We Shot The Ultimate Photoshoot With Our Cats • Ladylike

We Shot The Ultimate Photoshoot With Our Cats • Ladylike

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  1. When the girl asked Roberta if she’s ready and she let out that lil airy meow I decided that Roberta owns all of my uwus

  2. Can you imagine the impression the fur kids will have of their Mum’s work after this? “What do you mean you had a hard day at work? You just sit around all day & have flashy lights go off”

  3. My husband and i do family photos with our cat and dog every year and even took them for santa photos but the most extra was doing wedding pictures with them lol

  4. Ok but can we have a body positive gender inclusive "Buzzfeeds next top model" series on this channel please omfg

  5. i was kinda umcomfortable with this. i know they love their cats and that they're responsible but seeing them scared like that made me anxious
    plus: flashlights can be blinding for pets

  6. When Freddie did the shoots it reminded me of toddlers and tiaras especially when she said “She’s over it.”

  7. My dog was photographed before he died of cancer, and he could not look at the camera. It was such a struggle, because the lady having him sit or lay down was off to his right and he was staring her full in the face without wavering because I taught him that I wanted his full attention. The photographer is making all these crazy noises to get his attention and this would go on for a while before he would finally turn! It was so cool to see how good he was doing, even if it was at the wrong time. Not so cool to see how tired he kept getting and wanting to lay down. Cancer sucks. I miss him so much.

  8. Being a cat momma of 2 i know how hard this really is. It was hard anof for chantel and freddie getting one cat to semi work with them but devin had the impossible job yet still did it. I am impressed

  9. I can imagine that the cats hate being out of their homes and the flash of the cameras to be pretty scary. But they are all so beautiful and so are the ladies 😂❤️😍

  10. They should've planned this further ahead and brought the cats to the office a few times at least before the real thing. That way they would be more comfortable.

  11. Cats are frightened from bright camera flashes and it hurts their eyes and heart so save them from the pain please turn of flash

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