‘Watch Dogs: Legion’ Is Trying Something Incredible | Luke Stephens

‘Watch Dogs: Legion’ Is Trying Something Incredible | Luke Stephens

Once in a blue moon, a game will come along
that tries to do something unbelievably ambitious. This could be that it promises a fully procedural
world with limitless possibilities that will all be completely unique and not at all repetitive… Or it could Odd Todd telling you that you
can climb mountains. “You see that mountain, you can climb it.” Or, believe it or not, it could actually live
up to the hype. Fulfill all of your hopes and dreams and stand
out as a fulfillment of all of your elation. However, independent of the outcome, one thing
is certain, these games are all fabulously ambitious and are trying to do something… Incredible. HA! See, I used the title in the video. #NotClickBait. Ok maybe a little. Point is, these games and their developers
all tried to do things that were new, different, in other words, extraordinary. They earned the public’s engrossment because
they were dramatic, provocative, and went against the grain of the industry; they ignited
a wildfire in our imaginations as to what is actually possible within this industry
and that alone is noteworthy. But today, I want to talk about a game that
plans on doing something truly remarkable, something different, something… astonishing. It’s an upcoming game being developed by
one of the industry’s top developers. It marks the reboot of a franchise that fell
into stagnation. It promises to be bigger, badder, and more
complex than any game ever released. Of course, I’m talking about Roller Champions. This game took the world by storm when it
was announced at E3 2019 and promises to be one of the most incredible gaming experiences
of 2020. I think it’s safe to say, Cyberpunk has
nothing on this- haha… I’m just kidding. I had you there for a second though, didn’t
I? Hehe. Anyway… This video is actually about Watch Dogs Legion. If you’re not familiar, this is a game that’s
set in a futuristic London, and the basic premise is that you’re fighting as a revolutionary
going against an oppressive and militaristic government, something the British government’s
been accused of before. ‘Murica. Now, to be fair, I can think of like 11 different
franchises which could all fit into the same general description. So, what’s the hook? What makes this game stand out? Well, they’re not going to have NPC’s
in the game. But before you have Fallout 76 flashbacks. SUPERCUT. I SAID BEFORE THAT, understand that this isn’t
going to be because they cut them out write large. Rather, it’s because they’re doing something
that no game or company has ever tried. They’ve built a metropolis that is inhabited
with thousands of people, technically countless citizens who are all generated dynamically,
and of these thousands of people, the player can choose to control and play as, any of
them… They all have their own skills, personalities,
voices, and play styles. You assemble a team of 20 and carry out missions
that follow one of five branches of the story, which itself can customize itself to the player’s
choices. If you have a team that is entirely comprised
of grannies, the dialogue and cut scenes will playout differently than if you have a team
of former murderers and drug dealers. Player freedom has literally never been taken
to this extreme. Sure there’s games where you can play as
almost anyone you meet, heck, look at the State of Decay games. In these you’re able to play as any of your
recruits, you permanently lose one if they die thanks to the permadeath mechanic, and
they all have their own skills. However, this system, while procedural like
Watch Dogs Legions will be, is far more restrictive and limited. State of Decay 2 launched with around 78 unique
faces, and randomly assigned height, race, gender, and clothes in addition to assigning
a set of traits from a pool of around 1200. Not a bad system, but I don’t think anyone
will say that State of Decay is a narrative title. It was a Zombie survival game. Of course, the narrative wasn’t crucial. But hey, Ubisoft is a gigantic studio, and
I would suspect that their production values would be above that of a small AA studio. So, the scale is in line with what I would
expect. What really interests me, is how this is going
to work with the story. Now, when I first watched the reveal of Watch
Dogs Legion, I was unsure as to whether or not I should be excited. They were promising and lot and weren’t
going into detail as to how they were achieving any of it. Like I said at the top of the video, many
games that make promises like this never live up to the hype. They can still be great games, but that fail
to live up to the promises that were laid out during the marketing push. The difference is that those games that fail,
the people making the promises rarely go into details as to how any of their lavish tech
will work. They keep very hush hush because, after all,
