USA enters WW2 in 1940?! – WW2 – 060 – October 19, 1940

USA enters WW2 in 1940?! – WW2 – 060 – October 19, 1940

October 19, 1940 Any German invasion of Britain has been indefinitely
postponed and with that threat removed, Britain has won the Battle of Britain whether or not
they realize it. So what happens then? Politics happen! I’m Indy Neidell; this is World War Two. Last week the fighting continued in the skies
over Britain even with invasion postponed, the Chinese Nationalists and Communists fought
each other in the field despite their “Unified Front” against the Japanese, and the British
were victorious at sea in the Mediterranean. Here’s what follows: For starters, this week on the 15th, the Italian
War Council decides they will invade Greece. German leader Adolf Hitler is not to be told
about this, though, but will be presented with a fait accompli. The Italians hope for a two week campaign
and will begin operations already at the end of the month. Italian leader Benito Mussolini had felt somewhat
slighted when a German military mission entered Romania last week, since he hadn’t been
informed in advance. The invasion will come from Albania, which
Italy now occupies. Thing is, there are a lot of problems that
Mussolini is not considering, but no one, especially his senior commander in Albania,
General Sebastiano Visconti Prasca, has the courage to tell him. I mean, just the supply and transport for
an autumn or winter campaign through the mountains of Epirus to even get to Greece proper is
going to be a nightmare. “The preparations were chaotic. For mainly economic reasons, a large part
of the Italian armed forces were being demobilized. Units short of men had to be re-formed. The plan required 20 divisions, but three
months would be needed to transport most of them across the Adriatic. Mussolini wanted to attack on October 26,
less than two weeks away.” The Italians are not the only ones making
plans for the future at the moment. From the 16-19th, Japan negotiates oil supplies
with the Dutch East Indies. They will supply Japan with 40% of production
for the next 6 months. “There are British attempts to block this
agreement”. And to circumvent it by helping Japan’s
enemy China. On the 18th, as they said they would, the
British reopen the Burma road to supply Chiang-Kaishek and the Chinese Nationalists. The USA is also playing its part here. President FDR says on the 12th, “Our course
is clear. Our decision is made. We will continue to pile up our defense and
our armaments. We will continue to help those who resist
aggression, and who now hold the aggressors far from our shores.” 5,000 Chinese laborers load 20 million dollars
worth of high octane fuel and military supplies on to 2,000 American built trucks. China is not going to be abandoned, it seems. Japan has its fingers in other pies too, though. They occupied French Indochina a few weeks
ago, as we saw, in order to cut off the flow of supplies from there to the Chinese. And since the response of the Vichy French
government and indeed the rest of the world was fairly muted, now Thailand’s PM Major
General Plaek Pibulsonggram thinks he can take back territory in Laos and Cambodia lost
to the French. Thailand, known as Siam until last year- managed
to escape colonization by Europeans in the 1800s, but still had plenty of foreign influence. The Franco-Siamese War in 1893 took Laos from
Siam, and border adjustments in 1904 and 1907 left lots of people believing that there are
many Thai people living under French rule. So border skirmishes are now beginning to
test the waters, and they seem fairly serious. And speaking of waters- This week and the beginning of next there
are 11 German subs at work in the North Atlantic and they sink 39 ships. Convoy SC-7, 30 ships strong, is attacked
October 17-19 and loses 21 of those ships. SC stands for slow convoy. They are attacked by a wolfpack of six U-boats. This same Wolfpack attack HX- Halifax- 79,
a convoy of 49 ships, sinking 12 of them the 19th and 20th. 152,000 tons of shipping is sunk in just a
few days. Following these attacks, the British decide
they must increase their convoy escorts, but they can only do this by dismantling some
of their anti-invasion measures. As a side note, German U-Boat heroes Gunther
Prien, who sank the Royal Oak, and Heinrich Bleicherode, who sank the City of Benares,
are both part if the action. Aside from shipping, there is other news from
North America this week. On the 15th, Clarence Dykstra becomes director
of Selective Service in the US; on the 16th draft registration begins. More than 16 million men register, and the
first drafts will be balloted October 29th. Actually, also on the 16th, George Armstrong
is arrested in Boston. He is a British merchant seaman who has deserted,
made contact with the German Consulate-General in New York, and then returned to Boston to
get info on shipping convoys. He is arrested before he can do any damage,
though, and will be sent back to Britain where he is the first British person of the war
to be tried as a spay. He will be found guilty and hanged. As for Britain itself and the ongoing battle
in its skies… well, Adolf Hitler has an Italian minister visiting him the 14th. He says, “Let’s wait and see what London
looks like two or three months from now. If I cannot invade them, at least I can destroy
the whole of their industry!” The next night comes the most intense bombing
raid of the battle. Nearly 1,000 fires are started and many shelters
