You’re Petting Your Cat All Wrong!

You’re Petting Your Cat All Wrong!

We are here to talk about
why your cat beats you up. Now, let’s go get catified. Today, we are in the land
of the supermarket question. The supermarket question
is, Jackson, I got this cat, he’s really, really cool. And every time we’re sitting
together, out of the blue, randomly he attacks me. Of course, its never
out of the blue. It’s always because
of something. And secondly, yes, you may have
bites and scratches on you, but is that an attack? Most times, when
folks are sitting here just like me and him,
we’re just sitting around, we’re not doing much of
anything– good PC, good PC, oh I love PC. Look at this, look at this. Bye, PC. See you, PC. Right? And gone. Why is that? Petting-induced
overstimulation aggression. And what happens there
is that certain cats– and this is physiological,
this is not a matter of temperament– cannot take
being pet like this over and over the over again. It actually fills them
with a sort of static, like a balloon, filled,
filled, and then bang. You don’t realize when
you’re sitting watching TV with your cat how
you’re petting them. So what is the cure for this? All right, let’s
look at number one. Be observant. Know when your cat
is getting worked up. As you’re petting, you’re
going to notice the tail start to twitch just a little. And then that graduates, and
then starts going like this. And then, you are
going to get bit. Then there is what I
call back electricity. Right down the back. It’s a cat going eew, ughh
In terms of stimulation, they’re just getting
to that point. It’s up to you to
notice these things. And if you notice
that, the aggression is not going to happen. Know where your cat enjoys
being pet and for how long. I’m going to demonstrate
with [? Veloria ?] the opposite of
the full body pet. Veloria, here, 23
years old of fun. So now watch, out
comes the finger. You see how she guides
me here with the finger? Look at that, see
how she guides me? This is a technique– I wish
I had a better name for it. Right now I call
it the finger nose. I present my finger
like a nose to the cat. The idea is to let them pet you. Overstimulation
happens constantly with cats because they are
this direct channel for energy. Proactivity is key, folks. You’ve got to play
with your cats. You’ve got to get that
energy out on a regular basis so then when they’re
sitting on your lap, that balloon is
not filled to 90%. So all it takes is
five pets and kaboom. They blow. Again, remember,
you are in control of putting air into
the cat balloon. Let that air out
as the day goes on. Don’t keep putting air into
it, and don’t be surprised when the balloon pops. From now on, when it
does happen to you– I know this is really hard–
pull yourself emotionally out of that moment and say,
what just happened here. When you understand
that part of things, you’re going to stop blaming
the cat for doing things to you. All right, folks, you can
find me pretty much anywhere. If you want to find me,
#teamcatmojo, #mycatfromhell, #teamanimojo, you’ll see
a lot of these hashtags. Just hashtag. You know, I’m still looking
for more cats and dogs watching my cat from hell, so if
you just #catswatchingmcfh, #dogswatchingmcfh, we’ll all
have a lot of fun doing that. And also, send me in examples of
what you’ve done to your house to environmentally
enrich that place. #catification, and be on
the lookout for that book “Catification” with my coauthor
Kate Benjamin, coming out in October. Couldn’t be more
psyched for that one. All right folks, until next
time, all light, all love, and all mojo to ya. Love ya. (MUSIC) You’re a bad cat. I’m not a bad cat. You’re a bad cat. I’m not a bad cat. You’re a bad cat. I’m just misunderstood. Meow.

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  1. my tamed cat lol i was petting her and his abandoned and then it is scared of meh i was trying to adopt

  2. One of my cats is the weirdest. She runs up in front of me and flattens herself on the ground. So i go up behind her and ruffle her fur up and down up and down really really fast and rough and she adores it. Its the weirdest thing! She starts purring and mewing and gets all excited and begs for it. She has that electric energy but she wants it almost and doesnt attack or anything like that. Never seen another cat do this before. Shes such a weirdo (not that the other is any better)

  3. I keep telling my husband to stop stroking a stray we took in when i see his tail start to flick but he doesnt listen he thinks cats tails are happy like dogs hence he gets attacked

  4. I've a pet cat that I rescued who was born in September 2018, he was such a nice boy but now he sometimes bite me when I pet him and sometimes for no reason jumps and try to bite my hand or arm. I need help

  5. Overstimulation aggression: my cat Thomas will do this after a few minutes. If he shows teeth, you're already too late. Gotta watch for the signs and stop when you see him start getting worked up.

