Top 10 Black Cat Surprising Facts

Top 10 Black Cat Surprising Facts

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I’m your host Mary Jane Watson [title card with aka Amanda McKnight below MJ] and I have
a question for you, who would win a catfight Black Cat or Catwoman? Let me know in the comments below. In this video, we will be counting down the
top 10 surprising facts about Black Cat. For those who don’t know, Felicia Hardy
is the Black Cat a famed Marvel cat burglar. Capital E-X, Ex-girlfriend of my bae, Peter
Parker. Black Cat is known for being a master thief
and a skilled acrobat and fighter. And fun fact, according to Marvel she is a
natural platinum blonde. Interesting. Black Cat is also known as the long time on
and off again paramour to Spiderman. Now let’s get counting, tiger. 10
Owns the Bar with no Name. After her rise as a crime lord, Felicia Hardy
became the owner of the famous Bar with no Name in New York. We learn more about they way she runs hers
establishment in 2017 Star Lord series. Yeah, she runs it like a pretty scary stealthy
crime boss. 9
Powers. Although we may have become familiar with
Black Cat’s bad luck powers, did you know that Felicia Hardy actually started out as
just your average girl? Yup! In fact it was her relationship with Spiderman
that inspired her to get powers in the first place. She never felt like her and Peter were equals
and worried about putting himself in harm’s way in order to protect her. In an attempt to fix these problems, she tried
to get herself some super powers. Not an easy task. When Felicia did finally manage to acquire
super powers, it was revealed that they were designed by Kingpin. Does not sound good. As such her powers, which influenced others
bad luck were both a blessing and curse as they originally only targeted those she fought
or those that had feelings for her. Now, that’s some bad luck. In the comics, Black Cat has lost and gained
back these powers multiple times and has had different levels of control over them. She also at one point had cat-like powers
but also lost those. To compensate for the loss of her cat powers,
she built a suit that mimicked them with accessories to boot such equilibrium earrings and electromagnetic
contact lenses. Snazzy. 8
Maniac. There is a time when Black Cat is actually
attached to a symbiote. Sort of. She never goes so far as to bond with Venom
or anything so extravagant unfortunately, but she does become a part of Maniac’s Inklings. Unwillingly, of course. Lee Price, a small-time criminal with a hunger
for power, ends up getting his hands on and bonding with the Mania symbiote and become
Maniac. Using little parts of the symbiote, Maniac
is able to latch onto and take control of the minds of supervillains. He calls these supervillains his Inklings. It is in this way, Maniac manages to gain
control of Black Cat’s mind, wanting to use her connections to get in with the biggest
crime families in the world. Fortunately Black Cat ends up getting free
and with the help of Agent Anti-Venom, aka Flash Thompson; Venom, aka Eddie Brock; Spiderman,
and Andrea Benton, she manages to help stop Maniac’s dastardly plans. 7
First appearance. In the 1963 the Amazing Spider-Man issue 194,
the first thing Black Cat does upon acquiring her suit is free her Dad from prison. This is the first time we see Felicia in the
comics and although she has already become a criminal at this point in her life, I think
it is very becoming that this is the first heist she plans upon having her suit. Felicia’s dad is Walter Hardy, a famous
thief and cat burglar himself. Felicia rescues her dad from prison as she
knows he is sick and doesn’t want him dying all alone. She does this despite the fact that her father
was absent for her entire life and does not even recognize her upon being rescued. As someone who is close to my Dad, this story
really resonates with me and I think it speaks volumes of Felicia’s character. 6
Mary Jane. Although Black Cat and I, MJ, haven’t always
seen eye to eye, in fact there were times she physically assaulted me, we are on good
terms now. It took a while for Black Cat to rise up above
her obsession of Peter Parker and her envy of MJ. In fact the two even teamed up in the 2009
Web of Spider-Man series. At the end of their adventure together, Black
Cat compliments MJ, confessing to Peter if someone had to replace herself as his love
interest, than Mary Jane was a pretty good pick. Peter reveals that he and MJ are actually
currently broken up and the two Spiderman ex-girlfriends decide to hang out afterwards,
much to Peter’s dismay. 5
Savage Land. Black Cat was kidnapped and forced to participate
in a Battle Royal type game where herself and Wolverine were released and hunted on
Savage Island. Of course the duo make short work of the team
of hunters and leave the orchestrators of this morbid game, Arcade and White Rabbit,
stranded on Savage Island. Watching the two team up is hilarious and
fun. You can check out the full adventure in the
2006 series Claws. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend
checking it out. 4
Training. In 1963 we knew Felicia became Black Cat because
she wanted to follow in her father’s footsteps. In 2002 more was added to Felicia’s backstory
to explain the motivation behind her training as a fighter and an acrobat. In the series Spider-Man/Black Cat: The Evil
that Men Do, written by Kevin Smith, we discover that Felicia Hardy was a victim of sexual
assault. She was assaulted by her friend Ryan while
in college and sought revenge. It was for this reason that she initially
started her physical training. Though Felicia never did get revenge on Ryan,
it is this experience that set her on the path which eventually left her following in
the footsteps of her father. 3
Romance. We all know Black Cat has had an on and off
again romance with Spiderman himself, but who else has garnered the affections of the
bad-luck Cat? Although she has been known to have been in
relationships with other super-heroes and villians like Puma and the Foreigner, she
also dated Peter Parker’s best friend, Flash Thompson at one point. Though the relationship was originally most
likely an attempt by Black Cat at making Peter jealous, she did eventually fall for him. However once he found out her identity and
the proverbial and literal cat was out of the bag, the two eventually broke it off. Black Cat also once flirted with Doc Oc! Well not really Doc Oc, Doc Oc’s mind in
Spiderman’s body really. Still Doc Oc did not take kindly to the flirt
or approve of the relationship between Spiderman and the criminal so he beat Black Cat up,
knocking out one of her teeth. He then wrapped her up in web and left her
for the police to find. Black Cat then swore revenge on Spiderman
and I think you can guess how the rest of that romantic story went. Black Cat never seems to catch a break when
it comes to dating as was highlighted by her being a main character in the limited series,
Divas. A sort of super-hero take on Sex in the City,
if you will. 2
Venom. Black Cat and Venom have a had a long standing
feud in the comics, starting in issue 316 of Amazing Spider-Man in 1989 when Venom actually
almost killed Black Cat while trying to find Spider-Man. After beating her up pretty badly, Venom also
offhandedly lets Black Cat know that Spiderman got married while she was away. Which appears to hurt Black Cat even more
than any physical pain. The two were off to a rough start. They have always been on opposite sides of
the fight, with Black Cat being a good guy and Venom being a bad guy. Now with tables have turned by the two are
still opposed with Black Cat being the new Kingpin in New York, and Venom is trying to
reform himself and become a hero. And even though they still consistently team
up to take down superbaddies as is recently seen in Venom Inc, it seems these two will
never see eye to eye. 1
Stolen Goods. Black Cat has stolen many good and many hearts
over the years but did you also know that she stole a vial of Peter Parker’s blood? Don’t worry, nothing creepy or weird. She didn’t, like, steal it out of Peter
while he was asleep or while he wasn’t looking. During the events of the Gauntlet, the vial
of blood was in the possession of Mr Negative and Spiderman was actually trying to track
it down and get it back but Black Cat beat him to the punch and sold the vial to Morbius
before Peter could get his hands on it. You know what they say the early cat always
gets the vial of blood…? And that was our top 10 surprising facts about
Black Cat. I hope you enjoyed learning more about my
occasional gal-pal, Felicia. If you have the Black Cat fever and you want
to see more of this masked master criminal, you can check out the new downloadable content
for PS4s Spiderman entitled the Heist and let us know what you think of the new game
and DLC in the comments below. This is top 10 nerd and I’m your host, MJ,
asking you pretty please to stay tuned, click that thumbs up, tap that subscribe and stay
nerdy, tiger.