are hit. In fact, this is the night of the Balham station
disaster. A German bomb pierces the underground and
kills 66 people- buried alive. 400 Londoners total are killed that night. All that bombing has had one other effect,
by mid October, child evacuees from London to the countryside number 489,000. Any actual invasion of Britain has been called
off, though, and the Germans are not now going to win by air power alone, so Britain has
really by now won the Battle of Britain, even as it continues. “Yet, at this moment of great triumph for
the RAF and especially Fighter Command, the release from the stranglehold prompted not
celebration, but acrimony, jealousy, and the worst kind of ugly political jostling.” For example, the situation with Air Chief
Marshal Hugh Dowding. Now, his time at Fighter Command had originally
been up in June 1939, but then was extended to this year in April, then with war in France
threatening he had been asked to stay on until July. By July, the Battle of Britain had begun so
they weren’t going to remove him then, but asked him to stay until the end of this month. Sir Cyril Newall is Chief of the Air Force
Staff. Top dog. But when PM Winston Churchill gets wind that
Newall is even considering removing Dowding, he says Dowding should stay in office until
the whole war is over. This was all in July and August, but after
another month, Dowding continuing had still not been confirmed. Churchill got really angry and Dowding was
then asked to stay in office indefinitely. But this didn’t mean his position was not
under political assault, and since Dowding had never been one for politics, he had made
some enemies by doing what he felt necessary to strengthen Fighter Command over political
opposition. And Keith Park, who is in charge of 11 Group-
tasked with the defense of London and Southeast England- is facing a somewhat similar situation. “…he was not interested one jot in the
ambitions and jealousies of his fellow commander in 12 group, or about walking roughshod over
Air Ministry red tape if it meant saving some of his precious fighters.” Well, that fellow Commander is Trafford Leigh-Mallory,
and he and Air Marshal Sholto Douglas are leading a growing movement to remove Dowding
and Park. Trafford is very ambitious, and all summer
he’s been both jealous and resentful that 11 Group is given priority and seen as the
Senior Group. He wants 12 Group to get the glory and also
to get one up on Park, and the big wing formation idea- that I spoke about three weeks ago,
is the vehicle to do both of those. Wing Commander Douglas Bader, who put forward
the idea, is his accomplice. The idea, again, is that when a large German
raid is spotted forming up, he will assemble a wing of 3-5 squadrons from 12 Group to intercept
them over the channel. Group 11 fighters will then harass them as
they head home, so 11 Group and the Big Wing will have the main job. “…like Leigh-Mallory he (Bader) was frustrated
at being kept out of the action. Unfortunately his ego was getting in the way
of sound common sense.” As I talked about, the Big Wing formations
went up a bunch of times and were not effective, though that is the opposite of Leigh-Mallory’s
and Bader’s claims, which are believed by many in the Air Ministry. The plain fact is that they take too long
to form and often miss the action entirely, and, since their primary function is technically
supposed to be protecting 11 Group airfields, they are not doing that job. And the claims of what the big wing can do
clearly do not make any sense. 12 Group HQ is Duxford, right? Well, that is a lot farther away from anywhere
in, like, Kent then Pas de Calais is. Germans flying from there could reach Canterbury
in 15 minutes, it would take half an hour to fly there from Duxford, and that is not
even counting the time to form up. So Bader and co are over-claiming successes
and Park thinks he can just ignore this, but he is wrong, and a “coup” of sorts is
brewing against he and Dowding. The first attack comes this week on the 17th,
at a meeting chaired by Sholto Douglas. Park is accused of being too rigid in not
embracing the Big Wing and according to James Holland must defend himself against Douglas
and Leigh-Mallory- and Bader is there even though he is only Wing Commander- even though
they have no intention of listening to a word he is saying. The wheels are in motion. The first casualty of all these machination
is actually Cyril Newall, who is forced into retirement next week on the 25th. He has lost political support, not just Churchill’s,
but also that of Lord Beaverbrook, Minister of Aircraft Production, who- with several
other influential players- pressures Churchill to remove him. He is replaced by Sir Charles Portal. And that note from next week brings us to
the end of this one. With dozens of ships sunk in the Atlantic,
bombing raids over Britain and Germany, skirmishing on the Thai-Indochina border, and Italy deciding
to invade Greece. So it seems the war is going to get bigger,
and soon. In both Europe and Asia. Italy is going to invade Greece and it sure
looks like Thailand will take on whoever is defending French Indochina. And the US is stockpiling weapons and drafting
an army, and there are Germans in Romania, and there is flighting in the skies of Britain
and Germany, and invasions coming and going in Africa, and the Japanese are fighting the
Chinese. Oh it gets bigger- of course it does. Because modern war is an addiction.

