Why A Mom Cat Stays Close to Humans Despite Being Deeply Hurt By Them | Kritter Klub

Why A Mom Cat Stays Close to Humans Despite Being Deeply Hurt By Them | Kritter Klub

Store is open~! Shall we begin? Meow~ Meoowww~ “The cat started coming here and has been asking for food since a few months ago and” “holds a protest in front (of the store)” Pls..gimme some food! “Come here!” I’ll give you delish cat food~ Sniffs Meow~ Sir, this isn’t my order tho~ (Ah. Here we go again..) Eventually Removing the salt As you’ve asked~ Your chicken is served “The cat eats a lot. Maybe a chicken a day?” “Not even paying once.. hahahaha” ~Bon appétit~ Oh..it was a take-out;; Where is the cat bringing the take-out to ?.? *Rustling sound* The appearance of kittens?! *More rustling sound* Watch out~another kitten coming through=^x^=and more=^x^=5 kitten siblings Kids, time to eat~ Okie, we’ll eat well=^x^=Several times a day For the 5 siblings Meow~ Excuse me, can I have some food~ Here and there ‘Nabi’ begs for food But.. her body is not in good condition.. “Her eye is injured” “She was like this since we (moved) here” Village resident: (I heard) she was hit PD: Ah..by a person? / Yes.. Although her wound from humans is deep Mother of 5 kittens, Nabi, is braver than anyone! He feels pity.. Don’t worry babies~ Sir, is there really no need to worry? :

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  1. It breaks my heart to see this she seriously got her yet she stays close to humans because she needs to feed her babies but it also brings me joy to see that just like bad peope exist good people exist as well:)

  2. Oh my, she is so smart and self sacrificing. She doesn't want her babies hurt by humans so she takes the risk upon herself to get food for them. Mother's love 😻😽

  3. Hopefully Momma cat and kittens were spade and neutered and found forever homes. Wonderful People. There is hope in the world.

  4. After rescuing whats next?? Are we sure that they will be ok?? Are they gonna be all together safe and sound in the shelter??

  5. So…58 people have no soul…referring to those who SO FAR, have disliked this video.
    What about this would ever earn a dislike? They’re helping this little family of cats. I do not understand this reaction.

    I love this channel. Happened across it by accident and yes, it has many sad videos but the people featured helping these animals, cats and dogs, they fully restore my faith in humanity. I don’t even care that I can’t get English subtitles when watching on my iPhone, their intent to help these animals is clear, their kind hearts & sincere, loving actions cross the language barrier just fine. No interpreter needed.

  6. Their colors are very lucky. It willbringgood fortune to the resto owner iff he keeps them in the resto n home. It will bring him good fortune

  7. Made my heart cry for Nabi😭…after loosing her first litter of babies, she became devoted to her babies…Nabi is such a wonderful mother❤❤…Prayers for their safety and i hope they'll find a forever loving home🙏😘

  8. Gracias por ayudarla ella es muy maternal, le duele su ojo pero sus bebes mas tiene los sentimientos muy buenos, gracias por tener piedad

  9. Eu estou chorando, eu amo animais e obrigada r serem anjos na terra e ajudarem a resgatar esses seres de luz, cuidar e encontrar um lar para eles.

  10. Nabi proves once again that moms are truly amazing😻. Follow us on social media to stay updated with all of our animal stories including touching stories about cats like brave Nabi and her kittens!
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  11. Деточки как бы взросленькие уже, все на маму надеются. Мамочка героиня, спасибо добрым людям, что подкармливают

  12. Such loving, caring people to save lives. The mother cat so loving and smart! Happy she'll find a good home as will her kittens. Another, spay your cats and dogs reminder.

  13. please stop hurting stray animals, poor and lovely kitty 🐱 i love you, wish you have healthy happy and long life for you, your babies and all animals ♥️

  14. What a wonderful Mom she is. Whoever hurt her has no soul. So glad they were rescued: & hope their new lives are full of love❤️❤️

  15. So were both previous litters miscarried/stillborn in their entirety or were they killed by other factors? Wasn’t clear on that. She seems like a great mum. Glad her trust in humans has been restored.

  16. Amazing Cat Mom. A Big example of inconditional love 🐱♥️🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈 I'm happy they helped her👍🏽

  17. i am reluctantly leaving the Same comment about this So Called Animal Rescue But i am told that almost All these Animal Abuse or Rescue Vidios Are Unfortunately for you and the dear Animals Completely Staged and Setup by All the Actors And indeed sadly Perpertraters, of these type of Filmed Animal Vidios?

  18. Thanks to you AWSOME people, this mother and babies now have a brighter future. Thanks for the videos and know I am support all you do. Till I see you next time.🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱😉

  19. It was absolutely the best idea to rescue Nabi and her kitten, I hope she will be neutered as well?
    Thank you so much with lots of love from Germany!

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