here… He actually goes under the A-frame
just as Thomas is approaching. Somehow he manages to scoot over,
out of the way,
just enough to let Thomas pass through. In this clip, there are three puppies blocking the tunnel And Thomas does not make it through this time. He gets derailed… But that doesn’t stop the bubble machine! It’s still going strong! We call this puppy Beethoven… Because he has a bit of a resemblance to
the dog from the 1992 movie of the same name. Watch Beethoven have a little run-in with Thomas here. That’s how you learn to stay out of the way of a train! This puppy is named Belle. She has learned her lesson by now
and Belle stays out of Thomas’ way! A little later Belle stumbles over the tracks
as she tries to get out of the way… But she regains her footing
and does not have a run-in with Thomas. Here’s Buddy sitting right on the tracks
as Thomas approaches. I’ll freeze it right here
and give you a chance
to predict what happens next. Does Buddy get out of the way? Do Buddy and Thomas have a big crash? Or do I drop the camera,
scoop up Buddy in my arms,
and save him from getting run over? We’ll take a quick break and find out right after this
what ended up happening. Yeah.
Buddy’s a smart pup! He knows now that when a train comes,
you have to get out of the way. This pup has an interesting way
of sliding down the A-frame. Her name is Blizzard,
because of that solid white coat. And notice the cute black ring
at the base of her tail! This is my favorite pup in the litter. I call him Bob. He’s got a graceful way of sliding off the A-frame. Belle is nowhere near as smooth
with her technique
as she tries to get off the A-frame
when Thomas approaches! Maybe someday she’ll be graceful, but…
she’s not there yet! Beethoven just kind of scampers off when he
notices Thomas approaching. Now you would think,
with the train spewing bubbles as it goes by… that Buddy would chase them… but no. And speaking of Buddy…
this is not a smart move here… Going in to the tunnel just as the train approaches. But somehow Buddy gets away with it! After a while, it started to irritate me that
the puppies weren’t chasing the train or the bubbles. So I came up with a plan
to attract the puppies to the train. I added one more car on to the train,
and filled it with puppy food! Is that brilliant, or what? And then I put Thomas in motion, at very slow speed… To see if the pups would follow along. And they did! I had the bubble machine switched off
so it wouldn’t get soap in their food. Believe it or not,
in three weeks with these puppies,
we went through 70 pounds of dog food! After a while,
they attacked that food with such energy
that they actually derailed the car! Then, because their attention was focused
more on the train than it had been… I turned on the bubble maker… And for a moment there,
I thought that the brown one
was going to chase the bubbles. But no. These puppies were just too in to the food
to care about anything else. And notice that Thomas
was still trying to keep moving… And eventually, the puppies backed off a little
and Thomas was able to start going again. But once Thomas made it in to the tunnel,
the pups really went in to a feeding frenzy! And there was a whole lot
of puppy energy going on here! So much energy, in fact,
that they somehow managed to separate the food car from the rest of the train. So, Thomas and the bubble machine
were able to break away. And Thomas eventually made his way
all the way around the loop… And made it right back around to where the puppies,
and that derailed food car, were. But there was no getting past them,
that was for sure. With this many puppies blocking the way,
you’re not going to get through! They eventually finished
every last bite of food in that rail car! Well, by the time you see this video,
all of these puppies will have gone on
to their new permanent homes. Five of them are being adopted by people we know… So, we’ll be able to stay in touch over the coming years. It was our pleasure to foster these puppies
for Woods Humane Society. It was the sixth litter we fostered this year! If you enjoyed this video,
whether it was because of the puppies… Or the g-scale model trains… Or maybe a little bit of both… Hit the thumbs-up button. I’ll put links up on the screen to a few of
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Thanks for watching!

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  1. This was such a cute video to wake up to! Those pups are so cute! They wanted nothing to do with Thomas except for the kibble! Good job!

  2. I bet you there’s a lot of hard work but i enjoyed every second of this video. There is a saying smaller things make you happier than something big

  3. If only I did that to put in my empty rolling stock, that way I would have an LGB Mikado pulling the bubble car! XD

    I sadly don’t have pets btw

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