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  1. We always make an effort to colorize as many portraits as possible to try to make the main characters of World War Two more relatable. We're very honored to have some top-tier colorizers help us out with that, and I'd like to give a shoutout to one of them right here and now. Julius Jääskeläinen is very talented, and I can recommend anyone to check out his Facebook and Instagram page. You can find them here: and
    Cheers, Joram

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  2. The bickering between Mallory and Park was well represented in the wonderful movie The Battle of Britain. Mallory's pushy demeanor finally got him killed when he pushed a transport pilot to fly him in bad weather over the mountains. They all perished including Mallory' wife.

  3. ALEA IACTA EST (Part I)

    June 1940

    Mussolini joins the war on the assumption that France will fall and Great Britain will follow soon after. As Ciano mentions in his diary: “We have to be ready to get our fair share of loot”. Mussolini proves to be right on the former, but not on the latter. By the end of summer 1940, it is obvious that the Sea Lion will be either postponed or cancelled. The Luftwaffe has failed to make RAF succumb. Now that the war will last for long, Mussolini needs a quick victory for his internal audience, as well as, for his prestige within the Axis Alliance. We must not forget that the major offensives of the Italian Army so far, have turned into failures, yet not disasters (invasions to France and Egypt). His only success is the conquest of Somaliland; however, he does not have the fleet to control the seas around the Horn of Africa. On the other hand, his partner has occupied all central and western Europe.

    As a charismatic demagogue, Mussolini never bases his decisions on reason but on emotion. Now, he has to do something “big” that will show the Italians and the world, what Italy is made of. Something to “rebalance the situation”.

    Mussolini has always considered the Mediterranean Sea as Italy’s “lebensraum”. The “Mare Nostrum” of his roman ancestors. There were two possible directions for his aggressiveness:

    – West: on Corsica, Nice, or Tunisia. He failed in Nice and after the fall of France and the armistice, he cannot do anything against Vichy-France, unless he wants to face the german wrath.

    – East: The Balkans. Since 1912, Italy has had a special relationship with the newly founded Kindgom of Albania. In the 20’s and 30’s it has become a quasi protectorate relationship and in 1939, Italy occupies Albania, ousts the Albanian King Zogou and Vittorio Emmanuelle assumes the Albanian throne. Two neutral states lay beyond Albania: Yugoslavia and Greece. Yugoslavia seems quite strong. Greece seems to be an easy prey.

    Provocations against Greece have already started since late June 1940. “Unidentified” airplanes and submarines, bomb or torpedo Greek warships in the Aegean and the Ionian Seas, even inside Greek ports. Nevertheless, the Greek government, keeps a neutral stance and in order not to provoke the Italians, does not denounce them in public.

    August 12, 1940

    A high level meeting is held in Rome, where Mussolini gives the guidelines for the invasion to Greece. The meeting is attended by Ciano (Min. of Foreign Affairs), Francesco Jacomoni (Vice Roy in Albania) and Visconti Prasca (Army Corp General). It is strange that such an important meeting is attended by only two political leaders and a mere Army Corp general. No heads of the secret services, the Army, the Navy or the Air force.

    Ciano and Jacomoni assure Mussolini (though not presenting any hard evidence), that the operation against Greece will be easy because:

    – The greek government is weak

    – The army is weak, underequipped, with corrupt leaders who the Greeks despise.

    – There is a strong pro-fascist/pro-Axis faction within the Greek Army/Government, that will be activated as soon as the Italian invasion begins.

