We Bare Bears Pet Shop Episode 2 – Purple Star

We Bare Bears Pet Shop Episode 2 – Purple Star

Thanks you very much! Guys are kicking getting adopted you gotta get in that commercial How are you let me tell you why you need us Okay Well me and my boys are very remarkable. We’re huggable and compact If you’re moving files so We’re really really strong and I’ve won many awards I’ve taken a bath once You hablo espanol. Hey what’s taking so long just take those cats and puppies Don’t worry guys, we’ll get net commercial. I have a plan, okay Go get an animal. We’re ready to shoot Okay now go ahead and make a sad look to the camera sad look sad okay got it all right and action That you throw away. I can’t even look at myself a mirror because all I see Is a man she doesn’t love anymore, but why Danice? Why did you take the kids? I tried my best to be a good father I tried Hot cut maybe try toning it down a little okay. Okay. I got it. All right action And Action I’m sorry, but is this food gluten-free? I’m also predisposed to enough allergy. So you tone down the flowers the triggering my allergies pepto and You think the camera can not shoot me from Elif my right side is better. Ah cut Play together, please No, oh please don’t spin them around no, okay. Stop that stop just stop We’re out of time wrap it up guys, we’ll just use what we got Every morning Hundreds of dogs and cats wake up. Wondering is today the day I’ll find my forever home Maybe you’ll wake up this morning wondering is today the day I find my forever friend Call today they’re waiting You’re acting with amazing grins So believable and such pathos you beautiful to pan-pan such skill and professionalism you Give yourself a lot of applause Getting adopted in no time wouldn’t need to stop dreaming bigger who’s gonna give everything we ever wanted Okay blows, let’s suit up all we gonna do is wait That’s strange were the last ones

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  1. We Bare Bears Pet Shop Episode 2 – Purple Star
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