the tech they’re bragging about doesn’t actually exist, so of course they can’t
explain it. With No Man’s Sky, Sean Murray always talked
about these expansive features to the media in such grandiose and intriguing ways only
to respond to the obvious question: “how does any of this work?” by saying: “it’s
procedural.” At the time, many took this for granted. They said, oh, ok. It’s a computer randomly and systematically
putting things together to make the game work the way he’s describing. Difference is that now we know that procedural
generation is a tool, not a solution. Sure, it can lead to a solution, but it can’t
do that by itself. And so, one would be wise to take Watch Dogs
Legion with a grain of salt, at least until we hear how this stuff will work. And, well, my friends, that day has come. You see, the developers and creative directors
have been going on press tours, explaining why and how this crazy game will work. They’ve talked to IGN, Gamespot, GamesRadar,
and more, trying to be as transparent as possible; not just hiding behind the excuse that it’s
procedural so therefore it can’t be explained, but actually describing how the procedural
generation will work in practical terms. For example, how will the narrative work? How do you tell a story with voice actors
and cut scenes if you don’t know who will be in the scenes, whether or not the characters
selected for the scenes know what’s going on or understand the jargon being used, and
beyond all of this, how do you maintain quality while giving players such extensive freedom? Well, let’s start at the top. With regards to balancing so many different
types of people potentially being in every single cut scene, the writers over at Ubisoft
Toronto have their work cut out for them. You see, they know the archetypes for each
of the potential characters you could be playing as during a given cut scene, you could be
playing as a male or female, someone aggressive or passive, someone who is familiar with the
goings on of Dedsec or not. Based on these archetypes, they’ve written
20 different versions of the same script for the ENTIRE GAME to account for how all of
these things could change, and then they’ve hired dozens of voice actors to record all
of these lines each and then they also have a new cutting edge voice modulation system
which allows them to take one actor’s voice and tweak it so that it sounds like someone
completely different. All of this to say, you could literally play
the game 20 times, and never see a cut scene play out the exact same way. That is ridiculous, but it make sense, and
Ubisoft is purposely taking these steps to explain how this works so that players can
understand why they should believe them. Secondly, how do they maintain quality while
all these pieces of the puzzle are changing? How do you keep the content from being repetitive
and bland like so many procedural titles? Well, we won’t know for sure how well this
will work, but from what we’ve been told, it seems as though they have a system in the
game that keeps track of everything and everyone who has been generated to that point in the
game and dynamically adjusts new spawns to fill hole in the player’s experience to
try and steer them in new and uncharted territory. Afterall, playing with an army of grannies
who are all hacking experts could be great, but it also would likely lead to some repetitive
gameplay and strategies, it is a game after all, and so the spawn system will try to adapt
and adjust this so you’re incentivized to try different things. Now, all of this sounds great, but that’s
just it. It sounds great. We haven’t played it, and we won’t until
2020. So, here’s the deal. This is all just hype and excitement; I am
well aware. But it’s ok to get excited for something
that could potentially be one of the most unique and technologically impressive games
released this generation. I’m weary of hype just like all of you,
but let’s at least take solace in the fact that Ubisoft is aware of how lofty all of
this sounds and that’s why they’re taking active steps to prove to players that this
tech actually works. Furthermore, they’re so serious about preventing
unrealistic expectations from taking over, they actually removed dogs from the game because
they promised that “everyone is playable,” and they didn’t want players to have the
unrealistic expectation that they could play as a Corgi. However, all of this is very new and we’re
going to find out a lot more in the next few months as we get closer to launch, but the
one thing I can say for certain, after all of this research I did for this video, it’s
that Watch Dogs Legion stands to be one of, if not the, most impressive technical releases
in the last few years and also could potentially serve as the start of the next generation
of open world games. A generation of games that isn’t limited
by anything, not even a player character. With out a doubt, ‘Watch Dogs: Legion’
Is Trying Something Incredible.

