Which Personality Describes Your Cat?

Which Personality Describes Your Cat?

Live from the cat
cave in downtown God knows where next to the
washer and the dryer, it’s Cat Mojo with
Jackson Galaxy. Welcome, welcome to Cat Mojo. I’m Jackson Galaxy
live from the cat cave. It is actually looking more like
a cave these days, isn’t it? There’s all kinds
of fun stuff here. I wanted to point this out. Diane Dial in Florida,
thank you, Diane, for sending this
picture, this painting, of my lovely cat Caroline. Don’t you see the
resemblance, Caroline? It will become a permanent
fixture in the cat cave. Let’s talk about Cat Mojo 101. What is cat mojo? We’ve talked about this
before, but let’s bring up that little dictionary
looking thing. It says cat mojo, what
motivates all cats. It’s very simple. The fact is that it wasn’t
until about 120 years ago that we permanently brought
cats into our houses. And that means that they
live a very pure existence. They still have it hardwired
in their brain to hunt. And that is the first
thing about cat mojo, hunt, catch, kill, eat. What’s the second thing that’s
so important about cat mojo? What motivates them? Well, with the hunting, and
the catching, and the killing, and the eating comes
the owning, right? It’s all about ownership. Cats need to own
their territory. If they don’t own
their territory, bad things will happen
to them or to you. So first we have
the confident owner of territory, the one
who walks in chest held high, tail in
that backwards question mark, everything
relaxed, comes up to you, gives you a little
head butt, weaving in and out of your legs,
blinky eyes at you, that kind of thing,
very confident. Now, who is that cat? If they were a person,
you would come in at a party, a cocktail
party, knocking at the door. They open the door
with a tray of mojitos. And would you like
one of these mojitos? Cucumber, a little bit
of cucumber in here, I thought you’d
like that very much. Welcome to my house. Don’t you love it very much? Come on. I’ll give you a tour. Mojito cat, that’s
who mojito cat is. Number two, Napoleon
cat, aka the over-owner, who is that cat? The chest out, a little bit
of the ears forward glaring at you a little
bit, eyes zeroing in on you just a
little, going down in that offensive,
aggressive posture, perhaps laying down across
the doorway of the house to make sure you’ve
got to step over that line, peeing on things. Yes, peeing, because
they don’t trust their ownership
of the territory. All whether they’re
people or animals who don’t trust their
territory over-own, right? Hence Napoleon, or sort
of a gang mentality. You see the writing on the wall? I own this. Why does that come
out like that? Why you puff up like that? You do that, man, because
you are not confident that you own the joint. So you over-own. That is Napoleon Cat. Number three, that
would be the wallflower. In cat world, the wallflower
literally hugs the wall. In the meantime, the
over-owner laying across the doorway, the mojito
cat just walking around, hey, how you doing? Then you’ve got The Wallflower
hanging back against the wall, never walking across
the middle of the floor. That would never happen. In the meantime, they are
going, I don’t own this. You, you, you’re the owner? Fine, fine, I’m
not looking at you. I’m not looking. I’m just going to the
litter box over there. I’m just leaving, goodbye. That’s the wallflower. Now, I want all cats
to be the mojito cat. That’s what I strive for. If they are the over-owner,
if they are the wallflower, we got problems. Cat Mojo 101, your
homework assignment is take a look at your cat. Watch them walk into a room. Watch them interact with
other cats and other humans. And figure out who they
are, who they resemble. If they’re a
wallflower, we’ve got to bring them out a little bit. If they’re an
over-owner, we’ve got to bring them back a little bit. Why? Because we want everyone
to be the mojito cat. That is the quest, the
quest for the mojito cat. That’s what we’re
getting at here. But figure out who your cat is. Watch him walk around the
joint, because that’s the thing. Do they display confident
ownership of territory? Are you encouraging your
cat to hunt, catch, kill, and eat through play
every single day? Are you feeling them a
bio-appropriate diet? Because that will
also feed in- ha ha no pun intended– to that
healthy lifestyle of every cat. That’s what you want
to be looking at. Until next time, do
take a look at all of these different places
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including giveaways, Google Hangouts live. I can answer questions
for you guys, tell you what’s coming up in
the world of the cat cave. And speaking of
Google Hangouts, be sure to join me on
Wednesday, February 5. I’ll answer your
questions, and we’re going to talk more
about declawing. So stay tuned for
more information. But, man, get that on your
calendar and do it now. Hey, I hope that helped. I hope you get the
concept of cat mojo even more so than before. Take a look at your cats. Remember every cat is an
individual, just like people and snowflakes, except there
is a place where we all start. And that’s an important
thing to figure out, OK? Until next we meet, folks,
all light, all love, all mojo. Love you. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. My older cat is definitely a Wallflower, he is not aggressive at all but he's very avoidant anf just hides a lot, not really a people's cat. When we adopted him we lived in tye country so he was an outdoor cat, never really learned to trust people, nor one for long petting or play. The younger one is such a Mojito thooo.