  6. Great video, glad you shared it, but my current cat is different than the other two dozen I've had in my life. She won't even start purring until the sparks begin to fly from her back. I could go on and on about how different she is but I am just reiterating your point to be observant and pay attention to your animal. They are all unique.

  7. Hi Jackson, my 9 week old kitten is sweet but prefers to sleep with my Collies or by herself rather than with me. I have her litter mate and she'll come sit with me and sleep on my chest or lap. I'm paying attention to how she likes to be petted but she just doesn't seem to be happy to sleep by me. I really wish she would, but I realize it's not all about what I want. Any suggestions to help her be a little more 'clingy'? Thanks, Pam

  8. Cats: have 10 step process on how to pet, as well as multiple triggers when pet too much


  9. I need big help!
    My cat doesn't want to play,bites me and he doesn't want to be touched….
    He comes to me and want me to touch him and then he bites me really hard…
    One time i was bleeding really bad 🙁

  10. Cat: i want to bite this mf real hard but i need a perfect oppurtonity
    Me: tries the tip at 2:15
    Cat: 😈FATALITY😈

  11. I know about that twitching tail. As soon as I pick my Bella up, she's instantly pissed. Yet she perches on my shoulder.

  12. My cat does not like to be petted. But I do and he does guide me to what he likes. He'll like and bite me softly I tell him I love him.

  13. I have one cat that LOVES the full body pet, he will do ANYTHING to get you to pet him, he will even put himself under your hand and walk forward so you are petting him, (I call this self petting, lol) the other cat is exactly as Jackson describes. The first is long haired, the latter is short haired.

  14. This makes total sense. My Siamese cat is really easygoing but I watch her tail. The tail signals her mood. I’ve never been scratched by her in twenty one years because I watch her tail communications. It’s exactly what was said by Jackson.

  15. my cat is adopted, we got him as a growing kitten and he has been with us for 4 years. for some reason, he deslikes being pet with hands (no matter where or for how long, he doesn't attack but completely goes out of the way) and LOVES feet. he will let anyone he trusts pet him with their feet as long as they want. i don't know why this happens and wonder if it's originated by some sort of trauma since we don't know where he came from

  16. Hi! Greetings! Thanks to you I learned to read my cats! As soon as I see that tale start wagging , I turn my back and give my cat time to chill out! I even don't look at them at the eye so that I don't make it any worse!
    Thanks to you!

  17. please help me haha i have a cat and she's been with me for a year now btw she's a stray cat and she doesnt wants to be pet. i tried once but her nails appear and im scared she almost scratch me so i never touch her, i sometimes did i mean when i give her food but i never had a chance to pet her and hold her even though i really want to. i really want to learn :((( ps. now she's pregnant i dont know how to hold her if she give birth oh my gosh HAHAHAHHAHA.

  18. Great! Thanks. Wish MORE people knew this. I learned this a while ago. Even the sweetest, most gentle cat will scratch/bite you when THEY'VE had enough, but WE don't. 😨


  20. My cat walks in front of me and lies down in my path,stretching invitingly.I go to give her a little cheek or belly rub and end up needing stitches,as she grabs my hand with the front paws and scrabbles with the back.then bites as an encore.I respect her and never pet unless I think she wants me to.What went wrong? (and BTW,she' gets enough exercise,being out for most of the day hunting.

  21. This is how I share my love and care to my cute cat Arya. A right way to cuddle your cats 👇🏽

  22. You look like the boogeyman of cats, you know, the babaduk in Australia, cat mothers scare their kittens with you when they misbehave. Great info tho XDD

  23. Aha! This explains why my cat Domina (was Domino but she is such an alpha female that I changed her name) doesn't appreciate my loving on her at times. Thanks!!!

  24. How can someone lie in wait for prey, carefully observing, with all this commotion going on?! You're scaring away the bugs, mice and yummy fish!

  25. I set up two sets of drawers in front of a window facing east and in the mornings my two cats lounge in the sunshine on top of them, sometimes they look out the window and watch the lizards and birds passing by. <3

  26. Why is that?!? Uh, cause you are rough as fuck with your cat. So glad I learned so much in the 60 seconds I could stand of you and this video. What an expert! Ha.

  27. I don't understand how people can't just learn from what they do. I never had to get instructions from anyone on how to handle a cat. It just seemed so natural to me.

