Try Not To Laugh Challenge #2

Try Not To Laugh Challenge #2

Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier and welcome back to the Don’t Laugh Challenge Now, the rules are simple You laugh, you lose and I’ve spent the past few weeks trying to find the very best *pounds desk for emphasis* of the funny clips that I could possibly find The problem being, I can’t watch them to confirm if they are so I’ve got a big assortment here It’s not one video it’s a whole collage of various videos and I am once again going to act as the filter between you, the unsuspecting audience and the RAW, UNBRIDLED RAW ENERGY that is the comedy contained in these videos or maybe they’re not funny at all but we won’t know until we watch them SO let’s get right into the.. funny *thump* *cameraman laughing like a car starting* “START! MOTHERFUC-” *gets cut off* That’s not funny *peaceful music* “What does this color make you think of?” “A warm summer’s day?” “The light of a sun?” “A smiling child?” “Maybe it’s think- making you think-” “How does this make you- *starts to laugh* How does this make you feel now?” *Narrator explodes into snorting laughter* Thankfully, that guy laughing saved me from laughing So I didn’t laugh. *Russian* What is going on now? *Russian* Shit… *Man snorts in laughter* *Second man joins in* *laughter increasing in intensity* *laughing and sighing* Mark: I’m afraid of talking… Cuz I don’t wanna start laughing *Tranquil meditative music* Teacher: Release all of those sounds that are trapped in your mind AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA *Mark snorts quietly* *small image replays the sound, but deeper* *Mark loses his composure and snorts* *deep inhale* *repressed snort* *pig noise* Bwah, I still don’t think I’ve lost yet Oh, after my own heart *drumming starts* *trumpet toots* *trumpet plays poorly, drums continue* *camera man laughs* *continued trumpet playing badly* *camera man laughs again* *notes grow longer and more sour* *final wavery high pitched note* *disgustingly loud snort* *short snorting laughter* *whimpering* *sob of laughter* *deep thrumming laugh* *deep inhale, clears throat* Ah, *coughs* *chokingly* I’m okay “PUG PARTY!” “PUG PARTY!” (x2) “PUG PARTY!” (x3) PUG PARTY! (x4) “Such a good boy!” Woman: You wanna go to the pug party?
*Mark loses his shit* Woman: Ohhhh, such a good boy!
*guffaw* *deep belly laughing* *voice cut up by laughter* I don’t know why that one broke me but- *descends into giggling* *watching video again* Woman: You wanna go to the pug party? Woman: Ohhhh, such a good boy! *intense laughter* *through laughter* I can’t tell if I’m crying or I’m laughing! Oh geez. I’m not surviving this one. *street noise and background voices* *loud thud* *Mark laughs* *continued laughter* It’s just the way that she- she does a dab on the way down! *giggling* *broken voice* Hang on, I’ll show you *laughter* I know she probably got hurt and all but- *continues laughing* Oh, no. It’s another doggo. Alright you ain’t funny. Bring it on! *text to speech voice* “SNIFF. BARK. BORK”
-The dog borks while Mark laughs immediately.- “BRORK” “HECK.” “BORF. BARK. BJÖRK. BARK.” *Mark starts laughing* “BOO.” Mark: Oh, god. Ohh “HECK.” “BORF. BARK, BJÖRK. BARK.” *Mark coughs* *aggressive growling*
“BOO.” Mark: *pained* Oh no. *Vengaboys – We like to Party!* We like, we like to party! We like to party! We like to, we like to party! *honks from truck* *Distorted version of Thomas the Tank Engine theme song plays* *Mark laughs as the music intensifies* *the song becomes increasingly distorted* *continued laughter *still laughing* Oh, Jesus! Oh, God. I fucking love Source Filmmaker shit. Oh, God, that and Gmod shit. *still chortling* Oh, God, that’s like, that’s like my number one funny bone tickler God, I love that *Mark laughs while video replays* Uhh, see my main problem is, the longer I do one of these things, the more giggly I get, *giggling* so the stupider shit, I just laugh to! Camera guy to friend: You think this coffee is strong? *both camera guy and Mark break into wheezing laughter* *deep, hearty laughter* Goddammit! euehh huhuhuh *Man in tree singing Rafiki’s song from Lion King* *branch cracks* *man screams in alarm* *increased laughter each time* *trumpet sound* *pained laughter* *trumpet sound* Why does- *giggling* animals are my like, my one weakness in these videos Employee: How are you doing tonight? Customer: I wanna fucking die Employee: SAME *Mark snickers* Employee: SAME *Mark bursts into laughter* Narrator: Take a closer look at that MEME Shrew: AHHHHHHHH *wheezing laughter* *video replays” *Mark bursts into laughter*
TAKE A CLOSER LOOK AT THAT ‘MEME’. Narrator: Take a closer look at that MEME. Animal: AHHH Okay, I- I give, *giggling* I give up, I give up. I can’t- uhhhhh, I can’t do it *voice cracking with laughter* I don’t know why I try! This isn’t even funn- I know I’ve devolved to the point- where anything will make me laugh. *video replaying, Mark laughing* *laughing continues* So anyway, that was the *uncontrollable laughter* don’t laugh challenge I lost! Meanwhile all of you are at home are like: “That fucking idiot laughs at anything!” And I know! I’m sorry! *giggling* I have a gentle soul So, that’s all for this don’t laugh challenge, thank you everybody so much for watching. Uh, I can’t put these videos in the description because I- I assembled a huge collage of them from uh, various places on the internet and I don’t have a compilation of them other than this video But thank you everybody so much for watching If you wanna see another one of these or another type of these, like “The Don’t Cringe Video” lemme know down in the comments below. And as always, I will see YOU, in the next video! Buh Byeee!

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  1. 5:11
    Me when my mom won't buy me anything
    Rageing Thomas Robot:Me
    Truck and (idk who those people are inside) people:Mom

  2. Markipliper:another dog, but it ain't funny

    Also Markiplier himself*laughs at the same video without even watching it.*

  3. Omg when it came to the trumpet I had to move from the front room to my bedroom because I couldn't get my laughter in and full of the chair dingus .edit. oh fudge I said dingus instead of dying omfg

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