Westminster Dog Show… On Acid!

Westminster Dog Show… On Acid!

BRAYDEN OLSON: Hey, my name’s
Brayden, and I’m going to the Westminster Dog Show at Madison
Square Garden on acid. See you guys tomorrow,
or later today. Whoa, look at that smoke. JONATHAN SMITH: So how many
times have you tripped acid in your life? BRAYDEN OLSON: Zero. JONATHAN SMITH: Zero times. So today’s the first time. BRAYDEN OLSON: But I’ve
never been to a dog show, either, so. JONATHAN SMITH: So
it’s two firsts. BRAYDEN OLSON: It’s two– two new things for me today. JONATHAN SMITH: There’s actually
going to be 986 dogs competing today. BRAYDEN OLSON: That’s
a lot of digs. JONATHAN SMITH: What do you
think it’s going to be like, tripping for the first
time at the biggest dog show in the world? BRAYDEN OLSON: I think it would
be fun to go there not on acid, so on acid it’s
probably gonna be amazing. JONATHAN SMITH: Yeah. It’s gonna be way better. BRAYDEN OLSON: Yeah. I’m gonna try and find
dogs with good vibes. Fluffy dogs. Nice dogs. I’m kind of scared of
seeing a Greyhound. JONATHAN SMITH: What are your
three favorite dog names? BRAYDEN OLSON: I’m not really
for naming animals. JONATHAN SMITH: Not at all? BRAYDEN OLSON: No, not really. JONATHAN SMITH: How are
you feeling right now? BRAYDEN OLSON: Feel good. JONATHAN SMITH: Yeah? BRAYDEN OLSON: Yeah. JONATHAN SMITH: You
seeing anything? Is it– have butterflies in your
stomach or anything? BRAYDEN OLSON: No. I feel totally, like, relaxed. It’s like there’s a lot of
fucking birds out here. JONATHAN SMITH: Yeah. There’s actually no birds
around at all. BRAYDEN OLSON: There’s
birds over there. There’s birds on that thing. There’s birds on that roof. They’re all making noise. [LAUGHS] On the roof, I heard a lot of
birds chirping like crazy. Things slowly started
getting confusing. It heightens your senses. You can hear, like, sounds
from really far away. And things that aren’t
necessarily really interesting are just extremely
interesting. JONATHAN SMITH: Let’s go. Let’s do this. BRAYDEN OLSON: We got into a
car, which I was not excited about, after we left the roof. Taking acid in New York is a
little bit crazier than taking acid, let’s say, like on a lake
or in the woods, which I would prefer. There’s nowhere to go anywhere
in New York where there’s no one at, especially at Madison
Square Garden. You’re stuck there. So you have to enjoy it. When we got there, we had
absolutely no idea what we were going to do. That dog is crazy. Oh my god. It was sort of freeing to just
be that dumb and to just take everything in and be
like, it’s OK. I know that I’m on drugs. I was just very aware of where
I was at and the types of people that I could
go and talk to. We’re here at the 136th
Westminster Dog Show. And we’re going to talk to
Clyde Barry, who’s a very well-known dog owner. Excuse me. Would you mind–? JEFF BRUCKER: One–
one second, Gary. BRAYDEN OLSON: Sorry,
what was your name? JEFF BRUCKER: Jeff Brucker. BRAYDEN OLSON: Jeff– oh, I
thought you were someone else. JEFF BRUCKER: No. I’m not. BRAYDEN OLSON: I’m sorry. Wasn’t him. I definitely took advantage of
the press pass, because you could– basically, you had free
rein on the whole place to do whatever I wanted,
’cause we had a camera. So people would talk to you. You were like validated. It was pretty empowering. BRAYDEN OLSON: These two
ladies know more about dogs than I do. First of all, do you both– do you both– FEMALE SPEAKER 1: Breed. BRAYDEN OLSON: Do you
both breed dogs? FEMALE SPEAKER 1:
We both breed– BRAYDEN OLSON: Are
you both doggers? FEMALE SPEAKER 2: Yes. FEMALE SPEAKER 1: We’re
both dog people. BRAYDEN OLSON: Is that a term? Doggers? FEMALE SPEAKER 1: No. Dog people. BRAYDEN OLSON: Dog people. The lighting’s really
nice in here. FEMALE SPEAKER 3: Yes. BRAYDEN OLSON: Makes it
nice to take photos. And the colors. Are you here just
to see the dogs? DOG HANDLER: No,
I’m a handler. BRAYDEN OLSON: Oh, you are? You’re definitely the prettiest girl at the dog show. DOG HANDLER: Oh, thank you. Thanks. BRAYDEN OLSON NARRATING: I
really liked the older man who told me the joke about how women
at cat shows are fatter. MALE SPEAKER 1: You know, the
difference between a dog show and a cat show is that at a cat
show, the women are really heavy, because you don’t
have to run the cats. And at a dog show, people