  2. My cat is for sure a mojito cat 🐈 he does have one strange habit. I’ve been trying to figure out why he hisses and growls at his own tail. He gets very angry at it. And he often walks around growling but he isn’t really angry. I’m not sure why he does this. I’ve done so much research but haven’t figured it out. Does anyone know??

  3. Ive got a brand new kitten who is such a wallflower!! But she plays like crazy so I think she'll come around!! Love your videos! Working on Basecamp!

  4. I'm very hapy and grateful I always wanted to have a cat and i rescued a kitten few weeks ago and he is a very smart mojito cat <3 i love him so much! thanks for all your advises

  5. My cat will wait in the morning by the bathroom door because I go to the bathroom in the morning and she meows and slow blinks at me when I am awake, when I step out the house she will wrap her tail around my leg and meow, you can hear her “crying” if your outside and that makes me feel so guilty uwu she is my fluffyyyyy cat

  6. my cat 1. is what i would call a SM-Diva if you snuggle her she will only sometimes purr..and pretend that she dont like it ..but if you go a way afterwards she will run after you and beg for more.

    cat 2. is a TANK… he weighs 7kilos and is a huge dude who could annihilate anyone ….but because he never had a bad experience with humans he will let you do ANYTHING with him …you can slide him across the floor like a curling puk.
    he will always purr like a chainsaw and blink very slowly because he knows he is safe.

  7. I've just read your book. It really helps me. Thank you. From South Korea (btw, your book total cat mojo is really popular among cat lovers here in korea!)

  8. Henry used to be a Wallflower when he first moved in, he’s gradually becoming a Mojito cat 👌🏻 he’s definitely a mojito cat around us, if a new person comes in, he’s a wallflower and then after a while he goes up onto his cat tree like “I survey you from here, you respect King Henry’s home and then you can stay”

  9. None of my 4 cats match any of those, they are more like "we are too busy doing our stuff to care about people around" kind of cats, they are either, sleeping, playing, or eating, some random fight here and there when one of them gets over-exited playing.

  10. My kitten is three months old (been at our house for three weeks) and is already strutting around like he owns the place. It's adorable.

  11. My younger cat (about 4 and a half years old) andwill hiss and swat at anyone else who comes near her, especially if they try to pet her.To me she is sweetest cat,extremely loving affectionate and most of the time she is stuck to me luck glue. I got her from a friend when she was just 9 weeks old. I've never had a cat that young so I just thought it was just that she was so little and that she would outgrow it but she hasn't yet. Is there anything I can do to get her to more comfortable around other people?

  12. My old cat Gus is the exact definition of a Mojito cat. My Silver Bengal Cat Jupiter and My Brown bengal Bloo are also Mojito cats. My orange cat Neptune is sadly a wallflower cat. I don’t even know what my black cat is. His name is Fangs. He just chills, he knows Jupiter and Bloo are the owners and doesn’t try to involve himself.

  13. You are the cat whisperer. Thank you. I have a Mohito and a Wallflower.
    My husband died 4 months ago. So they are adjusting. I don't give them as much attention as the both of us did. I am so sad for them because I know they miss my husband.

  14. my great great grandfarther had a cat that lived in his house ,my great grandad who lived till he was 107 died in 1983 told us about the cat ,he said his grandfarther and cat used to eat together and go everywere together evengot told the cats used to go down the mines in wales with the miners

  15. Hey we have a mojito cat to she’s gray and has light green and dark green and blue eyes sometimes yellow

  16. I think you need to just stick with my cats from hell….you need to train other people to be under you cause there is only one of you and more cats….you need to have cat classes to teach cat people how to determine how to fix their own cat behaviors

  17. Does it make sense that my cat is a Mojito Cat, but it likes to lay in front of the door way sometimes like an over-owner?