    The plan is named “Emergenza G”. In its first phase, 10 divisions (~100.000 men) will invade Greece from Albania in the north-west (Epirus region). The Greek army will not resist. Probably it will revolt against its government and turn Greece towards the Axis Alliance. In this case, Italy will occupy the north west region (Epirus) and leave the rest to an Axis friendly Greek government. If this does not happen, 20 divisions are required for a full invasion to occupy the whole country in a few weeks.

    That is exactly what Mussolini wants to hear! He discards the reports originated from the Italian ambassador to Athens, Emmanuelle Grazzi and the secret service, that Greece is ready and willing to fight.

    August 17

    The german Foreign Minister Ribbentrop, informs the Italian ambassador to Berlin, Dino Alfieri, that Germany is against any Italian action against Yugoslavia and Greece. Germans are really haunted by the Macedonian Front of 1915-1918, the third front that opened during the Great War.

    Once he receives the german warning, Mussolini almost abandons the idea of the “Emergenza G” plan. Actually, in September 1940, he demobilizes 600.000 reservists from the army, a move that will further weaken his army in Albania.

    October 11

    On that day Mussolini receives the news (some say that he read in the newspapers) that the Romanian government has requested the german protection and that german forces have already occupied parts of Romania in order to protect the Ploesti oilfields. The news is another proof of the german supremacy in the Axis alliance. Mussolini is outraged. Ciano quotes the following phrase in his diary (Oct. 12):

    “Hitler always faces me with a fait accompli. This time I am going to pay him back in his own coin. He will find out from the press that I have occupied Greece. In this way the equilibrium will be re-established”.

    And Ciano adds:

    “I asked him (Mussolini) if he has reached to an agreement with Badoglio(Chief of Staff) on the issue. He replied: ‘No, but I am going to send my resignation as an Italian if there is anybody to object to my decision for invasion’. Duce seems determined to act. I think that the operation is USEFUL and EASY.” (From Ciano’s diary)

  4. I'm a really big fan of the World War Two project and the Time Ghost team, may I ask if it is possible for us viewers to send you guys interesting sources such as books for future episodes. I have a book on the Battle of Singapore and another on the Battle of Java that I wish to share with you guys, especially since I understand that you write scripts for episodes in advance. I intend to send it by mail.
    You guys are really doing great work out there, keep at it, we really appreciate it.


    October 14

    Mussolini sets the 26th, as the date of the invasion. (just 12 days after!!!)

    October 15

    A high level meeting is held at Palazzo Venezia, Rome, with the participation of: Mussolini, Ciano, Badoglio (Chief of Staff), Roatta (Army’s Chief of Staff), Soddu (Undersecretary of war), Jiacomoni and Prasca (who had also participated in the meeting of August 12). No secret service, no Navy, no Airforce are invited. Mussolini re activates the “Emergenza G” plan. Ciano and Jiacomoni repeat their arguments of Aug. 12, that the greek resistance will be insignificant and that their army will collapse within hours; Prasca re-assures that everything is ready.

    Badoglio is more skeptic. He argues that the full occupation of Greece will be necessary. For such an operation, at least 20 divisions are required. Currently, there are only nine in Albania, already weakened by the September’s demobilization.

    Prasca counter argues the point of his superior in command (!!!) and assures Mussolini that the existing forces will be enough. Historians argue that Prasca acted out of selfishness and personal ambition. If Bandoglio’s proposal was accepted and the 9 divisions became 20 or more, then Prasca would not be able to be their commanding officer. He was a mere Army Corp general. Only a field marshal could do the job. As Greece was an easy prey, all the glory would go to that newcomer and Prasca would gain nothing.

    Thus, all agree that the operation will be a total success, while Badoglio, despite his rank and his prestige, does not defend his position strongly. He could have argued that in case of an adverse event, the Regia Marina, cannot not guarantee the transportation of reinforcements through the Otranto straits, due to its engagement in the North African front. Moreover, the stronger Royal Navy might deny any transportation of troops to Albania. Nevertheless, he does not say anything!

