Top 5 Interesting Facts About Black Cats! The Most Interesting Facts and Info About Black Cats!

Hi guys and welcome back to Relax My Cat,
I’m new to the channel, my name is Savannah and this black mass here is my
cat Mia, so we’re gonna be doing vlogs for you on Mondays and we are very
excited so let’s just get right into it with this week’s video, so now I
thought a nice video to start us off would be about black cats because Mia
is completely black so how about we look into five interesting facts about black
cats Number one – black cats have the highest abandonment rate than any other colour, places like cats protection and the RSPCA have done some studies into
this and found the black cats as well as black and white cats make up the
majority of cats in shelters today one of the main reasons this could be is
maybe people are still superstitious about black cats or that they don’t show
up very well in photos Number two – now I think this one’s really cool, this is my favourite; the Norse god of beauty and fertility, Freya, she actually had her chariot pulled by two black cats, they’re described as like blue-gray or smoke gray, when it comes to like ancient times it’s not the
first time we’ve heard about cats being used as symbols of gods and especially
black ones, they’re always used to promote good things like fertility and
good health Number three – sailor cats! Now as weird as this sounds this isn’t a sailor moon spin off; it used to be common practice to bring the cat on board if
you were going sailing and their job would be to keep the area clear of mice
and black cats were actually the color of choice because they were thought to
ensure a safe journey home Number four – black cats are protected and no not by witchcraft, black cats are protected because the gene that makes
them all black, the one that suppresses their tabby colouring actually protects
them against certain diseases including HIV and their genes are actually being
looked into and studied in hope of creating a cure for these diseases for
humans and number five – okay I lied, this one is my favourite one, they look great in photos, it’s true; okay so it can take a little bit more playing around, you
need to get certain lighting angles and things like that, but it definitely can
be done, you can take really gorgeous photos of black cats and also as well they
can be super striking and because this one is my favorite I’m going to give you
a few top tips on how to take photos of your cat lighting is everything, if your
cat is black brown go for warmer lights but if your cat is more like a smoke gray go for cooler lights to help bring out that fur; simple blurred backgrounds, just
nothing too much, just make your cat the main focus and they’ll definitely stand
out against solid white, and bring out the eyes, the most amazing thing about
black cats are these big eyes, just in this dark blackness, now Mia’s eyes
change usually from like a very pale yellow to a very pale green and if
you’re taking photos of your cat using a prop that matches that kind of color or
is a little bit brighter than that color it really brings out the eyes! So that’s it
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