  18. I have 3 Mojito littermates. One though is a little bit Napoleon bc be poops by the front and back door bc he spots the neighbourhood cat outside.

  19. As far as my cat is concerned this is his place and I’m allowed 2 walk around in it he is definitely a mojito cat 😂

  20. But this is all behavior that any cat could do… It isn't really a personality type. I was hoping for something about the differences between different HAPPY cats. Like my cats are totally different, but they are both happy.

  21. Jackson, I need advice for 10 outside kitties that adopted me. I cannot keep them inside, but I am trying to keep them happy and healthy. I am working on getting everyone spayed/neutered and at least a rabies vaccine. They adopted me and I am just trying to keep them happy and healthy, while they are here. (And help stop reproduction, at least after this generation. I am a widow and obvious "cat lady", so any advice would be welcome.

  22. My cat has potential to be a mojito but the minute anyone who is not me enters my room he hides in the closet and shy’s away 🙁

  23. Damn I thought this video was describing a bunch of cocktails and a cat behavior that Jackson thought would pair with it.

  24. Both cats are very confident at home but one hides when we have company. Just, runs and hides. I don't know how to make it easier on her because the second anyone comes over she's just gone and doesn't test it out

  25. What about my kitty? He's a mojito/weed cat. Confident and chill… does what he wants, greets everyone assertively, but doesn't get upset about much. (Except he hates it when I go somewhere 😄)

  26. We just brought a Mojito kitten into a household with a 2 year old Wallflower cat. Mojito is forcing the Wallflower out of her comfort zone because Mojito hasn't yet learned boundaries. Wallflower is being forced to teach her how to back the hell off lol.

  27. All 3 of my cats are "Mojito cats" with different sub-categories: my Himalayan is the "diva cat", my oldest male is the "control freak", and my other male is the one who likes to shake things up a bit every now & then.

  28. My cat is a little bit of a Wallflower, but weirdly enough not around me. She's very much always been "My cat".. So she's her most confident either doing her own thing, or when I'm around.. Put a stranger into the room and she becomes the Wallflower. Funnily enough, it also seems as if my taste in people rubbed off on her too somehow.. If someone comes round the house I don't particularly like, such as a "Family friend" or my sister, she won't let them anywhere near her! Again, she goes back to being a Wallflower. Yet, the second I introduce someone I like to her, she's eating treats out of their hands in a matter of minutes! Such a silly kitty, but I love her.

  29. I have a mojito cat that invites you into the home, but you must pet her. My 2nd mojito cat is nice to let us borrow our own stuff, my third cat is a wallflower.

  30. Ichabod used to be a wallflower, but after two years in a place where he has consistent structure, love and places to climb he is doing so much better. He can be nervous with a lot of people over but he's gotten to the point where he'll say hello if we just have one guest and doesn't feel as if he HAS to hide if someone new is there. It makes me so happy to see him walking around with his little tail up and rolling around to get others to play with him.

  31. Baron Cookie Von Sparklepuss is definitely a Mojito cat, and he tends to break out into opera when he's letting us know he's done from using the loo 😂 The house is his and he knows it.

  32. My cat has a bit of the wallflower when people come to visit, but just because he hides… the rest of the time he's totally a mojito.
    Gonna be catifying the house a bit more to make it easier for him to be full mojito.

  33. I’m not really sure where to place my little guy :/ or how to help him. When he’s alone with me and my other cat he’s super happy and confident. He wants and gets lots of cuddles. When my friends come over he runs up to greet them he rubs his face on their legs and brushes up against them. The second they bend down to pet him is when he switches and becomes the Neapolian cat. He guards areas and hisses when he goes out of his way to brush up against them. I’ve increased playtime and switched up his diet but not much has helped. He’s a little better with my boyfriend and some friends that come over a lot.

  34. I have 2 cats. A 15 year old, and one 3 year old. Both of them is lovely. They come on my lap and snuggles. They loves when i get them. Both of them hunt, but never push down objects on tables.

    But my oldest cat hates the small one. I can't understand it. The worst thing the little one has done to the oldest is looking at him. The oldest do not hurt the little one, but he always runs past the little one at a very fast speed. And og they get a little to close the oldest begins to hiss at the small one.


