Ultimate Cat Yoga – Simon’s Cat | GUIDE TO

Ultimate Cat Yoga – Simon’s Cat | GUIDE TO

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  1. Im suprised youtube hasnt banned this video due to the cat showing his An-


    But yeah..that's JUST A THEORY!A LAAMEE THEORY!

  2. do they really have to draw the cat's butthole? really? like they didn't draw any other anatomical details….. that's the one detail they put….. lol

  3. My cat was obviously amused to watch my attempts at yoga. He would wait until I was in a vulnerable position, then bat my butt and scamper off. Then he'd come back and show off HIS yoga moves ("Yeah, but can you lick your butt? Ha!")

  4. Fantastic! You can really make a cat come alive. I love Simon's Cat, after a long and stressful day, all I sometimes wanna do is crawl under the blankets and watch your cartoons! Thank you so much!

  5. My cats' favourite sleeping position is the 'upside-down crescent moon'. They're not happy unless they are almost literally sleeping on their heads…

  6. I still cannot get, who can be those sour grapes who click on the thumbs down. Maybe business competitors? I mean, one either dislikes cats and this kind of cartoon and doesn't watch them, just scrolls on, or watches them out of liking; but to go out of one's way to sign one's dislike?! It suggests a mean personality.

  7. Yup my cats love doing yoga specially flying monkey or the bean and lazy butterfly , the cobra , the flying pigeon half lord of fishes, full lord of fishes 😂😂 actually all of them

  8. Querido Simon, a veces odio la vida y a veces la detesto. Pero cuando veo a tus adorables creaciones, me afloja el alma y ése es el momento en que me doy cuenta de que todavía no estoy perdido… GRACIAS POR TANTO AMOR ♥

  9. Genial demostración!!mi gatito se especializa en "the dowward cat"😻❤️. No dejo de reír x "the flying squirrel", qué carita!!verte ahí colgado y seguro q sin saber cómo sucedió 😙😍😻💞

  10. kkkiiioooppplllkkkiiioooppplllkkkiiioooppplllkkkiiioooppplllkkkiiioooppplll meaning: saint Lord of fishes

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