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  1. Watch_Dogs: no dogs. Overhyped mediocrity
    Watch_Dogs 2: plenty of dogs. Remarkably good game that largely went unnoticed.
    Watch_Dogs Legion: no dogs. Take a guess? I think it will be a massive failure.

    I might skip this one for Watch_Dogs 4 which will be exclusively about dogs.

  2. I'm sorry but after going through the video , you don't understand the tech or what procedural even means. "Trying" doesn't mean anything , if they can't execute it.

  3. whenever a studio does something different another half ass it.
    prime example is gta 5 and need for speed payback. gta 5 has 3 playable characters and you can switch at any time and all feel different.
    nfs payback tries to do the same thing by half assing it and it fails hard, all 3 characters are charsimatic as a brick wall and you cant swap them.

  4. This is revolutionary better no pull a fastmone on us ubi! It's good to see game compagnies like ubi and cd projek red with there revolutionary world generation with apparently no loading zones actually advance tech can you imagine having that voice changer on you? Sounds like a spy movie sick!!!

  5. Ubisoft is actually putting out some very good games im a huge fan of many of their titles and look foreward to breakpoint and legion coming out over the next few months. Ubisoft has been on a roll I hope they deliver on breakpoint and legion because they both have the chance to be excellent. they need to figure out how to market watch dogs I feel like a lot of people don't understand what the game is, I think that's the biggest issue when it comes to sales people don't realize how it really is a lot like gta and many people who loved gta v wouild love watchdogs 2. watch dogs legion should be an excellent game though looking foreward to the next few months gears 5, borderlands 3, breakpoint, outer worlds, new modern warefare, death stranding, doom eternal , watch dogs legion, cyberpunk 2077! dam that's one hell of a line up of games its gonna be a busy 6-12 months with that line up of games let alone all the other games that will pop up along the way. and by the end on next year with the new consoles we should see another leap in graphical/game tech. im primarily a pc gamer but the new consoles will benefit pc gamers as much as console gamers. we all get the same games and they will all get better with more horsepower to push them gonna prob be a great couple years for gaming honestly

  6. it honestly annoys me when people say "litterly" instead of "literally" because my mom always says that and she uses it at the wrong times

  7. aye remember that no mans sky is wayyy better now! its definitely the game they promised when they first released it, kinda sucks that it took them two years though.

  8. 2:53 shadow of war anyone the only two things are different you can play as those characters you can recruit in watch dogs and with watch dogs they have more advance equipment

  9. I don't know man. This is sounding kinda like no man's sky. But they are a big AAA team so who knows. Lots of systems that can break is all I'm saying. I applaud them for trying regardless of how it turns out.

  10. I don't know if I need to see 20 variants of cut scenes from bland characters that are the equivalent to unflavored gelatin.. I'll take five minutes with Joel and Ellie or even one minute with Kratos over a 100 hour game with no substance.

  11. Games I'm looking forward to:
    Watch dogs legion
    Cyberpunk 2077

    Games I'm not looking forward to:
    Anything by Bethesda, EA, Dice, Blizzard, and Activision

  12. I'm sorry but I straight up just don't believe that this will be what Ubi says it's going to be. I mean come on, a game company is still a company and, whether it's the fault of the actual game developers side of things or the production side of things, they're going to over-hype it up to get sales. They've always done it, hell I still remember just the graphical promises of both the watchdogs games as well as the amazing gameplay we saw in the beginning trailers for both the games just to be completely let down by the boring as hell stories, shallow characters, and no replayability. I don't know, I can't say it won't be good because it hasn't released yet and who knows they might do everything they promised and I'll shove these typed words down my own throat BUT I doubt it at this point.

  13. Im curious what happens if you let everyone die would be so cool if there was an alternative dedsec dies ending like there would be a news report saying how a "terrorist group" known as dedsec have been eliminated

  14. I love how he always starts his videos off with a title or company that is going off the deep end, and is obviously not the point of the video😂👏

  15. Hey, doesn't anyone remember Battlefield 2 Modern combat? i mean that game was on the XBOX classic and you could control any friendly soldier you come across.

  16. Literally the worst thing this game could be is dumb fun. It’s Ubisoft even their critical failures are generally at least competent

  17. I’m super excited about this game. Ubisoft are on a roll at the moment. The last two Assassin Creed games were superb. I’m currently playing Ghost Recon Wildlands and it’s one of the best open world tactical shooters I’ve ever played. Ghost Recon Breakpoint looks even better! I’ve got high hopes from this game. Please don’t screw it up Ubi. 🤞

  18. I have a feeling that when they said different story for different npc’s its just gonna be like 4 or 5 different story and dialouge and the rest of the other npc’s just repeat the same backstory.

  19. Neat gimmick, but given its ubisoft and the previous two watch dogs, it'll probably just be okay. I'd love to be wrong, hope I'm wrong, but knowing ubisoft

  20. Yo if this is multiplayer and it fulfills all the promises they’ve made, this will easily be my favourite game of all time.

  21. So basically they took the concept from driver san francisco which is one of their best game. Not gonna lie, if it work, this probably gonna be the next huge thing from ubisoft. But if it doesn't, then please put that damn game back into the market.

  22. 🤔 no npcs can you climb can you fly can shoot rainbows 🌈 out you wat those this game is gonna be cut short game bet with bugs and then it gonna be online for live money 💰 m
    Having the Trauma from fallout no npcs

  23. I love many Ubisoft games but I still havent seen a game by them with good vehicular damage, Ghost Recon AND WatchDogs the slightest contact causes the whole car to be covered in scratches and the windows cracked to all hell, the vehicle control is also pretty shit, hopefully this game improves on that.

  24. BS. watch dogs made promises, broke them and lied before. I guarantee you it will underperformed and will be riddled with micro transactions or seasons passes or be pushed out in alpha and be riddled with bugs. Anyway I'll wait 1 year after they release it before I'd even consider pirating it, let alone buy it.

  25. Given watchdogs 1, this game was not even on my radars radar, but now….I will remain optimistically cautious. And yes, new sub. Great videaos

  26. I hope that you can still do parkour and explore the world because in the gameplay it dosent look like you can do much

  27. I don’t trust Ubisoft, I feel like this game is gonna end up like Crackdown. But hey, if I’m wrong then that’s great. 🙂

  28. if anyone is playable so can we play as a High level cop or head of fbi or a BIG company owner and stuff :/
    can we play as president??
    or play as head of CTos??

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