  28. My cat name is sky and its a boy and need to tell u why he always attack me everytime i don't do anything but i do play with everyday at the morning to afternoon but he keeps attack me again even to the night i couldn't sleep because he keeps attack but what do i do?

  29. I must have been lucky I've had four cats over the last 15 years and they were all very loving never bit never scratched always calm.

  30. My late cat taught me well when I was a child. I learned to recognize the symptoms and I know that getting scratches is my fault and my fault only.

  31. My cat is mesmerized by Jackson G… he came to the couch to watch this video and was totally immersed

  32. I need help with my kitten she like to prey on me. For example i could be just walking in the hall way and she will come running at me and attacking my legs and arms and i really dont know what to do to get her to stop me and my daughter play with her every day to get her to calm down by the end of the day but she still attacks us. She even does it when me and both my kids are sleeping my 1 year old son got woke up in a dead of sleep from her doing this what can i do to stop this from happening?

  33. Sometimes a cat can definitely attack for no reason especially when it's trying to show it's dominance. My daughter cat attacked her grandmother for just standing there, he also attacks her and her sister but he doesn't attack me because I have no problem showing him that I'm in charge of him not the other way around.

  34. My cat let's me pet him as much as possible, belly, back, head, neck, ears. He also let's me pick him up and hold him anytime and doesn't run away.

  35. My cat has tonnes of "back electricity" during play, and when shes in what i call spaz mode. I probably just need to play with her more

  36. I have a cat that was given to me. Where she used to live, she was in a room all day with mounds of food. She really wanted to be petted, but she also did not like overstimulation. After several years, she is finally acting like a normal cat!

  37. Is it weird that my cat doesn’t care how I pet her as long as I’m touching her or else she’ll make noise all night..

  38. But my cat likes to be petted. so weird. But not for so long. Maybe for a good minute and then she off to somewhere else

  39. i I know cats take ot as a sign of aggression, but i just love t wrestle with the damn thing i don't blame it or anything

  40. My cats are fine. You can do anything you want to them. They have NEVER scratched me before. They are extremely lazy and careless. You can throw them around like stuffed animals and long as they're not hurt they won't do anything. I tossed my cat around(carefully) and he just layed down and went to sleep.

  41. I have cat that will bite me aggressively if is say like had to pick her up to stop her sunbathing sessions and then will lick me she's so precious

  42. Tips for teething kittens? They keep trying to chew on our fingers while they get loves. They also wake up my son chewing on his fingers and toes 😂😂

  43. I have two cats who will gladly share love and attention, as long as they are in on the deal. I also have 4 cats that enjoy love and attention, but walk or run away if another cat comes up to me while they are getting said love and attention. I have learned how each likes to be loved, but I can't figure out why these 4 are not willing to share attention. I don't know if I should reward the interrupting cat with attention or ignore it because it made the other cat run off.

  44. I have always been a chin scratches and cheak rubs. Maybe some nose nussles. My favorite way to tire out my kids and cats is to tie string on my kids pants and let them run around well the cat chases. I learned the hard way fur is not a smart idea expecially if you are trying to taks it away that is their kill and they don't want to share

  45. Two of my last three cats were totally into fuss, you would get fed up of stroking them before they would. There were times where I would be in bed having a lazy day and one or the other would leap up, have some fuss before going and laying down. A minute or so later, they would get up and bug me for fuss again. This would go on for 4 or 5 times before they would settle down properly.

  46. I never had a cat until now and had always had dogs. I was actually very nervous of cats because they scratch and bite unlike pet dogs. Because of this I kind of instinctively did that finger thing, putting my hand out and letting her choose how to be pet. It's always twice on each side, from nose to ear, across the whiskers and cheek, repeating over and over again. As I got braver I tried head pets n scratches, (good,) full body strokes, (she likes no more than 3 at a time!) Picking her up was nerve wracking to me but I figured I would have to one day and so I tried it. She was pretty good but I do a thing where at the slightest wriggle or sign of discomfort I put her down. I'm hoping it shows her she can trust me not to do stuff she doesn't like. As long as I stick to her head, face and front paws/legs I can pet her for hours. I'm learning lots with her and she has converted me from someone who never liked or wanted a cat to a full on cat lover! Best thing that happened to us was my cheeky little madam turning up one day. It's been a steep learning curve but she has been very patient with me and doesn't seem to mind the boys name I gave her despite her being a very pretty mackerel Tabby girl!😁 (I thought she was a boy and it didn't occur to me to look properly until I knew I would keep her forever.) So Kaspar it is.

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