Would You Live In A Boot? ~ Sad Train Cat

Would You Live In A Boot? ~ Sad Train Cat

good morning everybody it’s a good
feeling heading north again it’s been a while it’s been a nice
little break I am filming on my Canon and 50 again because I do believe by the
end of the day I’m gonna have some new equipment in my hand to be able to edit
video so today’s gonna be a good day no matter where we had I’m currently on a
dirt road here you guys actually remember back in the
day railroad tracks is where they they put everything next to because the
railroads is what brought everything in and just outside of Livingston Texas
Here I am at a little meet little historical stop here that is still
standing so what we got right here is Thomas mercantile a very very small town
grocery store it does look like they are closed I don’t know what their hours are
or if they open any more but it is just a little country store the locals would
come in but be cool and interesting part of this is is any time customers were in
the store in past years if you heard the rumbling from the railroad tracks over
here customers shoppers would dash outside and they would run out here to
the tracks and they would try to get the engineer to toot his conductor horn
twice if he does if you get twice every customer in the store at that time gets
20% off their purchase here at the mercantile I know about you but that’s
pretty quirky but like I said it doesn’t like this country stores been open for a
while trains don’t really bother me they never have trucks idling and and air
brakes readjusting and stuff like that that bothers me but but trains now I
like trains I grew up around trains who you mowing at are you are you the
country store cat yeah are you friendly you look very
fluffy Tim’s a good boy it was a good boy a country store kitty
yeah buddy no you can’t come with I already talked to Jax he doesn’t like
cats I know I’m sorry if you were a dog he might go for it but no he’s he’s not
a cat person I am no there’s there’s no room
you can’t stow away dude no we’re not doing all those crazy things you’d be
good it was one cat that I paid Jax just one cat I didn’t even bring him with me
cuz my hands smell funny here we go guys we’re back on the road we’re heading
north towards Dallas but don’t worry I got lots of stops to make what are you
doing on the dash still I’ve never seen him ride up here on the dash at freeway
speeds okay that’s cool he’s not in my way he’s lower than the steering wheel
and the dash and everything but I can still see him down there with his butt
up against the windshield you’re a putz you’re a putz with a bus and now you’re
done okay so we’re heading to Dallas come along with me guys we’re gonna have
a fun day today I’m in Huntsville Texas is quirky and full of larger-than-life
stuff now and you’re gonna live in a house do I live in a normal house if you
don’t have to you guys see this because wouldn’t you rather live in a boot
it’s an actual house y’all somebody lives in there in that window and next
door their garage is a cowboy hat oh my gosh yeah this homeowner is doing it
right I love it I’d love to see the inside of that boot house darn it is a
private residence though man Texas is quirky holy cow it is windy out
here you know change of plans it’s 2:15 and I still haven’t gotten
confirmation than my MacBooks ready to pick up at the Apple store in Dallas so
I’m in no rush to head up there because there’s nowhere to park up there it
looks like I’m gonna be stalled an extra day so I’m still gonna shoot this video
out to you when I get the MacBook and edit it and pop it out I’m just gonna
split it up into two videos but I’m gonna overnight park here at the Walmart
of Huntsville Texas that’s the plan and we’re gonna freeze tonight 31 degrees is
the low tonight and up north in Dallas Fort Worth they broke a record yesterday
the how do you put it 44 degrees was the high in the daytime and that was the
lowest high temperature in 33 years so it’s cold in Texas it’s supposed to be
like 74 degrees and instead 40s needless to say we’ll be will be turning on that
heater today yeah man Jax we’re gonna park here stay here for the night kay
and get that heater going and keep mr. kitty kitty warm you still mad at me I
didn’t take that other kitty I wouldn’t get him do that to you let’s see what we
got we got apples and Bud Light put it in my murse yeah I just closed the
curtains up there and who knew were at Walmart
it could be in a beautiful gorgeous campground with a view too bad about the
Astros though they’ve what a terrible game 7 for
Houston that was embarrassing man huh oh I got a few new candles I don’t know why
I just really love bath and bodywork candles they’re the best ones but Paris
cafe was a good one this one is like you walk into a coffee shop and there’s a
leak of stairs in the Chocolate Factory leaking down into the coffee shop that’s
what this smells like yeah and some friends of mine from Lola
Palooza the Nortons and I get that right guys they they left me something outside
my door some Shiner Bock from Texas beer and blueberry maple pancake candle and
this is actually my all-time new favorite even better than campfire
doughnut when this burns inside the RV ermahgerd haven’t decided if I’m going
to do custom plates on the RV and and the motorcycle yet but some have asked
me what I’d done with some of my older plates they’re right here so when I
enter the RV I just screwed them right into this little dresser cabinet that I
have my youtube from South Dakota and my original nomadic from Washington State
neither of these are available with personalized plates in Texas but there
are some other ones available the problem is that if you order them
through Texas it’s a little different they don’t mail them to you they mail
them to the tax office in four weeks not your address so you physically have to
be there in Polk County when you get the email to pick them up in person at the
office and then they transfer them over you have to you have to give them your
other Texas plates to get the custom ones so it’s no secret that I’ll be
coming back down to Texas the very beginning of the next year after
Christmas so maybe I’ll come up with something then we’ll get that figured
out for 2020 yeah all right getting ready for dinner here checks is such a
clown though this is really usually my seat my preferred side but when I get up
to go to the bathroom or get a drink or work on something he moves to the warmer
seat where my butt was just at so I said here half-hour later I get up
from this chair he moves over to the hurt seat we play musical chairs all
night he’s such a GU you goof man he’s like man I’m the kitty cat and you
wouldn’t want me and came in and I’ve been slaving away at dinner for the last
few hours minutes okay actually it’s one of those cafes steamers I really like
these things they’re easy in the microwave they do take up a lot of space
in the in the freezer but I just get a couple of them what’s that green stuff
it’s a green stuff that’s not like me I’ll just work around it
the first time for everything I’m gonna eat a green on camera y’all ready for
this now you know it’s possible no you
wouldn’t like it Jax and Jackson are gonna watch some Longmire here we’re
just starting season 3 oh yeah oh yeah man you got the itchy twitches
okay don’t even look over here you wouldn’t like it I really love traveling
I love seeing new spots boondocking and yes you can see I’m okay with parking
lot boondocking it doesn’t affect me at all
it really doesn’t because I could be anywhere else and I’ve got this place so
comfortable here tomaters ready for Christmas season and sorcerer Mickey
Mouse and and Merlin over there and on the big 55 inch TV yeah I got fireplace
going this is a free app on the lg tv just have a fireplace going in here
non-stop that’s awesome with the sound to working with my blueberry maple
pancake candle here and the the heater is on although there’s not much evidence
you can see a little bit of red down here oh yeah puts off a lot of heat so
it’s pretty comfortable then Jack’s you need a blanket no it’s warm enough all
right buddy y’all take care Jack’s and I will see
you in a couple days I guess

