TOP 5 zabawek dla kota z Felis Manufaktury 馃惐 馃巵 + RABAT last minute

TOP 5 zabawek dla kota z Felis Manufaktury 馃惐 馃巵 + RABAT last minute

Hi! For several months we have been intensively testing products from Felis Manufaktura and there are so many that before I make material about them all, I decided to show you our top 5. So, let’s do it! Number five is a toy that did not win my cats but it’s brilliant simplicity conquered the cats I looked after in December. It’s a simple braid that will appeal to every fan of the escaping twine. And his guardians too, because it is really durable. The fourth place went to toys pretending to be food. Try not to smile as the cat eats a watermelon or licks ice cream. Visually, these toys are the most ingenious cat toys I’ve encountered, but they don’t lose their functionality at all. They are soft, springy, “smells” from them valerian and catnip, and cats LOVE them. We have the oldest of them for over half a year and they still look fresh and fit for consumption. Number three is balls. Crochet balls are a championship. They are light, soft, bounce off and smell with cat herbs. They bounce almost silently, so unless a cat runs like an elephant, you can even play when baby is asleep. The small ones are great, but they are also big, shaped like a Poke ball. This is my favorite. Because it is funny. Beren, I choose you! In second place was a small snake that came to us in the first package. He was played in all manner of ways and was washed several times in the washing machine. He survived everything. He is still loved by everyone. If you think it’s cool, but it’s a shame it’s so small, you’re right, I thought so too! That’s why number one is … big brother of a small snake. Huuuge snake suitable for kicking is an absolute hit. Soft, light and durable. This is definitely the best and most sought-after toy by cats that we currently have at home. If I had to choose a toy that my cats would play for the rest of their lives, it would be a big snake. All of the toys and many more you can buy on etsy, the link is the description. Have fun and see you again!

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