  35. She's more of a kid cat – looks who went in, observes, sits somewhere where she sees the situation and people, but from where she can walk out if someone else than me wants to approach her. It's the "this is the house of me and mum, who are you, I need to see this, oh no stranger don't force contact"

  36. Gosh i wish you could help me with my kitty, he is a male and only loves me… runs from everyone else for the most part. He is very afraid of my grandpa (dominance?) I’ve had him since about 4 weeks old. Think he was weaned too soon cause he nestles in my hair at night and drools. Anything others could do to gain trust with him?

  37. My cat is a mojito cat with those she knows, but when my cousins came up from Florida and I wasn’t home she was a wall flower until I came home. Then depending how crazy it got, she bounced between mojito and wallflower. Is that a bad thing? I live alone so she is comfortable with only max 3 people at a time.

  38. I'm so happy and proud that my kitty is a Mojito cat-and always has been! He's the cat who greets everyone at the door and then entertains everyone.

  39. Pretty sure my cat is drinking the Mojitos not serving them.

    It's been 22 years (I lost GrayC two years ago at the age of 20) since I've had a kitten in the house.
    I'd had blocked from my mind how insane kittens are. Lol

  40. Ridley, my 1 year old kitten (I say that because she is a little 6 pound girl, and she's done growing) is a Mojito. She doesn't exude confidence or fear. She is incredibly curious, not afraid of guests, even ones she's never met. She makes the rules, and rule #1 is, 'she comes to you.' Rule #2 'Do not pick me up unless you are my master (I say that loosely, because she's a princess, and she knows it).'

    Boots, my 14 month old, is a pretty boy, but he is also a wallflower, and it isn't his fault. Boots is a PTSD rescue, and his former guardian was no guardian at all, and let him starve and broke his leg, prompting the SPCA to intervene, and remove Boots from the house, and put him into medical care. He shows signs of improving, but he is skittish, is afraid of strangers, and even afraid on kittens. He gets along with Ridley just fine, but she rules the roost, and he knows it. But she doesn't fight with him. They can be seen watching over me, sometimes together, other times, from different areas of the house. He is a very handsome animal, and is very trusting on his new pet guardian, me.

    Socks, formerly my kitty, but I gave him to my parents (explanation herein), is a 2 year old mojo cat. Found when he was less than 3 weeks old, and abandoned by his mother in the wild, my parents found him on a camping trip. He is the definition of a laid back boy, also a very handsome tuxedo cat, and a very large framed one, at that. He had acclimated to the new environment fairly well, but without a companion, he was a very high-strung kitten. I gave him back to my parents to serve as a companion animal for their elder cat, Baby. Socks is a very good companion for her. He cares a lot for her, and lays with her, and cleans her. Baby is 19, and in failing health, but many pictures exist of them laying together, basking in the sun together, and on rare occasion, playing together.

    Baby is a wallflower. At 19, she is afraid of anything strange, hates children, and will run from everything. She is partial to my step dad, and has deemed him her human. I figured, why fight it, and offered Baby to my parents, and she has been as happy as she can be ever since.

    Should Baby pass away, my parents have asked me if I am interested in letting Boots come with them on their journeys. I know Ridley does not need a companion, she just needs me. I would have to see how he reacts to the environment. If he likes it, I may let him go with them.

  41. My cat wasn't any of these. She was just a Diva. She would strut around and act all proud of herself. She wouldn't go out of her way to greet anyone, but if they came up to give her a pet that was fine. She would lounge on top of people and if they dared to move she would complain and grab their hand with her paws. She straight up refused food she didn't like (high quality tastes, that one) and would get upset if she saw another cat even dare to walk by the window. She was a real pain in the ass… but I still miss her.

  42. My cat is confident, and for sure owns the house, but if someone he knows is overly loud or anything he goes and hides, whether it be under the bed or under the loveseat he hides. We're planning on getting him a cat tower, I think he'd enjoy that, not to mention I want him less under things, and more on top of things. I want to catify the house and help him become a tree-dweller, as you call it. Though I am slightly concerned about if my mom will bother him, my mom likes to bug him, pick him up when he wants to be left alone, keep him in place when he obviously doesn't want snuggles, etc. Thankfully he's gotten out of the habit of attacking when he's upset, but he still hides under stuff, rather than up where he can watch.

