Yuki The Giant Wolf Dog | BEAST BUDDIES

Yuki The Giant Wolf Dog | BEAST BUDDIES

Brittany: You probably would attack someone if given the right circumstance. Yuki is a high content wolf dog. He is about 87.5% grey wolf. I was nervous the first time going in with Yuki. Yuki can be dangerous. I believe it’s either five or less volunteers that we have that can actually interact with Yuki. Come here. I was able to start working with him and understanding him, and he obviously allowed me to share space with him. Yuki’s 12 years old, around 120 pounds. he’s very tall, which is a normal wolf trait. Good boy. Yuki has a fairly similar story to most of our animals that we have at the sanctuary. So someone had obtained him in some way as a puppy. And they realized pretty quickly that he exhibits more wolf like behaviour versus dog like behaviour. He ended up at a shelter, which basically wolf dogs, or any dog that appears to be Wolfie they are put first to be euthanized. So we were alerted and we stepped in and he’s been with us ever since. This is just an example of what he normally eats. He eats a raw diet. so he gets chicken and pork. Sometimes he gets ground beef. They pretty much just annihilate this and you don’t want your fingers anywhere near a wolf’s mouth when you’re feeding it. Good boy. People have compared Yuki to the direwolves from Game of Thrones. I’m really happy that Yuki’s picture went viral. because people can see him, and people can just admire him for what he is. So this one is actually where I caught him mid-yawn. He’s pretty relaxed with people taking his picture. But it looks pretty ferocious. Jeremy: Yuki is our most successful animal in sense of fame, for sure. A Shywolf sanctuary is an exotic animal sanctuary. We mainly rescue animals that were bred to be pets. And ended up unwanted or abandoned for multitude of reasons. That’s amazing isn’t he? Look at those eyes. Hey, buddy. So Cimarron. We refer to him as a Florida Panther because he was born and bred here in Florida. But really, if you genetically tested him, he would probably DNA test as a North American mountain lion. This guy is the biggest cat in the world that can still Purr. So we do not interact directly with Cimarron. He’s the one animal we have here where you don’t. He was played with rough, and he doesn’t know how to treat a human being without injuring us. Tim: Jasper came to us actually as a wolf dog. Somebody took advantage of and he came back 100% Grey wolf. So that’s just an example of an animal being bought and sold as a wolf do, and actually turned out being a full blooded wolf. Just one of the reasons why we wound up with him. The difficulty that the owner had taking care of him If you hang back over here, there’s a chance that he’ll come up to me with you in here. But he may just end up pacing. He’s scared. Come here Jasper, come here buddy. It’s okay. Come here buddy It’s okay. Are you going to howl for us? Jeremy: It’s really exciting when we do get an opportunity to rescue a young animal. We took in two cubs today, they’re 14 weeks each. Their names are Samson and Sierra. And they are wolf dogs. This is our volunteer’s first opportunity to interact with them. Deanna: The lady who brought them down. She had some medical issues that, prevented her from getting the animals. Jeremy: Do you see those back feet? Right now, you would think that they that would indicate that these are going to be fairly large animals. I’m seeing a lot of wolfiness in the in the huge oversized paws. But I’m seeing a lot of German shepherd like stuff in the ears. You see how the ears are really oversized. They’re pointy on the top. We’ve got a couple of other animals here like that. Brittany: A year ago now, the sanctuary found out that Yuki had cancer. We don’t really know the expectancy of what could come out of Yuki’s illness. But so far, Yuki has just been in such high spirits. He’s not showing any signs of pain. He’s an awesome animal. He’s amazing. He had a rough start, someone abandoned him. I’m so glad that Shywolf, was able to step in and give him a home where he can just have so much affection and so much love given to him. Jeremy: As far as our future goes, we are trying to get to a larger property and build this a state of the art facility. Right now. We’ve been surviving on two and a half acres of land for almost 30 years. If I have 20 times the space I have now. Then I have 20 times the Yukis that I can rescue. And that’s what we’re here to do.