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  1. LOVE the country, reminds me of one close to my Grand parents house !!! Jax need a pet heating pad and you will get your seat back, warm the cat not the house LOL

  2. Eric…come to grapevine tx…we are close to the airport..mall is right across the street..lots off parking..Id love to buy you lunch

  3. I think we might be passing on the highway. I left the Huntsville area almost 2 weeks ago going to Hot Springs. Now I’m headed back that way in my way to MX for the last portion of my dental work. THEN…off to FLORIDA 😁
    No Arizona this year. This will be the 3rd year I have missed it!
    Hope you enjoyed the cold snap..that was WINTER 😳


  5. Howdy. That store reminded me of the one in the movie “Fried Green Tomatoes “. All it needed is a BBQ out back. Pretty friendly kitty. Where I live in Oregon it has been in the low 30’sF in the morning.

  6. Have you ever gone down to the Rio Grande Valley in McAllen or Brownsville area? It's nice down there and over on South Padre Island also, Take Care from John & Argie

  7. I thought the youtube plate would be the prized possession. Wouldn’t you put it back on once you get into the state again?

  8. That’s funny, my dad was truck driver and my grandfather a engineer on the Erie railroad. I love the sound of both, Airbrakes trains. But I love more being away from it all!

  9. You don't own Jax He owns You. At least that's what My Cat's have always told Me. Anyway in Seattle there's a Hat and Boots in Georgetown they've been Moved just a few Blocks away the Hat was a little old Gas Station and the Boots were. Restrooms.

  10. wk

    Christmas? Eric! It was just Hallowen! Next is Thanksgiving and later is Christmas! Christmas! It is about Jesus Christ! Not about your YouTube channel. Are you getting crazy on the road? Lonely? Sometimes I think that you got a problem young man.