  43. Not sure what would my two cats fall under. I've got a pair of litter brothers, strays my sister fed along with their mother since early on until we captured them, they are respectively: Rhaegal, a fat grumpy grey tabby who takes after his antisocial grandmother when it comes to temper, with exception he's putty with humans, and especially with my baby sister, who picks him up and plays with him and he does not react at all and allow her to do anything she pleases, and who also could not be any more comfortable at the house, sleeping however he wishes, wherever he wishes, whenever he wishes, and being completely exposed; and Drogon, the more muscular, crazy energetic and super childish of the two, who's always jumping on Rhaegal and chasing him around the house, or climbing up and down everything and testing all sorts of crazy ideas (like bonking his head on an air mattress to move it, pushing things off as he wishes, etc), and who's not really that comfortable with my baby sister but adores my parents' attention, and will literally force them to stop what they're doing to get their attention, even climbing on them, but he's still very careful with where he sleeps or spends his time on, choosing either up high spots like the microwave top, or hidden spots under the couch to take his naps.

    The two were marking a lot before, when we were living in a house on a street with a cat colony (their mother is from the colony, but they don't remember the outdoor cats because we captured them when they first got weaned), but that stopped when we moved to a townehouse condo, and they do tend to squabble from time to time in territorial dominance, even after being neutered, although it's nothing that escalates because of intervention, you can tell their power dynamics shift from time to time, for example, Drogon has gotten significantly fatter recently because he started chasing Rhaegal away from his food, and he initiates fights and dominates fights much more often now than before, when it was sort of the opposite, where Rhaegal would whoop Drogon's ass every time Drogon would try to attack him, and he could tell Drogon to keep away if he wasn't feeling like playing. Also, they both get jealous if either goes to play and receives affection of the other's favorite humans, to the point where they'll attempt to shove or chase the other off from their favorite human if they see the other getting their human's affection.

    They are not antagonistic of each other, though, and tend to groom and do a lot of things together, and they trust each other a lot, but it does seem like they're always sort of playing this possession game to some degree.

  44. I have 3 Mojito cats. They lay all over my floor so I have to be careful when I'm walking. Thankfully only one of them acts like a drunkard.

  45. Jackson, could you kindly do an episode on "how to care for a cat with ringworm". My cat is 5 months old and has had ringworm from the 3rd month onwards. I have been trying my best to keep him clean and give him the topical medication but we love him too much to quarantine him in a pen. We also try to keep the house clean since he goes everywhere but the healing and recovery are incredibly slow. When several patches of his lesions recovered a few weeks ago, we thought he had recovered completely. But at the next visit to the vet, we discovered two new patches. I love my baby and can't see him like this… his illness has become my psychological stress. Please help us out. Btw, our Churchill is a Mohito cat!

  46. sadly, my cat is a "3 fingers of jack" cat…
    lost his license, starts fights with cops, passes out face down on the front lawn where all the neighbors can see, goes on pathetic crying jags, etc…

  47. mine is deff a mojitocat, even if a complete stranger comes, few months ago the owner of the house was showing the other room in the apartment i live in and my cats walks out of my room and greets them with a meow and then demanding to be pet.
    the person that was looking felinlove and moved in about a mnth later

  48. So both of mine are Mojitos, until a stranger hits the door. Then, the Bengal? He's under the bed.
    During holiday dinners, he'll come out and let himself be seen, and he'll come into the middle of the room and look at ya, but if you start towards him & you don't live here? Woosh, gone again.

  49. My boy is 100% mojito, he greets everyone who comes to the door and knows he OWNS the house, especially his couch seat and blanky. Hope to keep it that way.

  50. My cat is definitely a mojito cat, he is 15 years old but I adopted him when he was 9. After his owner died, he was sent to a shelter by the family where he stayed 5 years living with at least 30 other cats. He is super chill with other cats even if they are aggressive towards him. Such a good heart, I feel like I will never get over his death when the day comes.

  51. Our cats: Xerxes: Mojito cat, but more introverted. He is comfortable with new people and other cats, but strongly prefers those with slow, calming energy as opposed to party types. Vice versa is true as well, calm, peaceful people tend to prefer being around Xerxes, while excitable party types prefer to hang around our other cat, Diego.