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  1. Ja kocham wilki i psy dla tego łapki 4 👍👍👍👍❤❤❤❤👌👌👌👌😉😍🙋

  2. I thought of that one vine when he was like he don't bite and his friend was like get your dog it does ahhh!!!

  3. Not that big, really. One of my childhood friends had an 81 kg dog about the same size. He was always trying to jump on people, but was friendly to everyone. They're not that uncommon.

  4. Bet it pees dark yellow and strong smelling and i bet it can only eat cheap dark colored food cuz the color rich food goes straight through em. Digestive system meant to breakdown meats fur even bone.

  5. Thank God there's still folks like you left in this world. I have more respect for those animals then I do for most humans these days.

  6. Beautiful dog. Huge head. I feel bad that he is living in FLA but at least he has a good home with you. I would want him if i had a place like yours. Wolves have a bad reputation unnecessarily …..like sharks and bats that are so important

  7. I really saddens me when people get wolf hybrids without doing research on how they need to be handled and raised!

    Most people can’t handle the hybrid wolf. You have to raise them as a wolf not a domestic dog. They are not dogs!

    Akeea our wolf hybrid was raised as closely to a wolf as we possibly could. We ended up replacing most of the carpeting. It took much longer to house break her because she was a wolf hybrid.

    When she was disciplined it was by the scruff and most of the time we used our mouth. Had to spit out hair but it was what she understood.

    Wolf hybrids will challenge you for the alpha position of the pack. It’s not if it’s when! I had to take Akeea down, grab her by the scruff after I had put her on her side. Then on my hands and knees while holding the scruff I had to growl. It worked Akeea now understood I was the alpha of our pack and she never challenged me again.

    We got to love her for thirteen years and during that time we were able to trust her around small children. She couldn’t wait to be around kids. She would always lie down and let the kids pet her while she was giving them wolf kisses. She loved kids.

    It’s been seventeen years since she passed over to the rainbow bridge and my heart still aches and I miss her very much.

  8. 2:08 "don't want your fingers anywhere near a wolves mouth when feeding it" while showing a video of hand feeding it lol

  9. Not every wolf dog was bred on purpose, sometimes dogs go out and stay out. Then the owner is like what the hell is this puppy?, why is it so big?

  10. It makes me so sad that they will never get to live in the wild, life in a cage, is not a life I’m sorry. These people use the animals as a way to make money, and try to act otherwise. The fact we are watching this says it all. A fancy landscape doesn’t mean much to an animal in a cage, sorry.

  11. Wow I never knew a guy in a trailer with a couple palm trees could be such a savior, oh never mind he just wants to make money and is too scared to cook meth.

  12. This is a very impressive video. I am an old Alachua County gator, and started living in
    Florida in 1937. I still yearn for the old days before everything got cattywampus with
    too many people and overbuilding.

  13. “you don’t want your fingers anywhere near a wolves mouth while you’re feeding him” she says as she puts her fingers right near his mouth while she’s feeding him

  14. Bro let the mountains lion go? Why do u guys keep him if he ain't interacting with you? I feel so bad for him. Release it to it's natural habitat. Cruel.

  15. I grew up with a 83% wolf husky, the absolute sweetest danger boi. Always nice to the little kids as young as week olds. He was impossible as a pup because he's regularly chew threw the strongest cable for leashes we could find. He lived 15 long years and was loved enough to love others

  16. Hold up! That animal is malnourished, is not thriving and is miserable. Why do I say that? Look at his unkept, dull coat. That is an indication of the fact that he has a serious health problem. Look at his unsure, pensive attitude. He has no self confidence. He has no pack. The shelter who made this video is sham.

  17. Lol don’t want your finger near his mouth next clip her literally feeding they smallest piece of chicken her finger dam near in its mouth

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