Video of arresting the murderer of Astara puppy

Video of arresting the murderer of Astara puppy

Unfortunately we’ve been waiting very long Since this morning We haven’t found this scumbag yet The law enforcement is still trying to track and find him We’re waiting for the permission of the judge to open this door and arrest him We need to get in to save those 3 other poor babies Only thing we can do for now is throw food from here inside for them So atleast they wont die from hunger Hello sir Do you know where the homeowner is? No Do you know where he is? No I dont know What is your relationship to the homeowner? I’m his friend And you dont know where he is now? No I’ve got an appointment with him and need to speak to him Dont hit him. Why shouldn’t I hit him? Scumbag Filthy scumbag You should be ashamed of your actions Be ashamed scumbag You soulles bastard Hit him the scumbag Please go outside and wait outside Please everyone else wait outside Grab him, there should be 2 more dogs Where are the other 2 ? Come here come Is there anymore there? Yes he is bringing him He was so afraid that he was hiding Look how afraid this creature of God is God damn that bastard Look how much he mistreated and abused these God’s creatures

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  1. Why does THIS supposed dead dog seen here look significantly LARGER than the dog that was beaten and allegedly killed in the earlier video clip?

  2. I have watched this video 📹 many times by now. Love seing my Beautiful Hero Animal Angle and his Beautiful Hero Friends in Action like this. 💛💕💛😘

  3. Thank God! Hope he spends a long time in jail. You guys are the best, taking care of these poor little angels.

  4. Bitte berichten Sie wie es ihnen heute geht?
    Hossein Sie und Ihre Freunde beweisen mir, dass es Heilige Propheten gibt. Ich liebe euch 💛

  5. this is the best vid ever saving the dogs BECAUSE THAT CANCER MAN ALMOST KILLED THEM but wait.. u need to get them to the animal care building so u can help these poor dogs

  6. Thank you sezars for saving all the dogs that you help from baster that hurt all the poor dogs I wish you all the best to you and thanks so much with love to you .

  7. Sezar God bless you and your Team for helping these Animals.

    What's wrong with these People how can someone just hurt a "life" how.
    I hope that these Bastards burn in hell InsAllah.

  8. Dear Hosein 💙
    Can you tell me what happend with the scumbag after he was arresten ❓
    You and your friends are awsome💕😘

  9. But he shud be torchered.i wud torch his family in front of him..humans shud know they can never touch animals..curse.on this planet

  10. It is official now !!! , i am voting Sezar for President of Iran , and the guy who smacked the dog killer as Prime Minister !!!!!!😎
    much love and regards from Canada my dear brothers 🤗🤗

  11. Die süßen kleinen armen Babys und Hunde schlimm das Mensch so ist. Aber ich würde von denen da keinen retten, selbst mit einem schluck Wasser nicht. Ich würde die verrecken lassen und noch mit der Schippe drauf schlagen auf so ein Pack da

  12. I watch this video one hundred times and I still get upset .I see how scared these dogs were and it makes me angry.that scumbag should be disgraced by his villagers!!!!

  13. I cannot believe it how stupid it is..If God didn't want EVERY dogs in this world, why did HE create them?…Think about it…Deep & deeper…😢😭😭😭🐶🐕🐶🐕💓💞💓💞🌴🌴🌴🌷🌷🌷

  14. The puppy from the last video was there I’m glad what y’all are doing to keep these dogs alive and I’m glad that the puppy from the last video was alive

  15. В любой стране есть люди , а есть и нелюди! Спасибо за спасение собак из России!

  16. وای وای وای اقای حسین آقا میبینی چکار میکنن با خلق خدا خدایا ذلیلشون کن بخدا خدا جان…

  17. 5 minutes with that bastard…thats all i need o show him what its like…5 minutes …………..thanks to the people who cares…

  18. I saw the video and Im happy that this guy got aressted cause I once saw my dog get hurt (he ran into the wall by accident) I cried and petted him for an hour.

  19. 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓👏👏👏👏💓💓💓👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  20. I commented on the last video you should of instead of filming but I don’t think they could of done much even though i would rest in peace beautiful doggo❤️😭

  21. If I've seen a guy or a kid beating a cat or a dog outside of my house I'm grabbing a knife and confronting that asshole and hold him while my mom calls the cops

  22. فرق شما با اون حیوان ازار چیه که اون رو کتک میزنی و بقیه رو هم تشویق به زدنش میکنی
    همیشه از کارهای خوب و خیرت لذت میبرم و دعات میکنم اما مراقب باش کار خوبت رو خراب نکنی
    کی این حق رو به شما داده توهین و تحقیر کنی حتا اگر اون طرف جنایتکار باشه دادگاه باید براش تصمیم بگیره
    افراط و تفریط همیشه کار رو خراب میکنه
    نکنه به خاطر کارهای خوب و خیرمون دچار غرور بشیم و به خودمون اجازه بدیم هرکار و حرف اشتباهی بزنیم

  23. خدا ستار العیوب هستش و عیب های بنده هاش رو میپوشونه
    چرا باید ابروی کسی رو ببری و بهش توهین کنی و حتا کتک بزنی پس فرق شما با اون چیه؟!
    کارهای خوبت رو ارج مینهیم اما مراقب باش از اون طرف بوم نیفتی

  24. Oh so now you rescue. The dog now that he's f$##@ing abused you piece of absolute sh💩t . Why didn't you help it when it's owner was. Beating the puppy huh. Oh yeah you were busy filming for views you. D#&k sun of a b#@ch
    Mother [email protected]#&r now the puppy is traumatized 😭😭😭

  25. Nice to see people standing up for what is right! The guy is a scumbag, and yes, they should’ve hit him!

  26. I had to rewatch the last video to see what the puppy fully looked like and went back to this one to see that the same puppy was saved. God bless yall

  27. جان اون مادرت از طرف من دو سه تا بزن تو اون کله کچلش

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