    Boots would be our Napoleon cat. Gets along with the others pretty well, and extremely protective of them. Once found a dead weasel in our tack room and she was the only cat that could have done it. Must have surprised the thing too, she was completely uninjured. We worry for her and try to keep her safe, but when these things happen she seems to be able to handle herself quite well. Never been so much as injured.

    We don't have any wallflower cats.

    I was kind of hoping for something a bit more nuanced, but this is good for detecting if there are problems (we definately have the one Napoleon cat, although she is improving and she is not at all aggressive with humans or the other cats, she is just very protective and has been ever since Xerxes got hurt once. Now she pretty much pre-emptively strikes anything that might be dangerous to him).

    We have Xerxes who is extremely confident, but also very calm and calming. He just really loves close relationships with people and the other cats and prefers to take everything slow and make everyone happy.

    Then you have Diego, a bit of a mischievous temperament but never gets into any serious trouble, and loves people. But he is generally very high energy and always follows us for walks. He can be goofy and in many ways acts more dog-like. Both Xerxes and Diego can handle more intense petting, but if it isn't intense enough Diego will absolutely make sure you understand he barely noticed your petting and manuevers towards higher pressure head petting and full body pets, Xerxes is more chill though and while he likes more pressure, he mostly just wants the usual head and shoulders.

    Then you have Kioshi, whose a bit of a dramatic diva but very good with people. In many ways she is a much more typical cat. A few dominance issues between her and Diego but usually things go well. She will work up the other cats (and family members) if she wants to push Diego around, whereas Diego mostly tries to keep it one to one due to their relative strengths (Kioshi is better at manipulating, Diego has more confidence and height). It has been going better though.

  52. Our cat was mojito wallflower, haha. Hiding as soon as strangers come to the house and greeting us at the door. We could do anything with the cat. She wouldn't scratch us or care about anything.

  53. My Tiffany is a pinot noir cat. She'll open the door with a glass of wine in her hand, welcome you with an air kiss and then point you in the direction of the bar. Just because you're allowed in her house does not mean she's going to serve you, you can look after your damn self. 😸😸😸

  54. Have two family cats. Got them at a shelter when they were about 1 year old and they are named Shakespeare and Timothy. When they first got home Timmy was a wallflower, practically terrified of everything. He had only known the shelter since he was a kitten, while Shakes used to live outdoors.

    Shakes was more confident and friendly. It took weeks before Timmy warmed up and explored the house (he hid under a couch for two weeks!) and now I'm happy to say at 11 years old they are both loving their new home.

    Shakes is a lap cat, super cuddly, but OH how Timmy has changed! He absorbs any attention he can get! Goes to show how much their personality has changed when they finally got a home. (Shakes is still my baby tho)

  55. My kitty is a Napoleon. Don't think she'll ever be a mojito kitty, as she was traumatized by her kittenhood. She is the most perfect kitty around my partner and I, so affectionate and open. But she hates everyone else. She's getting better as she gets older, less aggressive but still doesn't like people or animals on our property lol. But she is happy, as far as we can tell! That's all we want for her. She's curled up on me as I write this 😁

  56. My black cat is the mojito cat. My fat cat is the wallflower and her thin twin was the mojito cat and goes back and forth with my black cat. My black cat, since tiny rescue kitten, does not care if you are cat, dog or human. She owns us all and does not hide from anyone. The other 2 hide if the dog comes by or a visitor comes. Not Sparkles. She will make you hers asap. She also would bounce of of my min pins head as a tiny kitten. Lola the old lady min pin does not like her. Well, that is too bad as Sparkles with own her even when she would snip at her. Sparkles would just own her "rub against" her, later. Lola gave up and only snips at the other two. Sparkles occasionally will pounce on poor Lola but I think she likes to remind her that Sparkles is in charge. She is crazy but when she demands affection, she will make sure she gets it. Even from poor Lola the min pin. 😛

  57. both my cats are Mojito cats but my boy cat stays a Mojito cat when others come over but my little girl cat turns into a wall flower. she runs away when someone new comes into the house while my boy cat goes up and tries to get pet by anyone who comes over to our house.

  58. My old cat was a cool mojito. My present cat is an anxious chatterbox. She spits out bits of kibble and wiggles when she walks😸

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