Woman finds CONCRETE covered cat sitting outside her home

Woman finds CONCRETE covered cat sitting outside her home

Some animals are tougher than others but this
brave moggy really is rock hard after he was found covered in CONCRETE. The little ginger tom was originally mistaken
for a pile of parcel tape after Faye Richards opened her door and saw the peculiar bundle
sitting in front of her. It was only after a closer look that mum-of-two
Faye, 39, then realised the shape was actually a concrete-coated kitty sitting outside her
home in Withywood, Bristol, on Thursday. The fed-up feline was covered in so much concrete
he was unable to open his eyes, so Faye immediately picked him up and rushed him down to her local
vet. Once inside the hapless cat had all his hair
shaved off before being combed through to remove the remaining concrete. Medical receptionist Faye said: “At first
I thought it was a screwed up ball of brown parcel tape that had been blown onto my front
step. “It was only when I got closer I realised
it was a cat. “The concrete had started to go rock hard
on his back, but his belly was still soaking wet and he could barely open his eyes. “It was all over its face and it was absolutely
solid. He couldn’t even move. He was crying a lot and shivering. He was really cold. “Most cats if you tried to pick them up wouldn’t
let you but I was able to just pick him up and cuddle him even though I’d never seen
him in my life.” Faye, who has three other cats, said: “I felt
really sorry for him and shocked. “I don’t know if it was deliberate or not
but I can’t think of anywhere round here where there is cement for him to fall into. “You would hate to think of something doing
this intentionally but you do hear of it happening. “I just hope he is going to be okay.” The cat, who has no microchip to identify
him and has not been neutered, has now been completely shaved. He is currently staying with the vet who cared
for him and is on his way to making a full recovery. Emily Slater, of The Vet in Hengrove, Bristol,
said: “It was quite sad to see him in that state. “We had to shave him and comb it all out of
his hair, including the fur on his head. “He had managed to get it into his eyes as
well so he had to have them flushed, and the vet was worried that he could’ve inhaled some
of the cement dust. “But after having a hair cut we could see
he was relieved. He seems to be doing fine.”

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  1. So thankful that there are people, that have tender hearts to take in abused ands abandoned animals. Gives me hope for humanity. Well done.

  2. People are so cruel to innocent animals what the fuck did that poor cat do to you I hope who ever did that burns in fucking hell

  3. That stupid person covered a cat in concrete???!!!! That person should go to jail for animal abuse you can't possibly mistake a cat for something else!

  4. What's with the robotic voice? Aren't there any humans to talk? Millions of Humans without a job, and a robot is used?

  5. You know there's a difference between concrete and cement. This is a case of cement not concrete as there is a clear lack of gravel in any of the "before" pictures.

  6. i am just glad they are nice people out there and i wish i could shot anyone who could hurt a animal or other person 😞

  7. That's good to hear, but is the cat ok?? Did anyone adopt him or did they put him down after some bad blood tests?

  8. wow… people are sad. U look at an orange bundle. u think it's something like a fucking parcel. u walk away. God bless the kind woman who reside the cat, but I hope that all the people who didn't care a shit for the cat burns into a crisp in hell!!! 😠😠😠😠😡😡😡😡😬😬😬😬

  9. There was a stray ginger cat looking just like that in my neighborhood (on a farm) and my friends managed to capture it and it was only 11 months old and it then became really fat and it was enemies with my cat but it was still adorable, but then one night it wasn't in their house and they found it outside in a pool of blood and rushed it straight to the vets and he was taken to emergency care and was there for over a week and he survived 🙂 but….. then a month later they noticed him acting strange and the vets said he had an undetected heart problem that was really hurting him all the time and they had to put him down at only just a year old it was so sad. 🙁

  10. It may have been human cruelty of course, but it needn't have – cats (and dogs, and other animals) often have such accidents in urban areas, because they don't know what cement is (whitewash, petrol, glue, tar, you name it). Their senses don't warn them against the unknown danger until it's too late, especially when they wrongly assume that it is a hard surface and step or jump on it only to find it's not solid. In the past, animals would be trapped in more natural death traps like resin, mud, swamp etc, today it is usually building materials and chemicals. Sad but true.

  11. why do people get animals and then later abandon them or abuse them. cruel people don't need pets or animals. cats are hurt or abused by ruthless teenagers or even some adults too. i love dogs too. i hate to see them hurt and abandon too. i am a dog lover. 🐶🐕🐩

  12. It's unlikely anyone would go to the trouble of mixing up a bucket of cement to abuse a cat. More likely it wandered into a yard which had just been laid with fresh cement and after struggling out of the stuff it started to dry and the cat could not do anything. Lucky it did not lick the stuff off and die of stomach problems. Weird story. Glad it recovered. They say cats have nine lives!

  13. It's amazing the crazy things people have done to animals, if that is what happened. Of course also crazy is that he could have fallen or accidentally jumped into the concrete. Thank goodness for the woman who found him and the vet that is taking care of him.

  14. if you know who did this call POLICE or shoot the scumbags.
    Bless this lady well done 💖🙏 GOD BLESS YOU

  15. I hope the horrid person who did that gets severely punished by God and this kind woman who took this little kitty to her vet and saved him, many blessings in her days ahead!! We all have to step up as more really evil people are becoming more in numbers, doing worse and worse things to poor innocent animals . Try looking up a dog named "Spirit" on You Tube under some group in Romania. It is a older German Shepard a lady who was feeding her and her four puppies that was just one dog among many homeless street dogs there, and some terrible people butchered this poor mother dog, killed her puppies to warn that lady to stop feeding homeless dogs and puppies. They named the dog Spirit, because she survived what very horrific things they did to her. She's recovering but needs prayers as well as lady both for protection and this dog needs a very very loving nurturing home hopefully in America, never to be butchered again. I pray everyday for suffering people, suffering animals. Thank you for caring lady!

  16. Who are the selfish bastards that would give this touching video a thumbs down? Must be liberals as they stand for everything that's wrong.

  17. People who do this should be punished the same way they did it with the poor cat. Then, I am pretty sure they would never abuse an animal again.

  18. Just a THANK YOU to ALL the people who made positive comments about this rescue.
    PLEASE never stop doing what you're doing. Rescuers are the only thing keeping our world going – any rescuers. We'd be totally screwed without compassion.
    This is my comment – I have nothing to do with this video. Just happy to see great people.

  19. where is he now? did he survive and become healthy ? are his leyes ok? did he find a loving forever home? please tell me !!! :_(

  20. Great idea, best fastest and easiest way to make a cat statue, now i only need to buy a sack of cement

  21. Whomever did that should have a custom pair of concrete shoes made for them. Then be dropped off of a bridge.

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