Why Does This Puppy Live In A Tiny Hole That’s Only As Big As A Palm? | Animal in Crisis EP82

Why Does This Puppy Live In A Tiny Hole That’s Only As Big As A Palm? | Animal in Crisis EP82

Resident: He’s inside there, inside the tunnel. PD: Goes around inside there? / Resident: Yes Resident: Goes right inside when a person is seen There’s some dark being that hurriedly goes in and out of the tunnel.. Resident: Tried several times to catch him but didn’t work.. Resident: Runs away really fast.. What could be the identity of this elusive creature who appears like a ghost and disappears quickly.. We’re curious about the creature who lives inside this dark hole PD 1: I can’t see anything.. PD 1: Oh! There’s something there! (The creature’s) there there PD: Can you see? PD 1: Yes.. Something… PD: I think he’s this? A dark silhouette that has been captured by the camera..! Man: He’s about this much, the length. Woman: Longer than that. Man: Longer than that? Woman: He’s quite big. Big, and slim~ Decided to wait breathlessly Village foreman: Came out PD: That’s him? / Yes! The identity of this creature is.. A dog Tries approaching him PD: The dog went inside before I even took a few steps? Village foreman: Yes yes. He goes inside whenever there’s a sound. Resident: Can’t catch him. PD: Did you try to catch him? Resident: Even if I want to catch him I can’t do it. Village foreman: Gildong~ Come out Resident: Is Gildong inside? Resident: Gildong~ Resident: Named him Gildong. An animal that lives on the road, Gildong. (Note: Gil means road in Korean) PD: Gildong? / Resident: Gildong! After checking that there’re no people around.. Gildong makes an appearance!! But He quickly goes back inside.. Decided to set up a camera for observation and watch him As expected, as soon as he confirms that there’s no one He comes out of the hole. Gildong is excited Just then! How uncomfortable must the narrow hole be.. The hole is only about as big as an adult’s palm.. PD: Why is there a hole here? Village foreman: The hole is for waterway, a hole for water drainage. Village foreman: From here to there~ Village foreman: It’s connected to here, until here PD: Until there? / Village foreman: Yes yes The inside of a total of a 10m long drain is the main living space for the dog!! Why on earth is Gildong living inside this hole where there’s nothing to eat, or water to drink..? Male owner: A dog is really cute when young.. so people after receiving an apartment and raise the dog, most city people abandon them because they think they’re a nuisance PD: Do dogs get abandoned a lot here? Male owner: I keep raising abandoned dogs only. Last winter, Gildong suddenly appeared in the town Resident: At first, I thought he’s a dog who has an owner yeah… But even though several days passed there was no one who came to find Gildong.. Grandmother: He went into the hole because there was nowhere else to go in and we were trying to catch him PD: Ah.. Why did you try to catch him? Grandmother: Because felt pity for him.. he’ll starve to death if left like that.. Grandmother 2: He went right inside.. We didn’t do right… Perhaps a helping hand that was reached out actually made Gildong more fearful.. After that day he didn’t come out from this narrow hole.. The town residents who feel pity for him.. Grandmother: Gildong~~ Come to eat your meal! Grandma brought food~ Grandmother: Gildong~ Eat your meal Resident: Gildong eat meat All the residents attempt to take care of Gildong but.. Gildong is on full alert Only after some time after people left Gildong pokes his head out from the hole And he eats hastily while being alert.. At the sound of someone coming He hides again before he even finishes eating. The day gets dark.. Grandmother comes from far away..? Grandmother: To give the dog food PD: To give food? Grandmother: Need to give food for him to live.. Grandmother: Rest well after eating your meal~ She coolly left after bringing him food Gildong starts eating the food that was put into the hole The next day Vet: Unless he came from a surrounding town this is not a place where a dog could easily come from another area Vet: He seems to have gone into this hole after discovering it to secure his safety. Animal protection group: This is an entire road.. there’s also the concern of cars going by.. A lot of big cars actually go by this road so this could be a dangerous place for Gildong Rescue begins Aiming for the moment that he follows the smell and gets gradually further away from the hole..! PD: Caught him caught him Unexpectedly, a gentle appearance..? Grandmother 1: You did well. / PD: Did we do well? haha Grandmother: (Nods head) Grandmother 2: Do you like hiding that much why do you keep hiding.. Vet: Still a baby.. Vet: Since he still has baby canine teeth, 5 months? 6 months? He only seems about that much old. Gildong is much more like a baby than was thought Vet: Considering that he led a harsh life on the road his level of nutrients is on the good side, not any worse than a pup who grew up at home. Vet: The neighbours likely fed him well. Grandmother: Fed him well aigoo.. We put food in front of the hole and fed him all sorts of things Thanks to the elders of the town Gildong is said to be very healthy without any illness! Doorplate; Gildong’s home Gildong delivery is coming~ Grandmother: Our good luck charm came. Vet: Good luck charm Grandmother: Grandma will raise you well~ Good luck charm is here ah~ Gildong seems to be feeling very awkward still Grandmother: What I wish from Gildong.. hm.. just don’t bite me. Don’t bite me okay Grandmother: Gildong let’s live well together. I’ll like you~ Grandmother: Now don’t go to that tunnel Grandmother: When we get closer I’ll bring you around in my electrical wheelchair. Oh so pretty. Grandmother: Oh so pretty. I’m going to like you tons♡

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  1. Малыш, бабушка тебя УЖЕ любит! Хорошей и долгой ВАМ жизни вместе !!

  2. Gildong is super duper cuteeeeee 😍😍😍 I want to raise him too
    Thank u to the village people there who fed and take good care of him. May the grandma and Gildong live happily ever after 😄🙏

  3. This Grandma is the cutest and sweetest person , to travel regularly to see if he's doing okay and feed him good food . wow heart of gold ♥

  4. Laura hope I spelled your name right I was told look in the right with the dots that's I figured out how to get captions in english hope this helps you

  5. มีหมาเป็นเพื่อนดีกว่ามีเพื่อนแบบหมาๆ👏👏👏💓🐕

  6. What a TOTALLY AWESOME story. TY to ALL involved in rescue and the kindhearted people who fed him. Also for perseverance! If he had stayed where he was he would have probably a HBC statistic. TY Grandmother & know you will both be happy together! =-)

  7. que HERMOSO gesto de la abuelita qs preocupa mucho x el perrito…ps todos estan al pendiente de el..Q hermoso video…q bueno q al final ya lo sacaron de ahi q alegria..

  8. Самое безопасное место в мире.пусть живёт накормите и оставтье покое.

  9. Gildong is so cute playing by himself but looks lonely, poor guy
    happy they decided to get help catch him
    what a sweet little neighborhood 😂 << happytears

  10. Here's the question you should be asking … WHO cut the hole in the first place?? And WHO placed the two rocks making it easier for him to get out??

  11. Video trying to create an air of mystery about the creature living inside the hole ,but their video title gives it away even before it starts .

  12. Он ещё ребенок) маленький) "
    Ну а бабуля молодец! Чем смогла, тем и помогла собачке

  13. He is such a cutie pie!!!!! Just looking for things to play with to amuss himself. Wonder where he's getting food & water though? He needs those. I think he'll make a great pet if they can get a hols of him. I see all the neighbors feed him. Good.
    So Grandma loves him and she has him as a pet. He'll get use to her. Bless them both.

  14. Chắc hẳn nó đã phải trải qua một sự sợ hãi vô cùng lớn do con người hoặc gì đó đã làm cho nó luôn sợ hãi và cảnh giác với mọi thứ

  15. This dog can only be loved and people of the town are great. The grandmama is awesome. I hope they spend much happy time together.

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