are a lot slimmer. So I’ve come to the conclusion,
dog shows are healthier than cat shows. [BLOWS IN MIC] BRAYDEN OLSON: There wasn’t
really press walking around and just asking people
questions, so they probably thought I was like
really official. So I felt like I could go up
to anyone and just sort of play with their head and just
do whatever I wanted. Can I ask you a few questions
about the show? FEMALE SPEAKER 4: Sure. BRAYDEN OLSON: Just about
what your name, and– FEMALE SPEAKER 4: OK. BRAYDEN OLSON: Is she
wearing a diaper? FEMALE SPEAKER 5: She’s
wearing, um, a panty. BRAYDEN OLSON: A panty. FEMALE SPEAKER 5: Yeah. She’s– time of the month. BRAYDEN OLSON: That’s
a little sexier. FEMALE SPEAKER 5: Yeah. BRAYDEN OLSON: I didn’t know
dogs had a time of the month. FEMALE SPEAKER 5: They do. About every six months. BRAYDEN OLSON: I didn’t
know that. FEMALE SPEAKER 5: Yep. BRAYDEN OLSON: That’s like
a time of the year. FEMALE SPEAKER 5: Time
of the year. Yes. There you go. BRAYDEN OLSON: What’s
your name? MATT STANDER: Matt. Matt Stander. BRAYDEN OLSON: And
you are you with? MATT STANDER: Dog News. BRAYDEN OLSON: Dog News. Um, I don’t know much about
Dog News, but if you could tell us a little bit about
what you guys do– MATT STANDER: It’s a vertical
publication for the show-going public. It’s been printed weekly
for the last 28 years. BRAYDEN OLSON: Wow. OK. That’s about it. MATT STANDER: That do it? BRAYDEN OLSON: Yeah. Thank you. I started to get more and more
confused as it started taking effect more. MALE SPEAKER 2: Well,
it depends. Some years, sometimes
they’ll go for– BRAYDEN OLSON: There was a point
where I was just, like, holding a microphone and had no
idea what they were saying. Like I could see them talking. I could hear it. But none of it made sense. There was this fan there. I think it was coming from the
top, but it was just, like, blowing my face. [WIND IN MICROPHONE] BRAYDEN OLSON: It’s
pretty good. I actually don’t
want to leave. You guys– are we leaving? [WIND IN MICROPHONE] BRAYDEN OLSON: I remember
thinking it felt like I was in a desert and there was,
like, sand whipping around me and stuff. And it was one of the best
feelings, and I was trying to do interviews in it. It was so horrible. FEMALE SPEAKER 6: Today we
showed Black Russian terriers, Norfolk terriers, Brittanys,
Vizslas, Goldens, and Labradors. BRAYDEN OLSON: Oh my god. [APPLAUSE] BRAYDEN OLSON: I just
walked around and ended up in the bleachers. I was kind of alone,
but like, there was tons of people around. So I kind of spaced out
for a while, and that was really nice. I was tripping the hardest
probably when I was sitting in the bleachers by myself. The ceiling had all these crazy
lights, and I remember kind of tripping out, looking
at the lights. And it just felt really
good and comforting. I like your shirt. MALE SPEAKER 3: Thank you. BRAYDEN OLSON: It’s
a good one. I came away with a new
appreciation for dog owners. They’re very serious
about their dogs. It’s like their child. And it’s their life. That’s what they live for. What’s your favorite thing
about this dog? FEMALE SPEAKER 7: Everything. BRAYDEN OLSON: Everything? No. You have to pick one thing. FEMALE SPEAKER 7: One thing? His– his personality. BRAYDEN OLSON: Yeah? He’s a sweet dog? FEMALE SPEAKER 7: He’s
an excellent dog. This is what he loves to do. BRAYDEN OLSON: Hey. FEMALE SPEAKER 7: He’s saying
he loves to show. BRAYDEN OLSON: I like dogs, but
not like on that level. So. I remember tripping,
but it’s weird. I don’t remember a lot of it. I just remember bits
and pieces and being really confused. I didn’t really have visuals. Like things were a little
brighter and stuff, but there wasn’t– like dogs weren’t like
flying through the air. Which is what– I kind of hoped that
would happen. But I kind of– I’m glad it didn’t, ’cause I
probably would’ve really freaked out. The cool thing is, I never
had a bad experience. I was kind of scared that I
was gonna freak out, but I didn’t at all. I had, like, an amazing time. Definitely a overall good
experience on acid. Sorry, Mom. We did like 10 takes of trying
to like walk out the door. And I just remember
it was so hard. JONATHAN SMITH: Come on, dude. Come on! Oh, Jesus Christ. BRAYDEN OLSON: I was sort of
scared that I wasn’t gonna leave, though, at a point. I was like, am I gonna
be like this forever?