    October 17

    From Ciano’s diary:

    “I have had a meeting with Gen. Badoglio. He talks very seriously on the invasion to Greece. He says that the three Chiefs (army, navy, air force) UNANIMOSLY OBJECT to the plan. He argues that our forces in Albania are INADEQUATE and the Navy cannot carry out a landing operation at Preveza(western Greece) due to the shallow waters. His speech is pessimistic. I listen to him but I do not agree. I insist that from a political standpoint THE TIME IS RIGHT.”

    October 18

    After October 15, Badoglio will try to meet Mussolini in person, to convince him to cancel or postpone the operation for a more suitable time. When he finally meets him (October 17), he only gets a two days delay. The operation will start on October 28. This is final!

    The meeting is described in Ciano’s diary on Oct. 18:

    “Early in the morning I met Duce. He talked with Badoglio yesterday. The general said that if we move against Greece he would send his resignation. Duce was outraged. He said that he would go personally to Greece to see the unbelievable shame of the Italians to be afraid to fight the Greeks. Duce is determined to attack at any cost and if Badoglio resigns, he will immediately accept his resignation. However, Badoglio does not repeat his threats for resignation.”

    The “more than enough” nine divisions in Albania get their orders. They are weakened by the September’s demobilization. Some new troops have urgently been transferred to fill the gaps, but they are inexperienced. They have orders to march to Ioannina (regional capital of north western Greece) and within a few days to Athens. The Greek army is weak, underequipped, disorganized and unwilling to fight.

    So they have been told….

    They do not know that by torpedoing the Greek cruiser “Elli” outside the port of Tinos on August 15, they have turned the Greek public opinion united against Italy.

    They do not know that the Elli incident has silenced even the few pro-Axis voices in the Greek society. Actually, even those voices aligned themselves into an anti – Italian front.

    They do not know that since mid-August 1940, the Greek army in the Epirus region mobilizes in secret. By October 28, it will be more than 40.000 strong (more than enough to stop 9 divisions ~ 100.000 troops, in well fortified positions on a mountainous terrain).

    They do not know that the Greek Army can mobilize 300.000 men (15-20 divisions) within a month after the initiation of the hostilities and thus, outnumber the Italians. Furthermore, troops can be transferred via safe land routes to the front, while the Italian reinforcements have to cross the Otranto straits that can be easily controlled by the Royal Navy.

    They do not know that the Greeks are more than ever ready to fight to the end.

    Never again in human history, the opportunism of the political leadership (Mussolini, Ciano, Jiacomoni, Soddu), the selfishness and ulterior motives of the military leadership (Prasca) and the incompetence of the Chief of Staff (Badoglio) to defend and impose his opinion, will lead to the dramatic events that will follow.

    – Critical evidence is discarded (secret services’ and Grazzi’s reports)

    – Unjustified overconfidence and continuous underestimation of the enemy.

    – Crucial factors are ignored. For example, that Regia Marina will not be in a position to provide much help to the fighting troops in Albania due to its engagement in the North African front. The same applies for the Air Force.

    Τhe war machine is set in motion

    The Dice is Cast, or as Julius Caesar said: “Alea Iacta Est”


    I have started compiling this summary a couple of months ago, based on various sources I have read all these years. Recently, I have discovered and used as a source, an excellent article, written by an Italian, based more or less on the same sources I have had in mind and ending up to the same conclusions. I strongly suggest that you read it for an in depth analysis of the events.

  6. Not a mention to the raid on Manama? It was the only time when both Bahrein and Saudi Arabia were bombed by the Axis:

  7. Sad to see, that the political battle for US Intervention into the war plays no role in this series. In late September 1940 the non-interventionist "America First Committee" was formed, the interventionist "Committee to Defend America by Aiding the Allies", which worked closely with the Roosevelt administration – though in secrecy – was already formed in May 1940. Why aren't you talking about them? The Battle for Intervention in the US political sphere played a large role in getting supplies flowing from the US to the Allies in late 1940 and with the Lend-Lease-Act. It is a shame, that this is overlooked by this channel!

  8. Guys bad news! I went outside today and I saw a swastika drawn on a wall. That must mean that the Nazis win this. Sorry for the spoiler

  9. German : create tripartite with Japan for keep USA away to joining the war on allied side.
    Japan : Hey I am Japan, Wellcome to Jackass.

