We Built Our Cats a Cardboard Palace

[A] Hello world. This is what is like making our cats a cardboard palace [A] Our cats like playing with boxes [A] My brother Shin likes playing with them as well. [A] So we had the idea that they can both have fun playing with the cardboard boxes [S] We didn’t make a cat tower for the cats [S] How about right here? [G] Yeah, you can put it on top of it but don’t break the wood by standing on top of it [S] Okay [G] I’m gonna need another hole on the other side, Shin. [G] For the kitty to get out. [G] What did you use to make the cardboard cat palace? [A] So, we used knives, scissors, and tape and glue. [G] So Aiko, did you have a plan for how to build the cat palace? [A] Um, we said we’re gonna make a tunnel [G] But you kinda didn’t know what it would end up looking like [A] Yes. [G] Oh, you can see him? Yea. [G] Oh he got it. He took it. He took it. It’s stuck. [G] But see now then I need to get him out here somehow [G] Oh look at this [S] Doot da doot doot da doot jail ja-jail jail jail jail [S] Did you know that sound? [G] So how do the cats like playing with it? [A] The cats like playing with it, like like walking on the top or going through some tunnels and sometimes scratching and biting [G] Here, tell me about the cardboard cat palace. [S] What we can go in here or in here and stuff. And like there and decide They can go in here [A] I drawed this drawing and this one and this one and this one and this. [G] Why did you do this one? [A] Um… no reason. [G] Where do the cats like playing the best do you think? [A] Before they like playing here [G] Okay.>And right now they go through here and then They sleep here. [G] Which kitty is this one? That’s Cat A okay Where’s the other cat? Do you have advice for other people who might want to make one themselves? [A] So we should make lots of holes for looking and playing. Cats like scratching posts, so you should put scratching posts on some parts. [G] I would say that, as you’re building it, try not to glue or tape anything because you might change your design and once you tape or glue it it’s kind of hard to undo it. [A] And you should make some big holes for them to see. [G] Yea, the cats kind of like the one on the left hand side to look out because that’s a really big hole. Yep. So Aiko, we had a lot of long tunnels to start with. But what was the problem with that? [A] The tunnels were long and dark so the cats didn’t want to go inside We made lots of holes so you can put toys in. [G] And we also cut out big holes for many different points, and they really seemed to like going in and out wherever they wanted to. [A] Yes. And my last advice is to decorate it. If you decorate it, it looks colorful and happy. Thanks for watchin! See you next time. Byeee. Have you ever built a cardboard palace for your animals?

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