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  1. You didn't freak out because you only took 1 tab. A real trip is atleast 2 tabs. An average shitty street blotter tab is only 50 – 70 ug. He even said himself he didn't have any visuals. Believe me if a first time user wants a real trip you gotta take 2 tabs.

  2. Danny from Game Grumps brought me here lmao. 7:00 This is the part he brought up in their Mario 64 playthrough.

  3. This is really funny. I'm just gonna stand in front of the fan. " Are you a doger" ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  4. Watching Brayden go to a dog show on acid while I'm tripping on acid has been a major turn point in my life. This is what life is about.

  5. Pls tell me he isn't petting dogs there on acid. Of course he was. Idiot. Totally can b transfered via palms. Wtf.

  6. Vice employs some of the least intelligent savages of average millennial mediocrity.
    "The essence of the independent mind lies not in what it thinks, but in how it thinks".-C. Hitchens

  7. In not sure if that was real acid, or if it is I don't think it was his first time. Shit my first festival was only 750 people and it freaked me out a good bit.
    Edit: naw he must have really taken it he had the owl eyes.

  8. Probably didn't see visuals because you only did one tab. Try 4 and see what happens. I had ego death in 2017 after doing 1200mcg (4 300mcg tabs). Not exactly recreational at that point but you get the most out of what you're going for

  9. Two hours later .."Hey dude, your Dalmatian has hieroglyphic's all over him and he's blowing a big green bubble out of his ass!"

  10. The fact he had the tab in his hand, contacting his skin, is a big no no. It reduces the potency as it seeps through your skin and won't be as effective

  11. 0:17 look how small his pupils are here. now look how big they are here 3:30 that's an easy way to tell this is real. and also you have amazing night vision on acid.

  12. So what is the point to promote tripping on ACID anywhere let alone a dog show you with many children in attendance? This is shameful, disturbing and Extremely DISRESPECTFUL TO ALL IN ATTENDANCE!!!

  13. My eyes feel very colorful when I'm on acid like I feel like they have a bunch of colors in them lol im sure it makes sense to people who have tripped before

  14. "It was sort of freeing to feel that dumb."
    You're that dumb all the time bud, the acid just made you notice it. What an absolute dingleberry this guy is.

  15. The only reason I clicked on this was because the dogs head was way bigger than the guy's head, so I had to check it out….. and I was not disappointed. ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  16. How you taking acid for the 1ST TIME IN YOUR LIFE and you're giving people interviews all nonchalantly and spaced out. And he tried to interview that lady who was sleeping just to fuck with her. Lmfaooo this dude is a damn fool, who is he? I like him ๐Ÿ˜‚

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