Where Did This Wooly Pig Come From?

Where Did This Wooly Pig Come From?

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, what’s up, guys? I’m Alex Farnham. And this is “Animalist News.” Take a look at this sheep. I mean, take a look at this pig. All right. Is it sheep? Or is it pig? Mind-explosion! OK, what is this exactly,
you may be thinking? It’s a mangalitsa. And those of you who
follow us on our Instagram and our Facebook may have
seen us post a picture of one last week. Believe it or not, it’s said to
be the most delicious of pigs. Some even say it’s
the Kobe beef pork. To understand how this pig
is different from most pigs, let’s just travel back
to the 19th century, where it all began. Hungarian nobles were
trying to breed a tasty pig with more lard. So they cross-bred a
wild boar with a pig. Thus these fatty pigs were born. Turns out that mangalitsa
pork was so amazing that it was only
reserved for royalty. You see, back then
lard had so many uses, not only for cooking, but for
candles, soaps, even cosmetics. But then we learned that
saturated fat was unhealthy. So lard was substituted for a
vegetable oil and other oils instead. Since these pigs grew slower,
they needed large spaces, and they produced less piglets
than the more common pig, the breed began to die off. By the 1990s, there was only
an estimated 200 remaining. The real question here is
how did this species of pig go from almost being extinct
to making a comeback? According to the
“New York Times”, Peter Toth, a Hungarian animal
geneticist, noticed the decline and started a program
to raise them again. For over 20 years,
their numbers grew, becoming particularly sought
after by the fine dining industry. Today there are around
50,000 being raised. Nowadays, they’re
even treated as pets. They mainly feed on a mix
of barley, wheats, grains, and seeds. And when treated well,
they’re as loyal as a dog. So basically humans
created this breed of pig. And as a result,
it seems the animal is totally dependent on being
useful to humans in order to survive. What do you guys think? Is it right to save
animals from extinction if we’re only raising
it as a resource? Let me we know in
the comments below. And to find out how pigs can
help your dog’s behavior, check out this episode here. New research shows that if
you spray a pheromone produced from male pigs on or
around a dog’s face, the dog will stop barking
or jumping, or doing whatever they’re doing. Don’t forget to share
this with your friends. Subscribe. And I’ll see you hairy
mammals next time. [SNORT]

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  1. Saturated fat is not unhealthful. Poly-unsaturated fats and trans-fats are unhealthful. Also refined carbohydrates are unhealthful.

  2. I dont see why not. We both benefit. The pig gets to eat and reproduce and we get its resources. Besides many other species do this aswell

  3. So…. The description literally answered the question of the video before the video even loaded…..
    That's a few minutes of my life I have free…..
    I think I'll write a novel…
    Or maybe just a really long comment about how much time I saved by reading the description….
    It's kind of interesting actually….
    I never realized how long the video was until I had to drag this comment on for so long. Maybe I should stop….
    Oh yeah, I can stop, the video's over.

  4. It's not right or wrong to raise an animal as a resource.
    It's a fairly decent trade off for the pig anyway. They get to live a nice life up until their death, which if done properly should be as pleasant as possible.
    It gets to enjoy every waking moment of life without worries, and then it end, still without worries. What is wrong with this? Personally I wish I end up dying as pleasantly as animals get to die now days, completely unconscious of it, sudden, no thoughts of death in mind.

  5. ok yeah sure its nice to think that humanity would save animals because its morally responsible, but that's highly unlikely at least until we get a program of some sort running, and that only will be likely if we have economic incentive.Maybe thse fuzz pigs will be that incentive, but they seem pretty economically niche at best

  6. I think it isn't right. We always wonder "what is the meaning of life?" But to them, it's the inevitable excruciating factory death that they are bred and meant to do. It's stupid.

  7. mmmm I would eat them all if I could >:) jk but srsly pork is my #1 favorite food so if this is the best pork ever made then mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I would raise it from a babysheer the wool every so often until it is dead and eat it it.

  8. Igazatok van. A mangalicc nagyon hejes állat. és kedvelt ezen aa kornyéken. Minden faluban van. és hogy a megmentésuket illetve, nemtom helyes e megmenteni a disznokat, a kihlás elol, csakis használlati szándékokra. De szerintem , jobb ha megmentsuk mind hogy magátol kahaljon. ?! 🙂

  9. We used to have a very old woolly pig breed called the 'Lincolnshire Curly Coat' that was similar, unfortunately it became extinct in 1972. It also was very fatty. It used to be sent to Hungary to cross-breed in the 18th C with Mangalitsas. The Lincolnshire Curly Coats were pure white, not coloured.

  10. Who would want to have a pig as a pet? Or, even worse, a hairy pig?
    They're disgusting and deserve nothing more than to be in our food. I don't like pork at all though.


  12. I think that they should be illegal to be eaten as a food, considering there are only 50,000 of them, and millions of pigs to be eaten. And also OH MY FLIPPING GOD THEY ARE ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. no. we should treat them like family. I love all my dogs even though one them annoy me so much I feel like hitting him but I just nap him on the head he usually stops.

  14. In my opinion humanity should save only useful animals…

    For exaple pandas are cute but they are useless in any aspect. Is that enough to speand so much money on saving them?

  15. i mean i like ur videos but… u keep talking about animals like u hate them something that is why i never like ur videos

  16. No, it's because in the end those will be the animals that will survive. People are raising ostriges and peacocks as an alternative to the chicken.

  17. Yeah,you're so awesome!I'm from Hungary and we call them "mangalica".I think they are cute and they taste really good.Thank you for the video,greetings from Hungary. <3

  18. Saturated fat isn't unhealthy. Vegetable oil is unhealthy because the types of omega fats aren't balanced and it contains trans fats.

  19. OF COURSE WE DEFINETELY SHOULD SAVE ANIMALS FROM EXTINCTION. they are LIVING THING like us. just because we are the most dangerous and smartest it does not mean we should not save. we SHOULD SAVE THE ANIMALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Ofcourse, all animals deserve a comeback, but we should focus more on those that are already endangered. Save the Javan Rhino!! Northern White Rhino!! Etc…

  21. I can confirm, it is just as good as boar, totally delicious. Plus, it can be bred, no need to hunt down boars. So technically, it worths saving them as a resource, good news for boars too. Cheers from Hungary. =)

  22. Sorta? I mean, life only has so many uses. You're born, you do things, you breed, you die. And it's not like we're killing them the minute they're born or torturing them (depending on the farm of course). If we raise them (humanely), and then kill them at a reasonable age after they have lived a normal life, bred, etc. that seems fine in my opinion. And we were keeping them as pets, too. We feed them and take care of them, and in return eventually we use their meat, fat, and fur.

  23. the ecosystem does not give a heck if a domestic breeds disappears. i think celebrates instead. And the disappearing of a breed does not mean the extinction of a species. (by the way that pig is not an "species").

  24. Pigs are excellent pets.. Better than dogs in numerous ways.. But I do agree they can never replace dogs! I have two pigs n a dalmatian currently.. They hate each other, so did my late alsatian.. But my late great dane was friendly with them..

  25. mangalitsa pig lard is healthy lots of unsaturated fat… its one of the healthier fats better than most modern breeds the fat melts at lower temps…..

  26. For those crying we should save the endangered pigs, it is a Mandela Effect. It never existed before in this time line before 2008 🤗. I would put it's creation around 2018. Fwiw: they knew nothing about saturated fats in the 1800s. They did not even know germs existed.

    Enjoy the ME, some are cuter then others, I would not eat it though. You never know where in hell, literally, from which it came.

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