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  2. 6:10 in what universe was Flash Thompson ever peter parkers best friend? He’s been allies with Spider-Man but i’ve never heard if them being friends.

  3. Watson from what i saw on the Marvel Wiki Felica dosent hate spider man now after he reveals his identity

  4. The Amazing Spider-Man #1 was published on March 10, 1963.

    The first appearance of Black Cat was in The Amazing Spider-Man #194 in July 1979.
    I'm beginning to think this isn't the real Mary Jane Watson

  5. Does anybody else think that even though Catwoman came first, Felicia Hardy is better than Selina Kyle? It might just be because I like Spider-Man way more Batman, or I am a sucker for blonde-haired women and Felicia's hair is platinum blonde.

  6. Black Cat is far easier on the eyes than Catwoman. She's also far more believable.
    And she's the best girlfriend of Spider-Man after Gwen Stacy. MJ who?!?

  7. I can't stand Black Cat. She uses and manipulate Peter too many times and she is in love with the MASK of Spiderman. The superhero. Not the man underneath. She is someone who loves on a surface level. Mj loves Peter for him. Felicity does not. At least with Catwoman you can tell she loves Bruce and Batman. Her impulses and her own code gets in the way of that relationship.

    Mj and Peter are better off together. Now… if only Marvel could stop stopping and starting the damn relationship.

  8. I cringed HARDCORE when she was reffering to herself as MJ in number 6. 'I was once assaulted by her bu8t now we're on better terms'

  9. black cat would win because black cat belongs to marvel and cat women is a DC property cant even beat rotten tomatoes

  10. She should have taken the blood vile, and used it to make her own SPIDER SUPER-POWERS have real powers, without monstrous mutations -(just the desired "minor" ones).

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