  11. I love your channel!! It is so happy all the time, it's a great way to end my day! So many other travel channels are just always griping and saying how it's not as good as it used to be out here and people aren't as friendly, and different type of travelers now ect, so after several viewing times I just cancel them. I think aren't U guys traveling the same USA? How can some be so negative and IF U feel that way why would U keep doing it?! So just a big thank you to Jax and you for such a pleasant viewing trip!

  12. A boot! Wow! What an imagination. And then a hat. I also like the country store.

  13. Eric gets 5000 candles from YouTube followers for Christmas because of this video. Has to open storage facility contract. Ha ha! Safe travels, Eric!

  14. ahh that poor cat (female, very very rarely do you get tri coloured males) it looked so emaciated and hungry, it looked thin i would have fed it, I couldn't have left it until i knew it had a full tummy. 😢😞🙁

  15. That hat and boot are so cool. Quirky, Oh yea! Your RV looks so homey and comfy. Yes, cats do get jealous. If I am away for a day, my cat gets mad at me. 🙁

  16. Welcome Home!! [teXas that is] Word is we might be in for a tough winter. Been very mild last 5 years or so………

  17. Suggestions for a future visit Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum & Park in Alabama. World largest collection of motorcycles.

  18. Eric, you are a nut. Anyway, welcome to Texas residency, took you long enough.

    I'm going to have to make a trip down to Huntsville to check out the Cowboy Hat Garage and Western Boot house.

    Wish I would have known you were heading our way to Dallas to get your Macbook. Too late now, we could have gone to Keller's or Snuffer's to have an burger and fries.

  19. There's videos on here about that boot house you should check them out. That guy was pretty creative with different materials.

  20. The Camco heater the end?? Is it better than a Mr Buddy? Is it as or more efficient as Mr Buddy? Mr Buddy can drink the gas fast in 6 hours!

  21. can't believe why you didn't understand why Jax parked on the dash right in front of you! – of course he 'smelled the store/train-cat' and was jealous, you doofer, of course you didn't wash your hands after petting' – he knows that that cat was telling you that he wanted to live with you, what cat wouldn't???
    give Jax some credit, ain't no cat coming between him and his main-man CAT, for now anyway, and if such a thing should happen, it won't be a CAT that he will have to share you with!!!:) take care and be safe always, and please, for Jax's sake,
    watch who you pet with…

  22. Do ever get lonely spending your time on the road with just Jax ? Do you visit family and friends regularly? Just curious, I like spending time alone but on the road without seeing family and friends I might go a little bonkers .lol

  23. I eat those same chimi changas, I recognize the bag. You should try the orange and green bag ones if you haven't. They're also pretty good.

  24. Man, we just missed you!! We were in Huntsville and Livingston, TX today!! Found the best place to eat if you get back in that area. Hwy 190 in Onalaska, Jerry's Restaurant. Home cooking at it's finest, TX style and pie! Will be back for hand cut steak! I've had my eye out looking for you and Jax. Staying at Lake Conroe through Fri. Have safe travels, always!

  25. Fake fireplace app on the tv screen doesn’t do it for me, sorry, I don’t get it…no warmth. My electric throw gives more warmth than that.

  26. Certainly not a used boot! Texas has some screwy laws, unlike California where everything makes sense…🤣😁👍😎.

  27. My cat plays musical chairs with me, too. ♥️ I get up to get something and when I come back….yep, she has taken my seat. Loved the fire app. I will have to try that one. Stay safe.

  28. OMG I love Jax. He was not happy with you paying attention to another cat. I do love how you find the most interesting things on your travels.

  29. Eric it won't switch to the amd graphics card unless you are using a gpu intensive application – it switches back and forth to save power. Try opening premier or photoshop or something with the power cord plugged in and then go to about this mac, it should then show which gpu is being used.

  30. 40 degrees when it should be 70?
    This is why I don't believe in global warming. We don't even know if the ice cap melting videos are real. Thay could easily have taken the same video at different angles and show us different angles of the same video each year. To fool us into thinking the ice caps are going to flood the earth. If evolution were real, why try to prevent it? Let it be and see if we all turn into fish.🤣

  31. I ended up in that same Walmart while you were there. I tried to stay in the RV slot at the rest area but truckers surrounded me and almost boxed me in. I gave up and at midnight headed to Walmart only to see you there the next morning. It was much quieter there. Just a coincidence, I'm not following you, even though I was also at Lolapalooza. I'm camped in the Forest now.

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