  10. Oh, you Brits just don't seem to learn. Even after making it through the Blitz, you still continue to weaken yourself with this childlike behavior. And worst is still to come, as unbelievable as it sounds. The wolfpacks are waiting

  11. Yet another wonderful episode with so much to commend. The intriguing opening, the Thai name pronunciation gymnastics, the charming children icon that gives a friendly wave as it informs, the global scoop in such a short time all topped off with drama within the RAF.  If there were the equivalent awards for YouTube videos to the Oscars, this episode should be submitted for consideration (and have YouTube properly compensate).

  12. 1:35 Conrad is that you? (the time he invaded Italy, without his german counterpart knowing because he felt left out)

  13. I want to hear more about the story of 12 and 11. Will 12 keep supporting 11? Will 11 be forced to support 12? I NEED ANSWERS GOD DAMN IT!

  14. The conclusion of this episode made my skin crawl. This crescendo build up.. and then "modern war is an addiction". Awesome talent, work and research. thanks to all the crew

  15. Fascinating stuff. I didn’t know about the rivalry between Downing and the rest. (I wondered whether there was any meaning to your phone call at the start, now we know haha).
    By the way, your pronunciation of English names is entirely sensible and logical and therefore wrong! (In a couple of instances).
    Both the h and the a in Balham are silent – So Saaf Landners say Bal’m. Douglas Bader is pronounced with a hard a, so Barder not Bayder. (Maybe it’s a German name?)

  16. How many troops would Hitler have if he wasn't forced to invade Yugoslavia and Greece? Imagine if Mussolini's decision costed him Barbarossa and the war in general

  17. Looks like just another week in WW2. 🙄

    Of course, modern war is addicting. We saw Indy host modern war for the last four years and now he's hosting more modern war and we're all addicted. 😁 Great job Indy!

  18. I can see now why the Hitler's declaration of war against the US in December 1941 might have been a long overdue formality.

  19. god bless the RAF, sucks how politics gets into everything, Hugh was a good man to care for his men. men whom have huge egos and seek power and dont value human life should just go into a boxing ring and fight it out. no more good lads sent to war

  20. It's really frustrating to hear how stupid Bader, Douglas,and Leigh-Mallory were being. The survival of your home country is at stake. Leave your goddamned egos at home.

  21. Meanwhile in the northern French town of Nouvion local café owner, René Artois, is busy getting ready to open the café for today. However, poor René is concerned about receiving yet another unwelcome visit by Herr Flick from the Gestapo.

  22. Please stop using James Holland as a source for your research, he is incredibly bias and definitely UNRELIABLE. He deserves no attention from serious researchers!

  23. So Italy plans to invade a country within two weeks through the mountains without proper supplies or understanding of the terrain and without informing their ally. Classic Italy.

  24. Indy and Team, would it be possible for me to get subtitle-r access?
    At 5:58 the English subs say "spay" instead of "spy"
    I tried to correct it, but it says it's locked by the video owner….
    Love the great work, keep being yourselves!! 🙂

  25. Yep! Good-old FDR and his land lease act. He certainly did force the u.s. into WWII, and ironic and sad though it may be to say, Pearl Harbor did him a favor by uniting America in favor of the war.

  26. 11:34 is a British T class submarine. very different sail profile from a German U-boat and a pronounced hump at the bow due to 2 extra torpedo tubes fitted above the pressure hull

  27. ..Huh..? Thailand even existed at the time??

    -Thai student stuck with the same ancient Thai history for 7 years 2019

  28. *America join ww2 in 1940
    My brain: thats a clickbait
    Also my brain: ooh this is a history channel so no clickbait

  29. So the Italians are planning to invade Greece huh? What can possibly go wrong there? I'm sure the Italians will have no trouble crushing Greece and in no way will need German help…

  30. I wonder how much food Britain was losing as a whole? In a percent, were they down 40%? Maybe 50%? If the germans kept it up could they have defeated them, or did Britain grow enough by itself?

  31. I know that it's years away. But what are you going to do when the war becomes as large as it will ever be. With fighting in North Africa, USSR, Italy, Asia and in the Pacific? Will you seperate the theaters into the Atlantic and Pacific theaters and make two episodes aweek? Or extend the length of one episode a bit? Loving the series. Been following you guys since the great war began.

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    Nevertheless you're amazing, congrats!

  33. I love hoe the title is like a fictional series "USA eneter in ww2 in 1940" but because is history we know that is didint happen but nice try Indy u alomst made me think they will GJ clap* clap*

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